TMZ 219 Explores UK Cannabis Culture


The Mernahuana Zone co-host Lisa Campbell returns from a fact finding mission in United Kingdom. Find out what’s growing on in the UK Tuesday August 18 as TMZ 219 Explores UK Cannabis Culture.  

The chair of UK Cannabis Social Clubs Greg de Hoedt is schedule to Skype our weekly weed webcast at 740pm EST to speak about their efforts to create cannabis lounges and to learn from our experiences.

On the couch at 840pm is Nazlee, the Knowledge Translation Manager for the International Centre for Science and Drug Policy, which just released a fab report dispelling cannabis myths. The org launches their #cannabisclaims social media campaign by coming on TMZ to discuss their study.


740 Greg de Hoedt UK Cannabis Social Clubs
840 Nazlee Maghsoudi the International Centre for Science and Drug Policy


720pm Herbal Dispatch Vancouver Online Marijuana Delivery Service.
820pm Crop King Seeds 420 Bud Swap, narrated by Erin Goodwin.
920pm Bud Buddy The Weight Is Right, from our co-sponsor #WhoCaresGetDoped.

Matt Mernagh is the author of Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains. On sale now from Amazon, Urban Outfitters or iTunes.

Lisa Campbell is Principal Consultant at Mobile Revolutions and Outreach Director at the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy. TMZ Co-Host Pot TV Network.


TMZ 218 Speaks To Karma Cup Craig X Stigma Charlo Greene


The Karma Cup is putting out a call for entries and will be on The Mernahuana Zone Tuesday August 11 to explain in full detail what is expected from entrants. It’s a very particular cannabis judging competition with an impressive scorecard and you’ll want to tune in to know what’s growing on.

Craig X is scheduled to Skype to speak about his latest project The Stoned Age Comic Book. Back in the day Craig X worked on Melrose Avenue slinging bongs to celebs and rich stoner at 2000 BC. He’s back with his bud to do a comic book to be distributed exclusive to California dispensaries.

Charlo Greene returns with a Skype call – we hope – to discuss her most recent encounter with Alaska 5-0. The Mernahuana Zone thought cannabis was legal in Alaska, Greene fills us in on what is happening since her appearance on TMZ 199 Alaska Thunder Fuck It I Quit.

We take a Skype update from Brantford bring your own cannabis lounge Stigma. The Stigma folks have been hard at work and we’ll see what they’ve been doing.
Tune in Tuesday August 11 from 720-1020 EST or visit Toronto’s Vapor Central to be part of our in house stoned studio audience. Or join stoners to watch the webcast together at Dr. Greenthumb in Moncton NB, Puffdogs in St. Catharines ON, or Stigma in Brantford ON.


TMZ142 – Just Doobie It


Riding high on Justin Trudeau rolling paper success, the toking team that brings you more marihuana fun than a barrel of pot smoking monkeys, returns for their regular Tuesday night session. The Mernahuana Zone is like having a hash mob toking in your living for three hours.

No topic is too risque for this clique of cannabis enthusiasts. Tuesday Feb 25 on the Pot TV webcast (720-1020pm ET or 420-720pm PT) from Vapor Central, the tokers talk about a slew of stuff – Project Green Giant, Bitcoin Going Bust, Ghostbuster GrandDude Dead, and plenty of other weird and crazy news that you simply can’t make up.

We have the popular pot trading game, 420 Swap, UK Cannabis Factory Bust of the Week, our weekly look at Health Canada licensed producers, Bad Cop No Donut, and Toronto mayor news.



TMZ 141 Calm Before The Storm


The Mernahuana Zone 141 Calm Before The Storm. After a fantastic TMZ last week, we’ve opted to take a chill, calm approach to this Tuesday, Feb. 18 webcast. Plenty is happening, but we’re just going to enjoy resting on our laurels. We had a fantastic interview last week with Chuck Riffici from Tweed and appreciate our viewers tuning in to learn about Health Canada licensed providers. The Mernahuana Zone, a live webcast from Vapor Central on Yonge Street in Downtown Toronto every Tuesday 720-1020 pm EST or 420-720 pm PDT live on POT TV.

