Multi Task Toking YouTube Video


Ganja Greetings,
I posted a Mernagh YouTube video about multi tasking and toking. Compton and Potato Pipe came over a few weeks ago to put together Ikea products for me. Before we hunkered down to the task of putting furniture together, we used GreenHarvest Pollenmaster to make hashish. This way when we took a break we would be able to enjoy freshly made hash.Our second effort at hash making turned out pretty good, but the forthcoming video of Compton and I third effort is even more amazing. Stay tuned for that one! Potato Pipe captures a fantastic moment in Multi Toking HashMob Make Ikea Reward Themselves With Fresh Hash, me almost burning a hole in my pants with a hot hash hunk flying out of my hash pipe. I slowed the footage down so you can see the hunk fly in the air. There are more stoner shennagins, like Compton opening the pollenmaster lid while it’s on, but that is by far the best moment is the flaming hash hunk. I’m Still new at making videos, critical feedback is appreciated.
Have A Weedy Day

Ganja Guest Blogging


Some professional potheads may have noticed I haven’t written or submitted any marijuana reviews lately. I’m writing a field guide to marijuana strains for Green Candy and have begun thinking of new kinds of entries for my personal blog as I don’t want to bore myself by just writing weed reviews. Time to begin hanging out with Pixel Dreams to get a good digital design on.
It’s been a while since I released any YouTube videos, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any. There’s plenty of footage just waiting to be edited and uploaded. With more potheads wanting to kick back and watch – I’m going to work harder at releasing video. I doubt I’ll be as prolific as Urban Grower, but I’ll make a much better effort to learn to edit.
I wrote a guest post for Toke of the Town this week about my upcoming court case. For people who haven’t seen Toke of the Town, the site is really well done. I’d argue it’s the most professional marijuana media site. When submitting guest posts I tend to really turn up my weedy writing to professional levels, while some days I call in blog entries on Mernagh, like this one.
Another place I’m frequently found is Cannabis Culture. Though it’s been a while since I posted something there, until recently. The dates for Ontario Court of Appeal have changed and I thought it would be the best place to make the announcement. Team Mernagh needed more time to complete their retort to the prosecutor’s factum. Nothing nefarious.
The dates are Monday May 7 and Tuesday May 8, Osgoode Hall, located at Queen and University Ave. It seems very apropos to have such a significant appeal happen immediately following Saturday’s May 5 Global Marijuana March.

Getting Grammatically Correct With Kush


Yesterday during a session I began thinking about rules of grammar and ganja. I was writing my field guide to marijuana strains for Green Candy when my mind started to wander. Now I’m about half way through sampling cannabis strains and penning my guide when I realized there could be a grammar error through the whole thing when writing about multiple kush strains. So I sent out a Tweet hoping for some insight from my followers. The response was amazing.

Purple Kush

When writing about multiple strains of kush, is it, Kushs with the ‘s’ or Kushes with the ‘es.’ That’s because kush is the overall ganja generic term for any strain that is in the kush family. For example, Master Kush, Purple Kush, OG Kush, Pink Kush, Deadhead Kush, are all “kush,” but are they “kushes” or “kushs.”
Say you have OG Kush and Purple Kush, do you tweet I got the kushes or I got the kushs or the standard I got the kush. If you are writing a marijuana review and comparing two kush strains do you write “kushs” or “kushes.”
“Kushes, I believe.” Tweeted my friend Dominque Bustos.
NaNaNancyLynn Tweeted, “hahaha, it would be kushes.” Then adding another Tweet, “Unless you were trying to show ownership ie The Kush’s pot.
“I would think that the plural for kush is kush, just as the plural for marijuana is marijuana.” Tweet Amy of Yeo. Kush is a type of marijuana. There are many kinds of kush strains, just like there is wine and many kinds of wine for wines. She responded, “LOL! I think you’re right, because there can be a plural for, say, types of merlot: merlots.”
This morning I looked up the answer on Meredith Gramar Review. Originally I was going to call the Toronto reference library and ask for their input, but opted not too. I figure the site had the answer I was looking for, but anyone in a first year University english should ask their professor or teaching assistant the question.  However, it is indeed “es.” Words ending with “sh” when showing the plural we add an “es.” Here is a ganja grammar example.
Kush – singular stoner word for kush
Kushes – when you have two strains or more of kush it is referred to as “kushes.”
Thank you everyone for tweeting to my weird and crazy inquiry.

Deadhead Kush

Best Of Twitter – Mernagh Nominated For A Shorty Award


The fourth annual Shorty Awards for the best in Twitter have begun.I’ve been nominated in Activism category and like a Ron Paul revolution I intend to win. To do so I’ve got to beat the legends of online activism, Anonymous. They’re a pretty impressive group, but they’ve never struck down Canada marijuana laws for possession and production. Nor do they have a court order allowing them to possess and grow cannabis.
Since becoming legal on Apr. 12/2011 my Tweets are filled with pics from my grow room and buds about I’m about to vaporize. I promote positive marijuana use, interact with fellow cannabis enthusiasts and have a great time toking and tweeting. During my January 2011 trial my Twitter friends sent positive vibes every morning (and through-out the day) as I was getting ready for court.
Don’t ever under-estimate the power of positive tweeting or social media use. I truly believe we won not only because we busted our butts to prepare Canada’s most extensive constitutional challenge, but because so many people believed we could do something. With the federal government’s appeal coming May 7 and 8, you can follow me on Twitter here to get fantastic updates. I prefer Twitter to my FaceBook. If you want to chat me up go there! We’re going to win again because people believe in us, but we might not win the Shorty Award for Activism.

