For the past four years Matt Mernagh has been hosting a live weekly weed webcast The Mernahuana Zone from Toronto bring your own cannabis lounge Vapor Central.

Mernagh is author of Green Candy Press’s Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains and has been referred to by Vice as the man who almost made marijuana legal.

Matt assembled a team for a landmark constitutional challenge, R v. Mernagh, which demonstrated Canadians had little access to medical marijuana. His lawyer Paul Lewin and himself were victorious on an optimistic long shot.

Matt is a champion to medical marijuana patients across Canada and around the world, and has parlayed this work into a successful career.

Far from being a one issue guy, with two diplomas (journalism diploma from St. Clair College and creative writing diploma from Humber School for Writers) he’s well educated, and highly aware of the issues affecting the people of this city.

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  1. guest

    right on matt

    good luck on your court case.
    we’re all gunning for you

  2. Returndepot

    Great stuff, now let’s smoke one

  3. Suzynjax

    Positively Hoping 4 the Best 4 U!

  4. Starmelt

     Hey glad to see things are going well. Did you keep emily? The site looks great. An ex of mine actually has a business in guelph now to help people get their medical marijuana lisence and if you have ever heard of it, he created the BLUSH strain which is pretty neat. He runs whish seeds. If you don’t know of him the two of you should meet.

  5. What an excellent blog, Matt.

  6. GotClones

    Just found your site .As well knowledged as I think I am about all the different sites and their often general reviews it was nice to be humbled and shown one with a better twist. Like the writing and hope all is well with you. I have a great new hybrid should be stabilized and ready for testing after over three years of x ing in March . I will be calling this VGAB # 1. I think this will blow your mind.  I might want to share this one with the world a nice review from you could help in that endeavor. Keep up the good work and feel free to hit me with an e mail if you are ever in Northern, Calif.

  7. thanks for the wonderful comment. growing great here.

  8. GotClones

    Matt you’re welcome hey was wondering if you have any info on “The Black” specifically looking for yield info.  I understand this may of originated somewhere from your geographic region. I normally run testing on just a couple to see for myself but took a chance on a table of em and trying to follow up with some basic math on my possible poor decision. Not much info on this one. Any info is appreciated.

  9. GotClones

    Matt any chance you have any ideas on the Black strain . I know you’re busy but could use some enlightenment.

  10. Ericn

    Starmelt – Your buddy still helping people with their MMAR ??

  11. Maperfrement

    I am using your case to defend myself in court this morning…I have fibromyalgia and have been using mmj for ten years to enhance my life with success. I have written a poem about my experience…


    How do I tell you; Convince you the truth?
    This is not folly, Nor am I a youth.

    For twenty long years; I suffered every
    day; It took over my life; The agony too great, I pray.

    I prayed to God; He listened to my heart,
    ‘Use what I’ve provided!’ ‘Do your part.’

    So that’s what brought me; Before the court
    this day; Using marijuana; In a healing way.

    No longer addicted; To morphine and
    diazapam; No longer a victim; I’m part of God’s plan.

    My feelings are bearable;  My thoughts under control; My body is
    healing; I’m 49 years old.

    Raised on a pig farm; I knew to work hard;
    At the time of the accident; I worked in a scrap metal yard.

    That changed very soon; Went to school
    instead;  Moved to the country; Still
    suffered; my neck, my head.

    My doctor, she’d prescribe; Minimal doses
    of narcotics  Anti-inflamitories as well;
    Depression became a hot topic.

    Off to the Psych-Ward I went; I was angry
    and in pain; Thoughts of suicide entered my mind; Again and again!!

    You know God saved me; I stand to tell all.
    God said in a calm voice, ‘Stand strong; your purpose, your call…

    To let people know;  Your suffering is not small… The Lord has

    Green for y’all!!’

    All natural, And great for pain;

    Healing her body; This lady’s smiling

    It is fine for some people; A recreational
    thing; When she used it for health;

    Some thought her a ding-a-ling.

    So she moved far away; To the town of
    Kincardine; Where, to her surprise; A new life did begin.

    It’s green, leafy and buds; Has a strong
    pungent scent; Can be used many ways; To make clothing, a tent.

