Blue Widow See The Differences


I’m doing my best to document my legal marijuana grow room by video blogging on YouTube. Focusing on short little clips. People really liked my How To Photograph Marijuana Strains, so I will try to do more feature videos to compliment these quick grow updates. Any who, I recently published two separate videos showing Dinafem Blue Widow.
As you will see from the videos one is a short squat tiny marijuana plant, while the other is a larger cannabis monster. The tinier one is about half the size of the big girl and will finish about 10 days before. It’s a really small strain that would be perfect in small grow spaces. Unless you happen to get the taller phenotype. In my pack of five marijuana seeds, the small plant was a misfit or the runt of the litter. Other than its size and flowering time, there’s not much difference between the two plants.
Overall both are fantastic plants that I’m excited to get to harvesting with. Dinafem produces some great marijuana strains. I grew out their Sweet Deep Grapefruit from clone and I’m excited to try some of their other strains, especially Haze Automatica, which is a haze autoflowering strain.
I’m a little behind in publishing my marijuana grow videos. If you want to see what where the plants are in their growth and to chat and interact with me directly tune into my Legal Marijuana Garden show every Thursday on Pot TV Network at 8pm EST or 5pm PST. The shows will soon be archived on the all new Pot TV website.
Have a wonderful weedy day.

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