How To Photograph Marijuana


Getting amazing marijuana photos takes practices and access to a variety of cannabis, but it’s not next to impossible to snap great ganja shots. I made a how to photograph marijuana video for YouTube while setting up for an extensive shoot recently. That day I photographed over a dozen strains! It’s critical to have the necessary gear nearby when doing a photoshoot that large, but even on a smaller scale having the right equipment and closeby is important.
Using this exact setup in my how to video, I’ve photographed over 120 marijuana strains. The results will really be noticeable for my forthcoming book from Green Candy Press. They sent me for a private photography lesson that really boned up my ability to photograph buds. Once this project is done I’ll publish some outtakes and use it for my marijuanareviews so people can see how my skills have improved. This video is all about my setup, but depth of field, macro lenses and bud size preference will be made if there’s interest. My current setup consists of;

1) Optex Portable Light Studio – this is a must have for photographing small objects. If you’re serious about your nugporn for the cost of a half an ounce you can professionally lit up your pot.

2) Opex Tripod – the tripod they use for the light studio is one of its weakness. Add this tripod for $40 for a much better experience.

3) Canon DSLR – the camera is attached to my computer via a tether cable. the settings on the camera are consistent because I use the light studio. However, it’s important to have it set on full manual to adjust, ISO, focus, and F-Stop. More on this in another vid.

4) Adobe Lightroom – An excellent computer program that allows me to snap marijuana photos directly to my computer. I don’t even touch the camera to take the marijuana pictures.

5) Marijuana Strains – I try to save samples for a week or two and make an afternoon of photographing marijuana.

Anyways, the video shows my setup in better details. I’ll make more How To Photograph Marijuana videos if people are interested. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Twitter please. I respond to Tweets!

On Writing A Marijuana Review


Over a decade ago I was toking and writing music reviews, but never pondered the idea of putting the two together. That is writing marijuana reviews. Then again not much was on the menu. These days, it feels as if all I do is vaporize and write marijuana reviews, but haven’t written a music review in ages. Marijuana reviews put eyeballs on my blog. With greater access to cream cannabis, the opportunity to judge great ganja isn’t a trip to a cannabis cup away. These days you can have your own cannabis competition in your own home and report the results via video or words. Plenty of potheads are writing their own marijuana reviews! Half of music monthly Exclaim is devoted to reviews. It’s how I got my start writing. There’s plenty of opportunity for people to take up weed reviewing, but they have to be readable marijuana reviews.
<h2>What goes into a good marijuana review?</h2>
The past few weeks I’ve done several j-school interviews that had me pondering this question. Many of the methods I employed writing music reviews, I use for marijuana reviews. First, I actively engage in the subject matter. That means I’m vaporizing or bong hitting the weed I’m reviewing in many different life situations. Hence some of my reviews talk about good video game grass, marijuana for meditation, pot for pilates (which has gotten it’s own posts I enjoy pot and pilates so much), hiking, hanging out at Vapor Central or life in general. I also try my hand at search engine optimization. To try readers to my blog. You’d be surprised how many people are searching for OG Kush every month.
Obviously stoners want to know about the marijuan high, but describing a buzz often times makes marijuana reviews all read the same. After all plenty of strains are trippy, spacey, couch-lock, stone-y. Medicinal marijuana users want to know how the weed will help their specific illness. My goal is to describe what I did with the buzz and use the weedy words we are all familiar with.
For taste references I read NOW restaurant reviews. However, I feel when it comes to grass my taste buds are a little under developed. Unlike Compton who can has a knack for guessing strains after inhaling. Try it sometime. When doing my genetic research I see what other words potheads have used to describe the taste, then try to determine for myself if I’m tasting what they’re tasting.
There are several flaws in reviewing marijuana, are we judging the growers ability, the marijuana seeds ability to produce or your ability to procure great cannabis. Or a combination of all three.

Pilates For Potheads Or How To Rip Your Bong Better


Ganja Greetings!

Do you want to hit your bong boldly? Hold THC in your lungs longer? Of course you do! I know I do. Plenty of potheads ask me, “Mernahuana how do you inhale a full Volcano Vaporizer vapor bag so amazing?” Because I’m not a member of the magicians union I’ll continue to reveal my secrets for free! At no cost to you! However, you’re going to be so impressed you’ll want to give me money or weed.
The secret to my marijuana inhaling success is is Joe Pilates.
No he isn’t some Italian pothead I met in Mernapolsis. Or a literary blog device pothead. He’s an actual dude who created Contrology. A physical fitness regime we refer to as the pilates method. Did Joe Pilates inhale? Probably not. But his mother was a naturopath.
However his fitness regime developed in a British internment camp during WWI is fantastic way to improve your marijuana inhaling. I began personal pilates sessions after completing six months of extensive three days a week physiotherapy.Though my left shattered shoulder had improved well beyond doctor expectations, I desired to go further with fitness.
Originally I thought fitness meant less pot smoking. On the contrary. I get a great ganja groove on – then I start my stretching and movement routines. Physiotherapy taught me this. I’d get baked before physiotherapy then have my arm pulled to the point of pain. The physiotherapist at the clinic knew and took advantage of my high.
I have about 90 percent mobility in my shoulder because of our efforts.
Lessening my fibromyalgia or scoliosis pain could have been an ideal goal to set when I commenced pilates. Everyone desires less chronic pain, but not less chronic. It’s difficult to set a less pain goal because it’s hard to judge.
Instead my pilates goal was simple, to rip a bong better.
Like the cannabis champion of the world I am!
It’s never the stone, but my lung capacity that hampers me from inhaling your weed. No one wants an of out-shape cannabis champion like Dusty Rhodes. Potheads demand a five star bong hitter. I’m now fully prepared to take on all comers again without having to resort to the Dusty Finish.
Your body’s ability to take a solid deep inhale is critical to achieving a maximum marijuana high. Therefore a breathing, stretching and strengthening routine, such as pilates will get you higher. Once you get started with a pilates routine, especially a class or personal session, you and your friends will be amazed at how much more you can inhale in one breath.

