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Matt Mernagh enjoys a civic challenge.

He’s an articulate communicator, community leader and a consensus builder. A journalist, community organizer, and an advocate with a well deserved national profile.

Matt assembled a team for a landmark constitutional challenge, R v. Mernagh, which demonstrated Canadians had little access to medical marijuana. Victorious on an optimistic long shot,  Mernagh became known as the person who almost made marijuana legal.

Matt is a champion to medical marijuana patients across Canada and around the world, and has parlayed this work into a successful career as an author, a public speaker, columnist. He makes semi regular appearances on radio and television in the Toronto area.

Far from being a one issue guy, with two diplomas (journalism diploma from St. Clair College and creative writing diploma from Humber School for Writers) he’s well educated, and highly aware of the issues affecting the people of this city. Having built his public profile on the cannabis issue, Matt has recently turned his attention to public service and the political arena.

His ability to connect with people who have traditionally not been involved in the municipal conversation is one of his strongest attributes. Matt is transferring skills honed organizing a constitutional challenge, community building and advocating to the residents of Toronto.

The Man Who Almost Made Weed Legal In Canada Is Running For Mayor Of Toronto – VICE

He may have trouble differentiating himself from Rob Ford. Toronto Life


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