This week I spoke with my local MP Andrew Cash about affordability and access.

There is a part of the Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations that is truly a kick in the teeth – nurse practitioners. I’ve ranted about this a few times on The Mernahuana Zone because though R v. Mernagh isn’t mentioned in MMPR – the addition of nurse practitioners as a signing authority is our creation.

It was malicious of Health Canada to add nurse practitioners knowing full well every province prohibits this body from signing for medical marihuana. I don’t even think Nurse Practitioners know they can sign for medical cannabis. Did the federal government even consult their governing bodies?

MP Cash is investigating because we have to change every provincial legislation to make nurse practitioners happen. With more people accessing the program comes affordability. Both companies we interviewed have programs in place to help people obtain some medications.

In more political news, Liberal party convention is this week and Justin Trudeau rolling papers are popping up. In a Banksy-esq inspired stunt, our own Chris Goodwin has reconfigured Zig-Zag papers with Trudeau as the zig-zag man. What I’d like to see out of this Liberal convention is a timeline for legalization.

Given this is legalization is a huge issue for the Liberal party – one of their own making – it’s only fair to ask to see a timeline and specifics.

The @Mernahuana Zone is webcast weekly from Canada’s stoniest destination @VaporCentral. Tune in and toke up every Tuesday from 720-1020 et or 420-720 pt. TMZ, available for download from Soundcloud and iTunes.

Cannabis Candidate Uses Bob Marley Day To Start Knocking On Doors


A marijuana icon, Bob Marley’s humanitarian and political side is often overshadowed by some people because he inhaled ganja. Toronto proclaims his birthday as Bob Marley Day to honor these efforts and not necessarily his copious cannabis consumption.

Mayor Rob Ford has broken out in dance to Marley and has smoked lots of marijuana, but was responsible for passing Toronto’s harsh anti-grow bylaw. However, Toronto’s cannabis culture is thriving despite marijuana being totally illegal. ““I love Bob Marley. When I heard the song, I had to get up and dance,” Ford told reporters afterward.

The annual 4/20 protest at Yonge and Dundas Square has grown from a handful of people to several thousands of anti-prohibition protesters – and now puts money in the city coffers via fees. Vapor lounges continue to sprout up in neighborhoods and the city is planning positive medical marihuana consumer friendly legislation.

Mayoral candidate Matt Mernagh knows what it’s like to have his skills and experiences overshadowed because he too inhales copious amounts of cannabis. Mernagh openly consumes cannabis to treat a rare brain tumor, but suggests he has transferable skills ideally suited to be mayor of Toronto.

He’s a community leader and organizer, an articulate communicator and a tenacious passionate person who wants to lead Toronto – not from a left or right perspective but from let’s make it happen perspective. No challenge is too stiff for this creative problem solver, Mernagh is best known as the person who almost made cannabis legal.

“People have always told me I can’t do something. If we listened to them we would have never had a 4/20 Rally in Toronto or a constitutional challenge that almost ended pot prohibition,” Mernagh says.

Toronto voters will have an opportunity to meet Mernagh firsthand at their front door because his team knows how to campaign for public office. The Campaign to Elect Matt Mernagh Mayor begins their apartment building door knocking campaign on Bob Marley Day and continues this plan until e-day.

January Campaign Highlights

  • 60 Volunteers Signed Up
  • 128 people attended Oust Rob Ford Super Bowl Fundraiser
  • $542.50 raised from first fundraiser
  • Spoke at The Rosedale Club
  • Met with Greg Rogers of The John Howard Society
  • Attended a presentation by High Parks Stewards.
  • Toronto media appearance on Sun News Network Battleground
  • International media appearance Brian The Hammer on LA Blog Talk Radio.
  • Counter Culture Media on
  • Campaign Song by Killin Time Band recorded.
  • Four policy planks decided on, More Community Gardens, Land Transfer Tax Rebate For First Time Home Buyers, Examining Freezing The Land Transfer Tax, Increase Shade To Decrease Sweltering Summers.