Forgot About This Cannabis Culture Article


So like I’m checking my Google RSS feed and came across How To Get The Most From Vaporizing. Not even thinking I had penned the piece I clicked it. Low-and-behold there’s a Cannabis Culture article with my and Goodster name on it. Wait I remember now.  I think. Somehow this got lost in a huff shuffle of lost weed writing. It happens. How far back does this lost article go? Marc Emery was free when this How To article was penned.  Goodster and I got a good chuckle  a session at Vapor Central

Story is CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer received a letter from Marc to get on  posting the vapor article. It was on prince of pot to do list before he was extradited. Speaking of To Do lists, I have three months worth of letters to send to Marc. I write three or four pages a week. Just random stuff too…

Readers love How To’s. My first How To was for Cannabis Culture’s medical marijuana issue. The last issue with the seedbank catalog, but came with DEA raid Do Not Buy Sticker. It’s my debut article for Cannabis Culture. And a start of a series of articles.

One How To Marc and I couldn’t write, not that it usually stopped us, was How To Open A Marijuana Seed Bank. I have all the notes from those session. Hmmmmm….

We got banned for sixty days in New Zealand over How To Smuggle Pot. Marc giggled over that like a school girl. As a publisher he would insist on raising the bar and you gladly wanted to jump it.  Like Vince McMahon he never asked you to bring game, he just derived great joy from your efforts that you just brought game.

Writers, artistd, musicians ought to be paid for their work. Income allows them to live life. Generally speaking we live very solitary lives. Working away at our computers. So we tend to spend our incomes on outside activities. Coffee shop writer…CC paid, and paid, very well. Especially for alt writing. Marc was just slow with the signatures.  And those that could afford donated their services.

Lastly, consider PM Stephen Harper is waging a culture war with Bill S-10. Making people who create cannabis fueled art all the more important to ending prohibition.

What is Nug Porno?


Recently the term nug porn has entered some potheads lexicon. In reference to beautiful marijuana pictures cropping up everywhere. No human T&A involved. Just mother nature nakedness.

AK47 x White Widow

AK47 x White Widow

Specifically tight close-up marijuana photos of cannabis buds. Glistening ganja posed sexily with sparkly Swarovski like trichromes. Apparently to many stoners nothing is sexier than a marijuana bud about to be inhaled. Hence the term nug porn. There are numerous cannabis coffee table books potheads use for chopping their weed on.

Nug pornographer Jason King is the Larry Flynt of the budding scene with his three volumes of nug porn, The Cannabible. Laurence Cherniak has three volumes of The Great Books of Hashish. No one has released Marijuana Buds Gone Weed Wild…yet.

Before the holiday season gets fully underway I’ll have my ebook 50 Marijuana Strains Reviewed So Far released. Unlike King who has distinguished himself with gorgeous ganja photographs, my pothead photographer statement is much difference. Firstly, many of my marijuana pictures are taken using my BlackBerry immediately before the bud is chopped. Who has time to take out the digital SLR to get a crisp cannabis photo?
I don’t because I’m here to get my marijuana high on!

When it comes to a marijuana grow, I use a digital SLR becuse I want to take my time in capturing the beauty of growing grass. When some donations start to roll in my next purchse will be a USB 420 Scope.
Potheads are so gung ho for the final product that the rest of the plant is often ignored. Nug only photos are like the money shot.

Snowdawg Kush on Gonzo Handbook

Snowdawg Kush on Gonzo Handbook

Plenty of websites offer stunning marijuana photos for stoners. Unlike adult sites charging a monthly fee to get in on the action, marijuana photos are offered up free of charge. Marijuana pictures are great, but as a marijuana grower and marijuana strain enthusiast, I want written words to go with the weed visual. What was the high like? How did it break up? Sticky? Easily? Was the taste unique?

Recently a Colorado alt-weekly posted a job position for medical marijuana reviewer to inform their readers about various strains offered locally by compassion clubs. A review to go with the photos is important because marijuana can be heavily fertilized to become extra plump. The packed on girth is salts with trichromes sparkling from amonias. Clearly this isn’t good to inhale. Yet will make for great pot photographs.

Though plenty of attention is given to the marijuana strain sampled, often times the grower isn’t given credit or discredit for growing it. Akin to reviewing a movie plot and actors, but leaving out critism for the director.

Awesome sativa

Awesome sativa

Unlike traditional pornography, marijuana pictures a/ka/ nug porn, is only offensive to The Man. While some stoners might be opposed to porno, no pothead is offended by delicious marijuana pictures. There is a group of ganja gals who do oppose the sexualization of marijuana. One of the biggest woes Cannabis Culture publisher Marc Emery had was dealing with this vocal minority of women readers who were offended by bud babe photos.

Have we offended mother nature by only showing her nugs?

How To Open a Cannabis Cafe


How To Open a Cannabis Cafe
by Matt Mernagh and Marc Emery (19 Mar, 2006)

You can run the hippest joint in town!

If you’ve dreamed of having an Amsterdam-like Cafe in your hometown, it’s not impossible. Of course, you won’t be selling pot; that’s not going to fly in Vancouver or anywhere else in 2005 at anything other than a med-pot club (see CC #57), but you can accommodate pot smokers by providing a sanctuary for them, one that is both self-sustaining, and spiritually satisfying.

