Cannabis Champ of World On Vancouver Inspection Tour


Ganja Greetings,

The cannabis champion of the world arrived Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012 for his customary inspection of the lounges, grows and dispensaries. It has been a great trip! The professional potheads are performing admirably. The Weed Guy has been an incredible host! Saturday he met me at the airport with his camera crew. We had to wait for my bags a little longer as I placed my portable light studio in the fragile section of the plane. It’s also where the dogs are kept. Unfortunately a dog broke out of its kennel, he chewed through it, and was roaming the holding. Airport security had everything locked down, fearful of a dog running around the run way. While waiting The Weed Guy rolled a joint while I showed him the strain selection I carried through airport screening.

I sent a Twitpic of my Northern Soul carry-on bag packed of jars filled with medical marijuana. No hiding for me – I’m legal! Some people thought I was a little too crazy to board a plane with a bag loaded with weed. Strangely, my lawyer called before I went through airport screening. Unaware about what I was up to. “Give me a call if you have any problems,” Paul Lewin reminded. I had no problems passing airport screening, but the women before me had her vaseline thoroughly examined. Maybe being blatant is the best way to go through airport screening.
Sunday night we had a lovely dinner with the Urban Grower. Then we were off to a secret legal marijuana garden. A 16 light setup. Incredible. I’ve never seen marijuana plants so big. They were taller than me by a foot or two and three times as round! Grown in garbage cans. The stalks were bigger than my arms!
Monday I did an hour of honorary dispensing at Imedikate second location. Meeting members, making recommendations, doling out their medicine. Great strain selection! Especially heavy on the kush side – like Master Kush, Bubba Kush, and several Cheese samples, like UK Cheese and Cheddar.
Afterwards we appeared on Pot-TV’s Opus Live! We really made the show exceedingly stoney. The room was hotbox heavily with The Weed Guy rolling incredibly fat joints. Opus showed us his glass blunt. Very cool device. It’s like smoking a joint. People visiting the CCHQ vapor lounge were wondering what was going on as the smoke was going under the door into the hallway. They broke the box by opening the door!
After webcasts I’m all about getting food and just unwinding. It’s amazing how much mental and physical energy it takes to make a great webcast. We had pizza and wings then went for massages. I’m in Vancouver until next Wednesday with a schedule of fun, fun and more fun.

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  1. Jordan

    Would have been sick to see that 16 light setup!

  2. bubba kush 4,thats where i dont like when theres 20 difrent strains of the same is the bubba kush,would u do it gain

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