*Image created / copyright by @RobMarley

Rob Ford Flounders Mernagh Makes Big Fundraising Gains


The Campaign to Elect Matt Mernagh Mayor had a hugely successful fundraiser last night, while Toronto mayor Rob Ford had a terrible weekend. He was busted in Vancouver for jaywalking and then his beloved Broncos lost the big game. Meanwhile our Oust Rob Ford Super Bowl Fundraiser brought in a grand total of $442.50, which will be used for all kinds of election promotion material.

Your contributions pay for items like handbills, business cards, lawn signs and posters. For example we could purchase 100 more lawn signs to bring us closer to our goal of 1,000 by Oct 2. We have amazing ideas on where to spend promotion funds and you are encouraged to join our campaign team to learn and add more ideas.

People who want to make a contribution of $25 or more are encouraged to contact me to learn how your donation would be spent. Contributions between $25 and $300 receive a 75% rebate cheque from City of Toronto. We can not accept cash donations over $20. 

However, last night demonstrated every loonie and twoonie counts in getting us closer to becoming mayor of Toronto. A bit of spare change is going to go long way in creating political change. Kayla Bapkush did such a wonderful job at shaking down spare change from attendees – $122.50 came from small bills and coin – our team is going to have to bring her out for every fundraiser.

The whole team had a wonderful time, except Matt Oliver who had bet friends $20 on Denver Broncos winning. Oliver, who is part of the door knocking team, was advised to suggest these winners donate their new gotten gains to our war chest. While Oliver only had to deal with friend’s ribbing, Mayor Rob Ford had to endure a heckling via Twitter.

Did Denver Broncos go down because of a mayor Rob Ford curse? We alluded to this on our Twitter during the game, however, it was councilor Josh Matlow from Ward 22, who took the mayor to task. Mayor Ford did a press conference wearing a Broncos jersey and it was just like the time he cursed the Argos by wearing their jersey.

Matlow tweeted the photo with the words, Can be beat.  Jaywalking Rob Ford is riding high in the polls, but we believe the city will become excited by a smart underdog and not the boring politically established. The first Super Bowl had the New York Jets as 18 point underdogs, but by the end of the night Joe Namath demonstrated he and his team knew how to win by beating Baltimore 16-7.

January Campaign Highlights

  • 60 Volunteers Signed Up
  • 128 people attended Oust Rob Ford Super Bowl Fundraiser
  • $442.50 raised from first fundraiser
  • Spoke at The Rosedale Club
  • Met with Greg Rogers of The John Howard Society
  • Attended a presentation by High Parks Stewards.
  • Toronto media appearance on Sun News Network Battleground
  • International media appearance Brian The Hammer on LA Blog Talk Radio.
  • Counter Culture Media on
  • Campaign Song by Killin Time Band recorded.
  • Four policy planks decided on, More Community Gardens, Land Transfer Tax Rebate For First Time Home Buyers, Examining Freezing The Land Transfer Tax, Increase Shade To Decrease Sweltering Summers.

TMZ 139 We Want To Interview You


It’s true, our weekly webcast The Mernahuana Zone is always looking for fascinating guests to interview. This week, The Mernahuana Zone for Tuesday Feb. 4 has requested interviews from all the current Health Canada medical marihuana listed retail producers. TMZ is please to confirm, Chuck Rifici president and ceo of Tweed Inc has confirmed they will be on our webcast Feb. 11. Get your questions in.

Health Canada currently has six license producers ready to serve Canada’s medical marihuana patients. However, people making difficult decisions about what company to register with need someone they can trust to open the doors of these facilities. We believe by conducting interviews we can learn more than “boycotting.” TMZ host Matt Mernagh has been conducted extensive interviews for a variety of print publications and we pride ourselves on being fair and balanced. 

The month of Feb will be dedicated to using my journalism skills to get more interviews like The Peace Naturals Group and Tweed Inc. We want to be the show Health Canada retailers want to come too. We have also put in a request to interview Jeff Smith, who is featured in the documentary Can Mr. Smith Get To Washington Anymore? The documentary demonstrates fundamental grassroots campaigning and how they can lead to an election victory.