Your Cafe is the front line in our cultural revolution! It’s not important to sell the pot. Your cafe is where our cannabis community comes to be together, and to be who they really are, in unity and enlightenment. You will be the local centre for the cannabis culture. You can make your dream come alive to commercial success and personal reward, which will quickly make you the ‘voice’ of the cannabis community in your area. Are you up for it?

Cannabis cafes have quickly become weeds that police and politicians find increasingly difficult to yank.

The pot-puffing lounge not only ensures enthusiasts have an amazing come-back-soon time, but it keeps the cash register ringing.

To be successful, and to keep the doors open, a well-developed income stream is critical. Unfortunately, grass sales are strictly prohibited unless you’re opening a med-pot store. But this how-to is about a glorified, pays-its-own-way pothead hang out!

Enforcement priorities or lack of manpower allow these marijuana toke-friendly places to operate in major Canadian metropolitans, and med-pot friendly US states, unmolested for the most part.

Those thinking their smaller or conservative community deserves a place where cannabis enthusiasts can peaceful imbibe the herb should anticipate plenty of body blows.

Chris Goodwin at his Up In Smoke Cafe
Chris Goodwin at his Up In Smoke Cafe

Potheads in Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada or in Brisbane, Australia, or even Chicago deserve to have a liberating Vansterdam-like ganja experience. But you have to be realistic about the local ‘climate’ as you arrange your business plan.

With a population of a half million, Hamilton Ontario’s Up In Smoke Cafe exists in a working class, social democratic stronghold (with both the provincial and federal seats held by the New Democratic Party, Canada’s left-wing representatives), but proprietor Chris ‘Goodster’ Goodwin still counts over 200-plus cop visits, and 35 patron arrests in his first year. And Hamilton likes the Up In Smoke Cafe; at least, the local populace does.

Goodwin has begun limiting arrests dramatically with his members-only room, a lesson learned after allowing smoking throughout the entire facility. Goodwin saw too many of his regulars get popped when police would come in. Punishment for first timers is a fine and a criminal record, but repeated arrests make a place a heat score, not a chill-out space.

Still, after over a year open, Up In Smoke Cafe is the hottest, most happening, and busy hemp store in Ontario, combining radical retail with in-your-face cannabis activism. Goodwin himself has been charged twice: one possession of a roach-in-an-ashtray charge, and one charge of possessing a bong with resin. He’s determined to beat those charges with good legal representation.

But sales are brisk, and Up In Smoke cafe has buzz and visitors from all over. The fuzz tells the press that Up In Smoke Cafe ‘isn’t a priority. The reality is that some officers have actually made it their sworn duty to yank Goodwin’s chain.

Ten Steps To Opening a Respectable Joint

– Developing An Income Stream
– Opening Operating Budget
– Bylaws, Inspectors & Inspections, Neighbors & Legal
– Cafe & Retailing 411
– Putting Food on the Menu
– Competition? Yes.
– Free Advertising & Promotion
– Membership Has Its Privileges – Yes Pothead, There Are Rules
– Pot Partners & Is A Stoned Staff A Good Staff?
– The Small Business Sacrifice

Developing An Income Stream

Until ‘regulate, license, sell’ is instituted via liquor-like control boards, the toke friendly joint needs to earn all its income from non-grass sales. As the owner you’re only providing a liberating spot to engage in intelligent conversation, which sometimes includes remarks such as ‘Don’t bogart that joint,’ or ‘Here, try this Afghani hash.’

But you need to earn dosh to provide the hangout. Munchies make money. However, the restaurant industry has an incredibly high belly-up rate. Basically the only difference between your cafe and a Thai restaurant is the target market.

One proprietor is seeking those who like marijuana; and the other, Thai food.

Bongs, rolling papers, bubblebags, cool pipes, and grow book sales are obvious choices to keep revenue flowing from your target market potheads.

Cafe cannabusinesses like the Hot Box Cafe (Toronto), Up In Smoke Cafe (Hamilton), and The Amsterdam Cafe (Vancouver) are a combination of retail ganja goods and cafe services (food and drink in a cannabis-friendly environment).

Pot patrons have to buy something before toking, even if it’s just a tasty beverage.

The front counter should always be stocked!
The front counter should always be stocked!

Opening Operating Budget

A fiscally frugal person can get a place up and running for around $15,000 – $20,000 in a small to medium size city.

Reasonable rent is critical; pay attention to any add-ons such as property tax, business tax, property management, and utilities. Reasonable rent is determined by foot traffic in front of that business, store visibility to commuters in cars and buses, condition of the premises, whether it’s zoned for cafe/retail/restaurant already, and what amenities (like plumbing, kitchen, air conditioning) are included.

Renovations usually cost double plus 10% what you estimate, meaning if you need to renovate, everything costs more than you planned and takes longer to do that you thought! And that can blow budgets and sink you before you even get launched.

An effective way to avoid the massive cost of installing a kitchen (even a basic one) and retrofitting a building that previously didn’t house an eating establishment is to lease a spot that was one. Take advantage of the previous owners expensive retrofit. Ductwork alone for a kitchen can be extremely costly.

Oftentimes, the building retrofit and grub-making gear is the expense that poisons most new restaurants. It’s better to compromise and retail already-prepared food without the potential nightmare of building an inspection-proof kitchen area.