    Hemp canvas is strong, Hemp seed healthy
    food. Cannabis too has many a use; Cannabinoids are healthy too.

    Curing skin cancer; For one form of oil;
    Abolishing the need; For researchers to toil.

    But our world is askew; Ruled by corporate
    leaders; From a plant they want revenue;

    On people, tax meters.

    in a moment it is done; Unlawful use of a plant begun.

     Industry, technology win; Once chemical
    prescriptions begin.

    The doctors, lawyers, the folks; Start to
    oppress the common bloke. Charged, arrested, shamed;

    Pot smokers get a bad name.

    Then science proves God; Made our cells a
    recipient; Specially for humans;

    Cannabis is meant!!

    Still stubborn, our lawmakers; Change a
    little at a time; Not quick enough, For these ailments of mine.

    I’m still in pain; Suffer some every day;

    With marijuana use… I ‘m able to enjoy it
    and play


    written by Teresa Perfrement 2011

  12. Mernahuana

    good luck!

  13. Anonymous

     We, my spouse and I have been given an extension…we return May 28th…days after your case will be decided. I applaud your tenacity. I’ve only been involved with the courts for these last six months…since my arrest last October. It’s a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you for your encouragement. xo

  14. Keep at it. You might need another extension as I don’t think we’ll get a ruling until sometime in July.

  15. MarvelousMa

    I am trying to get my MMAR and have had to de-roster from my Dr. of 30yrs…meeting my new Dr. on the 7th of May. Have the name of Dr. to be referred to for license…it all takes time. At first I was afraid of my reputation being blighted by this…I teach Sunday School. The congregation wants me to continue but the insurance company wants a criminal record check…it all takes time. If ever you are in Kincardine…on a Saturday night in the summer…I’ll be the princess waving in the window as the parade passes underneath. The Kincardine Pipe Band has been parading for over one hundred years every Saturday night through the summer…it is a great place to live and even nicer to visit. xo

  16. Good luck getting your legal license.

  17. Fighting4Change

    Good luck in court Matt. Me and all my buddies are behind you. This court case is going to be harsh and im sure the government will try to weasel their way out of the inevitable but you have a very strong case. I hope your going to keep us updated throughout the 2 days. Once again good luck man, if you can help make our country a better place I will make sure to drive down to Toronto to share a victory bowl or two with you. You got this man

  18. Fighting4Change

    Good luck in court Matt. Me and all my buddies are behind you. This court case is going to be harsh and im sure the government will try to weasel their way out of the inevitable but you have a very strong case. I hope your going to keep us updated throughout the 2 days. Once again good luck man, if you can help make our country a better place I will make sure to drive down to Toronto to share a victory bowl or two with you. You got this man

  19. Buddy

    Do it, lad!

  20. Thanks for your kind comments! We waiting on the results now. We worked really hard as you can see from the two blog posts.

  21. Maperfrement

     Off to court again today…I’ll be embracing your strength, knowing I have a friend out there! xo

  22. Maperfrement

     Federal Prosecutor has decided to have my spouse and I return every month to court until we achieve our MMAR. Btw your cheering is appreciated!

  23. That’s awright, I’ve done that for years at a time.

  24. VVR

    Hey Matt all the best to you and much love from the Czech Republic.

  25. Maperfrement

     My income/circumstances have changed drastically; now on ODSP and cannot afford mmj!!!! Fearing a return to prescriptions! LOL…not giving up…so hard sometimes. I’ve spent my life savings and the last ten years healing and figuring out how to use mmj efficiently…next steps are unknown.
    Btw…I do appreciate your sense of humour…awright gives me something to laugh about with you. You’re the second person I have met online…I’m glad to be connected to you. xo

  26. Awesome! Thank u very much

  27. Crazy Old Joker

    You are an inspiration Matt…I have been smoking pot medicinaly for only a short time.  Before smoking I was in constant pain from crohns related arthritis, osteo arthritis, severe depression (suicidal) and crohnic pain for about 14 years.  I was bound to a wheelchair for a while too.  I have had a mild heart attack and stroke from vioxx at the age of 35 ( I am 45 now)!  I wish I had tried pot before this (other than my teen years).  I actually get to help my wife do things around the house, get yardwork done, and my depression has waned. Even my kids like being around me!

