Autoflowering Marijuana Strain Early Wonder Skunk


  • Marijuana Strain Early Wonder Skunk
  • Marijuana Seed Company Solar Warrior
  • Marijuana Type 100% Indica
  • Marijuana Types Afghani / Thai x Hawaiian Island / Guatemalan x Ruderalis
  • Marijuana Taste A whole lot of yummy for a summery night
  • Marijuana High Gonna get blitzed
  • Marijuana Smell Barely Noticeable
Compton Trimming Early Wonder Skunk

Compton Trimming Early Wonder Skunk

Outdoor compassionate marijuana growers have an opportunity to plant Early Wonder Skunk twice a season in the same patch. With harvesting in mid July and then againin early October. Do not perceive this marijuana plant as an inferior for its auto flower response. While other auto flowering strains have terrible reputations, Solar Warrior?s Early Wonder Skunk receives countless pothead props Including from enthusiast BC3?s Greg Williams. Solar Warrior?s Early Wonder Skunk is thirty years in the making. Becoming a stoner sensation for its aroma, yield and Olympian speedy finish. Anticipate a single three feet cola with classic green leaves, sweet stinky skunk smell. Near impossible to clone. Only recently have enthusiasts brought her inside discovering Early Wonder Skunk is a delight for indoor marijuana growing too.

Considering Early Wonder Skunk?s auto-flower properties she clearly is a prize for many potheads.

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7 thoughts on “Autoflowering Marijuana Strain Early Wonder Skunk

  1. Bailer

    For anyone who needs it, the autoflower network is the new home to autoflowering cannabis forums.

  2. Llfolland

     how long should they under 18 hours of light before swapping to harvest cycle

  3. You don’t have to switch autoflowering strains to 12/12. They flower based on height.

  4. snapper

    Buying these seeds this week and I hope they turn out skunky and sweet!!!

  5. sweet skunk

    second time with this breed not a very skunk y smell to it as i thought small tight buds took longer than i thought to flower nice smoke though plants dont get to big 4′ my biggest but guarantied to flower every time so far im not getting high yield but could be where i live as well

  6. it’s not the highest yielding a good little outdoor plant tho

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