Stock decisions on a tight budget need to be chosen well. Allot sixty percent of total funds to merchandise, no more than 40% of your investment stash for everything else: rent, security deposit, paint, furnishings, alarm, anti-theft apparatus. It’s better to start out very modest, and each day you fix up, add on, paint, and improve while you have cash flow. The #1 thing is get open and sell! Then your concept of a store evolves with the wherewithal to pay the rent and stay viable.

Don’t think like a kid in a candy store, or make Santa Christmas lists when buying stock. Be selective. Decide who your market is, and what you think they would buy. Think niche stock on small budgets by finding items not available at competitors.

Retail fixtures, store t-shirts, bookshelves, magazine racks, glass counters for glass pipes, all can be costly. With planning and some good knowledgeable and skilled help, it’s possible to decorate and provide fixtures by building them yourself, or combing the classifieds religiously for deals. Look at You can find anything there, and many good deals.

With food, the best thing is to have it delivered pre-prepared. Selling sandwiches can require an expensive capital cost outlay. Baked goods, cakes, and munchies are best prepared in sanitary conditions off-premises and delivered daily (or whenever) to your store. Ask around and you’ll find bakeries, existing sandwich shops, and others in the business of prepared food that will be glad to sell you wholesale. Remember: with food, it’s all about hygiene and consistent standards of cleanliness.

Additionally fridges, microwaves, dishwashers, food prep counters, tables, chairs, professional coffee grinders and brewers, blenders, and couches can easily cripple an operating budget. Unfortunately, buying a $30 blender at Wal-Mart isn’t going make the cut. Non-professional kitchenware can’t handle the workload.

Without fat funds for equipment, check the auction section of your local classifieds. Plenty of them will have restaurant and retail fixtures up for grabs. Before buying at auction, watch one before participating, and remember to visit the viewing. Alternately, borrow equipment from mom, your own kitchen, or your food-savvy friends.

From this moment forward, take a good hard look at every cafe and food related store you go into. Look at how Starbucks make a great volume out of one cold storage cabinet that has all their cold drinks and baked goods, fruit salads, sandwiches, munchies all in one appliance. Look at how these places use space efficiently. Pick their brains, literally, by learning from them. They have made the mistakes and learned from them, and now you see their most efficient marketing layout for their store. Study every cafe you visit.

Search second hand shops for decor that provides an authentic eclectic vibe. The decor dovetails into your world-view on what a cool pot hangout/refuge would look like. There are always cool historical cannabis artifacts available on EBay, as well as posters, handbills, and other cannaphernalia. Cheap and effective wallpaper can be made from High Times and Cannabis Culture centerfolds. You can’t go wrong there. When providing reading material, make sure customers have to buy the latest magazines or books. Free things lying around tend to get taken.

Patrons in Up In Smoke Cafe
Patrons in Up In Smoke Cafe

Bylaws, Inspections, Neighbors & Legal

Nail down every permit before installing a kitchen and creating the environment. That experience alone may discourage a kitchen installation! For you to get a business license, you usually cannot have a criminal record. And The Man wants to lay more than grass charges.

Applying for permits at city hall is tedious pain in the ass. Every inspector that city hall can throw at your cannabusiness building, food, fire, police is going to bring their clipboard down. Anticipate serious nickel and dimeing on all the little things.

Don’t be hostile. Stay positive. Ask questions. Ensure the handy fellows doing the construction work at the Opening Soon site understand the building bylaws. There’s nothing worse than ripping out completed work because it’s not up to code.

Read bylaws relating to your cannabusiness. Always open in a place zoned “retail” or “cafe” (both should permit a retail component, but will only allow you 8 tables and 16 chairs usually). “Restaurant” zoned space is good because it will have a kitchen, and fire standards exist already (as well as handicapped washrooms), but it’s important to make sure you can still operate retail in that space. Food and drink alone cannot pay bills for a cannabis cafe.

Originally, Hamilton’s’ city bylaws banned indoor tobacco smoke. This has been replaced by an Ontario wide ban, but: “That law doesn’t affect me,” explains Chris Goodwin. “It’s only for tobacco, not marijuana; but there could be something about having ashtrays on the table.”

Meet and greet all the surrounding business owners AFTER you’ve signed the lease and are renovating, repairing, and getting ready to open. Explain how big the tourist market is, dispel myths about marijuana, and tell them to anticipate increased customer volume in the entire area. Be excited, but be receptive to their concerns, and be as level headed with them as you can be. No over-the-top behavior or remarks. In fact, you should network deals with them, for your customers.

For Goodwin, this has meant Province Pizza and Tony’s Subs cuts a deal for anyone who says, “I’m taking this back to the Up In Smoke Cafe.” Says Goodwin of surrounding businesses: “I tell the guys with empty patios that they’d be full if they’d just let people toke.” Similarly, out-of-town ganja guests, when making purchases in the nearby downtown stores, should inform sales staff that they came to their city to check out the local canna-cafe.

By demonstrating Up In Smoke Cafe has a financial impact on other business, especially in Hamilton’s beleaguered downtown, the dollars will begin to outweigh the perceived problems.

Cafe & Retailing 411

Goodwin is blunt about where he makes good his income. His seed bank sales are a big draw; it’s the big ticket, and there is high demand more so in the aftermath of the DEA bust of Emery Seeds but it’s risky. Plan on not selling seeds for the first year, if you want to eventually do so. There are plenty of other products to sell that put paper in the register.

Chris Goodwin explains. “Rolling papers. Oh my god! I go through hundreds of packs a week. People are always buying papers. We restock those every two weeks.” He continues, “The bigger items, we might re-order every few months. Expensive bongs have a long shelf life. You don’t make money when it’s just sitting there for six months.”