It’s Bob Marley Day on Thursday Feb. 6 in Toronto, but we’ll be celebrating a bit early on TMZ. Join us for political discussion, 420 Swap, UK Cannabis Factory Bust of the Week and our new segment Jay Danger Does Dramatic Erotica Readings In Front Of A Live Studio Audience.

The Mernahuana Zone is live Tuesday Feb. 4 at 720-1020 est or 420-720 pdt and available on demand via Soundclound and iTunes.

Why Mernagh For Mayor Meetup Saturday


Some people are wondering why Matt Mernagh is seeking to be Toronto mayor?

Accused of being a “fame whore” and not a serious candidate by some on social media – our campaign team and candidate are doing what grassroots candidates do – meet people and listen to their concerns and experiences living in Toronto.

Civic minded, highly intelligent, and a tenacious underdog, our city needs more people like Matt Mernagh in public office.

On Saturday Feb. 8 from 3-6pm join Matt at Toronto’s premier digital marketing agency Pixel Dreams on 49 Spadina Ave to learn firsthand why he has opted to focus on developing a political career. Learn how he intends to go about becoming mayor, what his long term plans are for his personal political career, and learn firsthand what his vision is for Toronto.

This is your opportunity to become engaged in a fun, enlightening, municipal campaign. Turn all your talk about Rob Ford’s personal life crisis into civic action by attending our campaign event.

Toronto Mayor Election 2014 Campaign Update


We had a fantastic week on Toronto mayor election 2014 campaign trail. Contrary to some social media comments about seriousness and “fame whore” – I’ve been out and about becoming even more civic engaged than ever before. Just because I medicate with medicinal marihuana to treat a rare brain tumor and an internationally known cannabis advocate does not make me less civic minded. These past few days demonstrate I’m taking the Toronto mayoral candidacy seriously.

Sixty Volunteers Signed Up

Without people volunteering we can’t make our goals a reality. I’ve been connecting with volunteers via social media and the response has been fantastic. We’ve developed a strategy for volunteers, keep them warm in the winter and get them outside when it warms up. Our campaign needs all kinds of supporters to pitch in.

Join Our Campaign Team

Urban Forest Presentation by Dr Sandy Smith

“The forests are right here in Toronto.” Explained Dr. Sandy Smith, last Sunday at a talk for High Park Stewards. It was an excellent presentation on urban forests and our recent ice storm, which was nature’s way of pruning the city’s trees, is an opportunity to diversify our urban trees.

There’s no estimates yet, but the city probably lost trees that were due to come down in one to three years. Unfortunately, this means our parks and recreation department is doing three years worth of pruning in one winter.

How do we recover our canopy?

The City of Toronto could double its tree canopy by following recommendations made Parks and Recreation. This would put our city in line with other global cities. To do so, we need government and private property owners to work together to increase the canopy. This is an admirable project that would help Toronto from being a sweltering concrete jungle.

The John Howard Society of Toronto

Greg Rogers, executive director of The John Howard Society of Toronto, made time for me and I am very appreciative. One third of the approximately 400 people leaving Toronto jails a week are heading straight to the streets. They are homeless. Where do you think they are going to end up? If your answer is back where they are warm and fed ie jail, you are correct.

The moment they walk out the door they become a city of Toronto problem and are no longer a provincial problem. The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services  has no plan in place once someone walks out of the new jail’s self feeding criminal justice revolving door.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed or Etobicoke is going to have see a huge increase of homelessness. There’s no plan in place to shelter these men in Etobicoke or anywhere in the city for that matter.

However, The John Howard Society has partnered with other agencies and has a transitional space very near Toronto’s latest facility. Charities have done a better job at figuring out the solution than both levels of government.

Provincial and city government are basically relying on our jails to house homeless and mentally ill men with no plan to truly resolve these issues.

The Rosedale Club

Had a wonderful time speaking with The Rosedale Club. My talk was about how dreaming big almost ended prohibition and has me now dreaming about becoming a politician. I really enjoyed socializing and discussing a variety of political ideas from astute individuals.