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Blueberry x Sweet Tooth

Blueberry x Sweet Tooth

Numerous marijuana seed banks offer a version of Sweet Tooth. Barneys Farm is the originator of Sweet Tooth. Winning many High Times Cannabis Cup awards. All versions of Sweet Tooth are fantastic heavy commercial croppers with short flowering time. Not for sativa lovers. Indica lovers dream come true. Spice of Life bred in DJ Short Blueberry into their Sweet Tooth marijuana type to create Sweet Tooth #1. Not a great marijuana marketing moniker. Instead someone has re-named the name marijuana strain Blue Tooth.

A fantastic concept name. Professional potheads catch the sly reference to tokenology while easily remembering the ganja genetics that makeup this hard hitting weed strain. Blue Tooth is a heavy indica marijuana stone. A delight to toke. Will put many professional potheads down for the count.

Excellent medicinal marijuana strain for people who suffer chronic pain or insomnia. All forms of Sweet Tooth are close to 90 per cent indica making them super couch lock. This indica weed strain will be bemoaned by sativa lovers as it has very little taste. The high is uber sedate, slow and inactive. Many professional potheads will have to rest after inhaling. Great for television or movie watching. Turn your brain off weed. Sink into the furniture and surrounds.

(Originally published Oct. 2009)

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