Goodwin’s correct in stating sandwiches have low mark up compared to pushing seeds. “You need the combo: hemp shop, toking room, food, munchies, hang-out, cultural centre.” Goodwin is a fantastic retailer, but he has enough knowledge of restaurants to understand that it’s a hard road to go.

In Garden Park, in Toronto, is The Fine Grind Cafe, a little haven known more for its role-playing card gamers than its tokers. However, The Fine Grind is a prime example of cafe operation.

Proprietor Rob demonstrates a leisurely work environment (he’s often at the head table geeking it up), an in-expensive one-man operation that can be easily replicated. With a smallish (40 – 60) loyal clientele, Rob has a reliable respectable monthly gross that pays for rent and menu items, and provides a bachelor income.

A good setting makes people want to come back. However, the menu is where the money is made. What makes The Fine Grind successful is its fantastic gothic decor, and more importantly, it’s affordable, easy to assemble menu.

Baked Goods are for sale at some cafes
Baked Goods are for sale at some cafes

Putting Food On The Menu

“It pays to shop around,” Rob says about finding where to score greens for salads, purchasing coffee beans and stocking the fridge with sodas.

“Do plenty of research,” he advises. “Just because it’s at a wholesaler, or even a place like Costco, doesn’t mean that it’s not cheaper somewhere else.”

A farmers’ market, even if open only three days a week, is preferred for affordable fresh, possibly organic goods, says Rob. Expect a learning curve when determining food supplies. It’s very important to understand food stock.

Good inexpensive items for a menu include grilled cheese, sliced meat and vegetarian sandwiches, spicy chicken or faux meat bagels, tangerine salads, nachos, wraps, subs, and pizza bagels. Rob’s mom bakes his cookies, brownies and cakes at home. Practice your menu on friends first. Honest criticism is needed because screwing up on a customer ensures they and ten people they know won’t come back, or even visit.

Take cooking classes if you are serious about food. If food preparation and cannabis are your passions then this job is for you.

Obviously, as a cannabis cafe you want to offer THC baked goods. This can easily replace those seed bank sales, and it’s not quite like selling bud. In Canada, pot food is a hard case to prove in court, and since Watermelon was acquitted for selling pot food, it’s a wedge a Cafe can more safely take opportunities with. But pot food needs to come with warnings of potency, and advisements on how much to consume. Up In Smoke Cafe patrons buy a lot of Puff Mama baked goods and foods.

Creating a well-rounded affordable munchies menu ensures a pothead can buy grass and still afford to hang out at your fine cafe, a place where like-minded people can meet and eat.

At the Fine Grind Cafe, a full dinner (nacho plate, or spicy chicken bagel) and a drink (coffee or Italian soda) is about eight dollars. A regular might eat twice a week and buy four bucks worth of drinks two other nights. Within months it’s possible to convince 100 potheads to drop $20 – $30 every week to toke and eat with their bud buddies someplace other than their living room, creating a guaranteed weekly gross of two grand. Respectable restaurant revenue!

Competition? Yes.

All right, so there’s no cannabusiness in your town. Think you open the doors, and resident characters like Norm from Cheers, or a Pot Poet like Chris Lawson, will instantly take up residence? Not so. The fuzz fear factor plays a role. This can be limited via a pot promotional program geared to your cannabis community.

With a cannabis cafe, the enthusiast buys their green, then treks to the joint with a few friends, where the pot posse spend two hours in the afternoon ringing up a $25-$40 bill. Pricing, product, and pot all play a critical role in people spending their money.

Goodwin competes with Hamilton’s seven head shops that want marijuana market share too, with their bongs, papers and pipes. But it’s prestigious to hang at Up In Smoke Cafe. You’re hard-core cannabis culture when you hang there. And there are privileges with membership.

In developing your business plan, on three different days of the week, spend several hours outside of a cannabusiness you admire probably not in your community and watch the frequency of people going in. Add a column for those who come out with a purchase, noted via a sales bag. Repeat.

Know thy competitors. Know their pricing. Know their gimmicks. When do they have sales? How do they advertise? Who are their wholesalers?

Finally, spend hours in the neighborhood you’re thinking of renting in. Possibly it’s near a competitor. Are you located around a college or university campus? Who’s already visiting the local businesses? Will people come to the area? If so, what’s parking like? Is there local Transit?

Lastly, determine via the research and a written plan how your cannabusiness has the winning formula to succeed. Then market it.

Bongs and glass ready for purchase
Bongs and glass ready for purchase

Free Publicity & Promotion

Goodwin has two distinct marketing gimmicks going for Up In Smoke Cafe that are not offered by his cannabis competitors. Obviously a toking room is the first. A growing number of people regularly trek from within an hour (Niagara, Oakville, Brantford) distance of Up In Smoke Cafe to spend a few hours in a mind bending liberating environment.

Goodwin says people from the USA, Detroit and Buffalo, make the trek of about eight hours to shop and smoke in his place. He’s even had a few customers rent hotel rooms and spend the weekend. The toking lounge adds to the experience tenfold, as does renting out the Volcano Vaporizer. Enjoy providing the glass bongs or heavenly Volcano knowing that some of the money is rolled back into community activism efforts.

Note how Goodwin’s seven competitors don’t challenge the law nor promote pot change. Goodwin has furthered the marijuana debate while generating publicity for the Up In Smoke Cafe. He receives reams of newspaper paragraphs, television time and talk radio based on his knowledge and his local business.

Goodwin’s marketing campaign capitalizes on his direct involvement in the community. He’s a leading General in Ontario. This results in media mentions, which are the best advertising that neither he nor his competitors could afford to buy.