Nominate Matt Mernagh for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Matt Mernagh for a social media award in the Shorty Awards activism category

R v. Mernagh Ontario Court of Appeal Dates To Change


After spending a week hunkering down on our response for the R v. Mernagh appeal, Paul Lewin and myself have decided more time is needed to respond to the prosecutor’s fifty-four page factum. I began growing my appeal playoff beard and got my hair cut respectable. We were getting our eye of the tiger on and practicing putting on headbands. Now like George St. Pierre we’ve had to back out. So, new Ontario Court of Appeal dates will be chosen, probably in six to eight months from now. Two nice summer days would be great because we can smoke out the Osgoode Hall grounds before, during and after court. No one wants to smoke joints outside in March.

Yes, I know many people will be disappointed to read R v. Mernagh dates are changing. Some people have already booked off work. Then there are those people charged with a cannabis crime who are waiting on the outcome of my precedent setting case having their fate postponed.
We don’t want to rush our written response to Ontario Court of Appeal justices. Our patient witnesses agree. SB gave us our new moto, “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” It’d be wonderful goal to have those witnesses who would like to attend the appeal in person to be sitting in the front row.
Besides Lewin, Canadian Civil Liberties Association and HIV AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario are also preparing factums.   The three justices reviewing the appeal will rely heavily on the prosecutor, our’s and intervener’s factums – not the two days of oral arguments – to form their opinions. Only evidence presented at my trial will be reviewed. No new stats. No new problems. No proposed changes. We created a small mountain of transcripts, 3200 pages worth, which both sides will use as ammunition. It’s going to take us time to review the evidence and carefully craft our written response.
I’ll announce dates when I get them.

Canada Border Service Agent Raid Foiled


Six Canada Border Services Agency officer armed with sheriff like badges strapped around their necks plainclothes police officer style attempted to burst into my home today without a warrant. I refused to let them in. I don’t care who, what agency, or what you’re looking for, if you’re wearing a badge, you’re not welcome in my home without a warrant. Let’s go one step further, I’m not going to answer your questions either.
Plenty of people have expressed alarm or disbelief they were immigration officers, but I had a legal professional who works in refugee law give them a call and inquire. He does this on behalf of refugee claimants daily, today was the first time he used his legal skills for a cannabis champion of the world. He confirmed they were at my address and explained my delicate situation. I emailed my criminal attorney Paul Lewin to give him a heads up. The cannabis champion is lawyered up baby!
This is how my encounter with CBSA went down because it felt very much like a police raid.
Agent with a badge on his neck banging on the back door. “Can you let me in I’m a federal immigration officer?”
Me seeing a cop through the window. “Not without a warrant.”
Agent perplexed, “I’m not a cop.”
Me, “You’re wearing a badge.”
Agent, “This isn’t about you.”
Me, “Then I don’t need to let you in and I don’t need to answer your questions.”
Getting all flustered, but getting all the more tougher talking. “I’m a federal immigration agent.”
Me, “I’m Matt Mernagh. M-E-R-N-A-G-H. Do you have a business card for my lawyer?”
Angered agent, “Are you going to let me in?”
Me, “Do you have a warrant or a business card.”
Agent, “No.”
Me, “Well you’re acting all cop like and I’d appreciate if you speak to my lawyer Paul Lewin. L-E-W-I-N.”
Agent, “Why do you have lawyer. People don’t just have lawyers. Do you have warrants?”
Me, “Why don’t you CPIC (Canadian Police Intelligent Center) me and find out who I am.”
At this point I reached for my HTC Sensation to get Lewin’s phone number. Guess they thought I was going for the camera because they beat a hasty retreat before I could take photos. My whiteness, legal knowledge and super phone foiled their efforts at an unlawful entry. It’s easy to see this duo shaking down legal and illegal Toronto residents, who just don’t know better.In fact they admitted later on the phone having no problems forcing their way into people’s home. I’m kind of shaken up by it.
After smoking a joint of UK Cheese I went out to grab my morning coffee. On my way home I spotted a Ford Fusion with heavy tinted windows skulking about Pimp Pot Palace. Well, I figured, better get some photographic evidence. That’s when they speed off. Parked again. So I shooed them away.
No One Is Illegal Toronto chapter had a postering campaign in my hood warning of these tactics. Explaining in several languages that these agents are not police nor do you have to stop to talk them. I’m not going to let someone I don’t know into my home and neither should you!
After my immigration lawyer buddy straightened them out, I spoke with the supervisor who said they weren’t looking for medical marijuana. My meds are easily in the open and I believe they would have called Toronto Police Service given their cop routine. I asked them who lets strangers into their home early in the morning? The Canadian Border Services Agency officer told me flat out everyone. Only people who have something to hide don’t let them in, he said.
We really need to change this attitude. I’d recommend all Canadians, especially with the Conservative creeps in office, not to let anyone they don’t know into their home. Don’t be bullied into anything. It’s difficult not to feel intimidated. I never figured I’d experience an actual immigration raid, but today I have. Yet another weird and crazy episode in the life of matt mernagh.