    I just printed the Health Canad forms of to be legalized, but after watching you online and other news stories, I seem to be wasting my time.  Can you give me some insight on what I should do?

  28. Keep trying to get your license. That’s important. Until you get into the progrm just keep on growing quietly and do your best not to get caught.

  29. Chris

    Hi Matt! Just wanted to let you know that I am in complete support of everything you’re doing.  I had a couple questions I thought you might be able to answer for me:
    1. What are the possible outcomes for the ruling?
    2. Is July 14th the final day for a decision?

    Thanks for everything you’re doing, you are a leader in making Canada the free-thinking, liberal society we pride ourselves on being!

  30. The ruling could come down at anytime. Not sure what the outcome will be, but we believe it’s going to be impressive.

  31. Cateros1

    So matt do you think there is any chance us long time licenced growers are gonna get reamed with Health canadas proposal where only a bunch of licenced producers/dispensaries will be the only legit way to get it. or could the decision end up going to another appeal ?

  32. Josh54533

    Is this still going on?

  33. Anonymous

    God be with you…charges against me dropped for posession…used Dr. notes to prove medicinal use…xo

  34. thank u very much. makes me so happy to hear this kind of news

  35. Josh

    my doctor wouldnt sign my forms, and said they would set me up with a doctor that knows more about the? subject. i didnt hear from them for weeks so i emailed the doctor office and they replied saying “you dont qualify for medical marijuana.”

    i have been diagnosed with adhd and other medications havent helped me, im 21 and the effects of marijuana help my adhd symptoms. yet, the doctors office has the nerve to tell me i dont qualify, without any knowledge on the subject.

    at this point, i dont know what i should do, should i pursue getting a medical card? or, should i wait until its decriminalized and/or legalized?

    it would be awesome if i could get some feedback on this, email me @

  36. Eve

    Hi Matt, I have a ton of questions for you, do you live in Toronto? I see you mentioned Vapour Central in your post, meet for a spliff and exchange of ideas? E-mail:

    -Spliffs Mckenzie

  37. MarvelousMa

    Hello Matt, Although my case was dismissed, the lawyer I used, Grant McKinnon from Walkerton, ON has asked me to find someone willing to testify as to the medical benefits of marijuana. His number is 1-519-881-3002 and I am certain he’d love to hear from you on this matter. With Love, MarvelousMa xo

  38. Old2Soon

    On your next TMZ Show – tells us more about the new MMPR Registration
    process, and the Doctors Letter steps… On Tuesday night you mentioned a MMAR cut-off date of OCT 1st 2103, and left viewers the impression you are now the first MMPR Registered applicant. However, as you mentioned – we still have the same Hitzig case problems without any legal supply. How can anyone sign a MMPR Registration (contract) with Health Canada, promising to sole single-source medical marijuana, as of the date you signed, and yet not have any legal supply…? Why did you sign-up for MMPR knowing full well there is zero licensed Producers…?

  39. It’s long past the time that we REPEALED cannabis prohibition once and for all.

    As a matter of fact, if you look at the 2002 Canadian Senate Report, you’ll see that this was the finding at the time, with far, far less scientific and medical information available.

    Some people may even remember the national press announcement on LIVE TV where Jean Chretien announced the first step in the process being the “Decriminalization of marijuana…but don’t light up right away…”

    It was a failed start…but it remains a necessary action, and it must be done BEFORE it’s too late.

    REPEAL cannabis prohibition in Canada. The two billion+ we save should be reason enough…the lives and futures of Canadians which are not destroyed…let’s just consider that “an accidentally beneficial side-effect of doing what we know is right.”

    If Toronto is free, that’s about 5 MILLION Canadians who will have that much more freedom. After what happened in the summer of 2010 (that we’ve all completely forgotten about, apparently), Toronto deserves first crack and lower government intervention in their personal decisions.

    Sure would be nice to have Toronto compared with Humboldt, instead of Columbia, too…good luck in the election, Matt! d=O)

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