Even negative media can generate opportunity, if you stay calm in the spotlight. Goodwin publicly declared he’d sell marijuana during the month leading up to last year’s ganja grand opening, gaining a week’s worth of press, leading to a month-long media juggernaut. He made outrageous bold claims, and then appeared to give The Man a little by backing down to an original goal.

Goodwin says that had he publicly declared Up In Smoke Cafe just a toking cafe, then the police would have stepped back from there, although maybe it antagonized them into harassment mode. 200-plus police visits is a little much!

The police, media and politicians believed they had shown him the error of his way, when the reality is that toking-only is fine with him for now. Recently he combined the cannaversary with a protest, creating a double-edged advertising campaign.

Until teams took over, Goodwin personally plastered posters all over Hamilton and Niagara Region, promoting a rally and being its sponsor. Coverage cracked Toronto media with local talk radio, and CTV news ran an ongoing blurb on their National Headline channel about the ganja giveaway at Up In Smoke Cafe.

A low-key opening which Goodwin boyishly smiles as the easier way to go about business can still build a strong customer base quickly.

Bud Buddy sent out a few hundred Three Free Ganja Cookie business cards, which were distributed to people who inquired about possible recreational marijuana sales. One person told me they ordered from him for the new experience.

Be a friendly stranger, entice people to come buy with a try. To attract geeks, Rob uses a Free Beverage business card. Run off 1000 Free Beverage business cards or Free Day Pass. Then hand small piles to known dealers to distribute to their clients. That’s going directly to the market for members.

Reading material, a Volcano vaporizer, and buds
Reading material, a Volcano vaporizer, and buds

Membership Has Its Privileges Pothead Rules

Make the Pothead lounge only accessible to members. Prospective proprietors could go so far as creating a gym membership type system. Memberships can be bought for a day pass, a month pass, or a year pass. This toke lounge room with a buzz door is off limits to non-members, particularly those sporting badges, tazers and guns. Employees must buzz in members upon checking in. Enforce!

With a properly created form, demographics on the members can be gathered, and an email list created, which is only important for making announcements. Do Not Abuse.

Roll all this membership money back into the shop. Revoke membership if Potheads abuse the rules. “The biggest rule is no dealing, fishing, mooching, asking, and begging to get a toke off someone,” Goodwin says. “Sometimes these moochers are blatant. Others are subtle. Worst are the people fishing in ashtrays. I’ll throw you out on your head for that.”

Goodwin lays down the top cannabis cafe rule. “Don’t come in here asking, ‘Can I buy a dime bag?’ We don’t sell. No one sells. But I still get asked a 1000 times a day.”

Pot Partners & Is A Stoned Staff A Good Staff?

Best friends entering a business arrangement, or working for you, can easily destroy both the friendship and the startup. Write everything down, or if need be, draw up contracts. Spell out how the business is to be run, and when the money comes in, how to pay each other.

Making no money for a year or operating a failing business can ruin a friendship more fiercely than stealing or cheating with someone’s spouse or significant other. Goodwin did open with a partner, but this resulted in a huge headache. Their disagreements resulted in an “Adios!” after several months.

Now Goodwin has teammates (employees) John, Adam and Steve-O. Adam works full time, and is an avid activist still new to handling the cannabis craziness that can unfold at any marijuana moment. Adam isn’t a grubby stoner. He considers his Free Marc Emery t-shirt his work clothing like a McUniform, but actually cool.

Employee responsibilities need to be written out and adhered too. Adam had a court appearance in October 2005 for being caught with pot during one of the several dozen police visits he has experience at the Up In Smoke Cafe. As employees of Up in Smoke Cafe and the now-closed Da Kine Cafe and Emery Seeds businesses know, when you get swept up with the raid on the boss, it means sacrifices must be made.

The Small Business Sacrifice

If Melissa Goodwin and their newborn son weren’t at home, Chris would live in that store. He admits it. Their business is part of their family life. It was Melissa who encouraged and finally told Chris to write down his store idea, and then go for it.

She’s a supportive new mom, who is on maternity leave from her nursing job at the big hospital in town. With Melissa’s income, the family is able to sacrifice the income Chris would make if he drew a typical paycheck.

The amazing liberating experience of opening a cannabusiness comes with worry of am “I going to financially take care of the family.” Goodster is totally dependent on his ability to generate income with Up In Smoke Cafe. “In the first month you should be doing $100-$200 days with a retail store, then $500 days by six months. I wasn’t doing that by then. But within a year I had days of $1000.”

Like the cannabis plant, new businesses take time to grow. They need passion, nurturing, care, planning and dedication to succeed. The Up In Smoke Caf? almost consumes the Goodwins.

One day during a conversation with a Hamilton cop who came in, Goodwin proudly asserted that he and his wife Melissa smoke joints all day. The next day, Hamilton Children’s Aid came to the Goodwin home to see if the couple were “responsible parents.” The CAS worker boldly asserted that two adults smoking marijuana became unfit parents, and could lose the custody of their child!

Any good activist knows The Man will do everything they can to derail the sacred movement of the cannabis people, including threatening families and mothers and children with segregation.

The Goodwins responded with a press release and followed that up by radio, TV, and newspaper interviews. No retreat, no surrender. The Goodwins are great parents. Their cause is righteous, and they won that round, with bravery. Prohibitionists are ever vigilant in advancing spiritual and physical control of the citizenry, especially those practicing a peaceful and honest lifestyle that opposes the State.

While photographs are snapped outside the now landmark Up In Smoke Cafe, a tired Goodwin (sporting a few days facial growth) with a glint in his tired red eyes, sends the message combined with his boyish grin and laugh, “I love this.”

How to be a Weed Dealer


Overgrowing the consumer market!

Selling marijuana isn’t difficult, but dealing successfully is.
Distributing can be as easy as handing out bud business cards, or wearing a ‘The Dealer Is In’ t-shirt in an area known for scoring green. Picking up for several friends when you’re out buying known to some as the Deadhead way to smoke for free is the most common entry into the business. This method won’t make cash and often creates losses, but if done properly the price of your own chronic use should come down. Successfully dealing as a sole source of income requires savvy. Don’t anticipate one big transaction with mucho coin. Like growers, many distributors see large wads of cash and manage it poorly. Twenty grand is considered a small amount amongst big playas, but that’s 10 pounds with about 10 to 15 percent return upon turnover.

Those with the big bucks all began on the lowest level and learned how to avoid being caught by the fuzz to make their float. There’s no guarantee you won’t spend time behind jail cell bars; whether you sell dime bags or pounds, there’s always risk involved – hence the money. Prohibition is the reason behind the markup on cannabis, but it is the right of the people to break unjust laws. Marijuana selling keeps plenty of people employed. Many folks who are underpaid and overworked have turned to grass distributing to make ends meet. Some have little opportunity other than a McJob.
According to the cops themselves, cannabis is an economic engine in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario, Canada, where there’s no formal method of getting into this billion-dollar industry. No one is placing classified ads. No resume is required. The best trait to have is common sense. Having a good head on your shoulders limits risks, so trust your instincts, and don’t be stoner stoopid, like spending your re-stock money, or wearing bling and gangster threads when you?re carrying cash or quantity. Cops, I assure you, will stop you.

Do not have a lot of girlfriends. Even one is risky. People do crazy shit over love and jealousy or betrayal. It’s a truism that any grower or dealer can relate to if they’ve been around in the business. Love turns to hate, greed or vengeance at the most awkward of times.

Ten Steps To Selling Cannabis

1. Smoking Free is Good For Me

2. Smoked Out of Business

3. My Friend’s Bad Credit

4. University Students Buy in $10 & $20 Lots

5. The Connoisseur Market

6. Bulk Buying and Bulk Selling

7. Just In Time Delivery

8. Location, Hours and Customer Service

9. Pot Karma, Dude

10. Dad, I?m In Jail

1. Smoking Free Is Good For Me

Everyone has a few friends who have problems hooking up. Or maybe the herb you’re buying is primo and they’re buying Mexican brick weed, so your three best friends give you money and all want a quarter-ounce. You score an ounce for $180, break it into quarters, and sell to the three pals for $60. You’re smoking free.

But sometimes they hang around a little too long, and want to smoke a little too much of your stash. That?s why call display is critical to weed out those annoying stoners who repeatedly harass like guys who will call you to buy a gram, five different times a day. Just buy a quarter ounce at one time, please!

2. Smoked Out of Business

Unfortunately, the smoking free plan has a major Achilles heel. Say the third fellow is late picking up their quarter stash, and you?ve already smoked your quarter. This spoken-for quarter that you just paid for is sitting in your fridge amongst your vegetables.

And you?re jonesing. Not for the vegetables. Two days later this stoner finally inquires about the quarter; but unlike the milk at the back of the fridge, it’s long gone by now. It’ll always be a bad scenario when you don’t have money to buy another ounce, and instead of toking free you end up smoking yourself out of business.

?Don?t get high off your own supply.? – Scarface

3. My Friend’s Bad Credit

Establishing a line of credit for the business is dangerous in many ways, especially when starting out. Giving ganja for IOU?s is as risky as getting high on your own supply! Relates Vancouver delivery dealer SneakyD: My homeboy’s got a list three pages long of people who owe him. Its so true man. It’s very awkward once you are in the situation of being bank and dealer.

Known as fronting, a line of credit can turn worse than a trailer-park-familybrawl on the Springer set. At what point do you get heavy with a friend for owing money on their smoke And do you Marijuana people are a pretty docile bunch. Everyone in the business has the story of the friend who became too irresponsible, or the long-time friend who no longer comes around because they owe amounts as a little as $60. In many cases, the creditor would rather have that person just chill until times get better. However, many want to ring up more credit, but don?t allow this to happen either. Ending the line of credit is the best way to resolve the problem, so be prepared to write the amount off.

The money lost is profit pissed away on someone you may have called brother or ?sister. For some they’re actual blood. What amount they can reach before getting cut off at the trough is really a personal decision based on your own financial situation.

4. University Students Buy in $10 & $20 Lots

Homey, I sell an ounce worth of dimes a day at Brock.

The Phatboy is proud that his post-secondary education is already paying for itself through petty selling on the local university campus. He’s a hilarious business major who moves small amounts during class ? for party money mostly then flips a few quarter- pounders off campus… and I?m not talking McDonalds.

The Phatboy is exploiting the university market with dime bags, which is what most students are looking for. These reefer rookies don?t need anything more than a few bong hits to last the afternoon. But of course campus transactions come with many pot pitfalls, such as campus police. Often times, security students looking for work experience roam the expansive school grounds, so you should spend plenty of time scoping out discreet transacting spots. Do some ground work on campus before the term begins if possible. Take the campus tour two dozen times or better yet, in second year begin hosting the tour. How about an alternative toker tour of the campus In September, go where pot smokers celebrate 4:20 every afternoon, or find a safe haven to take your new cannabis clients to.

Keeping a quarter pound at the dorm is reckless. Those White House drug warriors smack stoner students around by ripping up scholarships another reason students purchase in small amounts. Get involved in campus life to meet stoners. After tuition and books, use your remaining student loan to purchase a load of grass. Find an offcampus location to store larger amounts and bring in as needed. Keep in mind steps one and two. Fall is not only the time to return to school, but harvest too, which drops the price of pot.

If it?s pointed out to the Phatboy that 28 dime bags in his blue baggy sweat pants is evidence of transacting, he can use a good old excuse: ?What, you don?t buy an ounce this way? I asked for an ounce and this is what he gave me. Cost me $300. How else do you buy an ounce??

5. The Connoisseur Market

If you’ve got beautiful wellmanicured herb, demanding more money is perfectly acceptable. Tokers with coin will spend on quality herb. This is more evident in the American market than it is in Canada. Canadians aren\t bartering- type people; the price is the price to most of them.

There?s a vast difference between Hamilton, Ontario?s sewer weed ($50 1/4 at Ferguson Station) and gorgeous Humboldt green, thus there is a difference in the price. Sewer weed makes up the majority of supply in every town, but there?s a high possibility that someone is smoking fantastic herb, somewhere. However, that toker may only have enough for a personal stash because of their limited four-plant grow room.

Given the small quantity, this great green isn’t common in your market but the best dealing herb is most likely in your town. You need to locate these fine spliff specimens. Developing this elite market is not only about who you know, but also depends on the size of your customer’s wallet. If your customers can only afford commercial but they bitch about it, tough schwag! Finetasting, well-cured, half-ounce buds cost money ? unlike commercial, which is grown in vast quantities. Connoisseur isn?t mass-produced. This makes quality grass expensive and difficult to obtain; it requires a ?cannabis flair? to purchase.

6. Bulk Buying & Bulk Selling

Having cannabis cool or cannabis chutzpah is very necessary to be a hugely successful weed dealer. Some peeps are stoner stylin while others are doobie dorks. People are attracted to cannabis cool when they?re buying. The dealer by nature is a source of cool.

There are four distinct states of being in the cannabis and marijuana society. There’s cool, groovy, hip and square. If a square can figure out what is happening he can raise one notch and become hip. And if he can convince himself of what is happening then he becomes groovy. Groooovy. Then he can raise himself to the rank of cool. He can become one of those cool guys.? ? Dr. L. Ron Bumtwist (Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas)

Chances are if you’re uncomfortable in the setting of buying fifty pounds a week, the wholesaler is going to sense you are in the state of not cool. There’s stress involved in high-volume transactions due to potential jail time. The movers and shakers who shift quantity not only have their own sense of fl air, they have developed a solid setup to move marijuana. Sophisticated networking is required. You don’t move a ton of hashish out of the Middle East without savvy, smarts, and style.

A sharp mind and great memory are required to remember amounts, phone numbers, times and dates without keeping physical records. Write nothing down. If writing is required because of volume or technicalities, use a pocket size flip top notebook and destroy each page as transactions are completed. Invest in a paper shredder for cell phone bills and try to switch numbers often. Always count your money twice. A large amount of paper green is needed to obtain a few pounds of green. Nine times out ten this is acquired through doing business; very few start out shipping tons. Those too burned out won?t be able to develop the sophisticated network required of volume dealing.

Regular mail in an envelope with postage is probably the safest form of communication, because firm legislation is in place regarding the unauthorized opening of private mail. If you think using code words is keeping the fuzz at bay when you use the phone or email, think again. Lingo isn?t confusing anyone.

Info obtained from wiretaps isn?t so much for reliable court evidence but to keep tabs on your movements. Invest in a PGP encryption for email Hushmail and Gmail offer amazing privacy options. Funnily, folks tend to save their passwords via a cookie on their computer, and if this is you then you’re really not cut out for volume. If you get busted, the fuzz doesn’t even have to figure out your password as it’s saved on your computer. Leave no trail.

7. Just In Time Delivery

In an effort to cut their inventories down to nothing, automotive manufacturers developed a system known as ?Just In Time delivery.? It?s not that sophisticated of a plan, really, and works amazingly for cannabis.

As an example, parts from one automotive plant are timed to arrive at another plant only when they?re needed at the next stage of car building. Thus no inventory is stored in warehouses. The goal is a seamless flow of parts without any hold-up. However, if one of the links in your chain is weak, then all havoc will break loose. The Big Three automakers have less worry about their delivery system than cannabis people will. There are always headaches when it comes to developing a seamless flow of cannabis business.

Your whole purchasing chain needs to be littered with professionals, not slackers. Keep as little inventory around as possible because it will be to your advantage if the DEA boot down your door. Have four people prepared to come over to buy their ounce within the half hour of the quarter pound arriving. If it?s eight stoners, then you?ll need a half-pound. Sixteen stoners is a pound; and on it goes. Throw in the ?Payday? system and the cash register should really start ringing. Both ?Just In Time? and ?Payday? are perfectly suited to the connoisseur market. Develop a reputation where everyone knows you have amazing weed every Friday. Even commercial British Columbia dealers need to be fully stocked for the weekend. That?s just a given! At Friday?s five o?clock punch out, before everyone heads to clubs, concerts and parties, they?re going straight to your place to buy a big ounce.

Keep a small amount during the week (personal stash). Make it sound like a hassle to scrounge up some on their behalf mid-week ? and maybe it is, in your situation. Tell potential customers the best day to buy is Friday and over the weekend for you, and stock up late Thursday afternoon. But there?s sacrifice here: No going out on the weekend, because pot peeps are getting hooked up at your house.

8. Location, Hours, & Customer Service

Unless you?re living in alleyways, street dealing (selling dime bags on the corner) should be avoided. This is just summer sustenance selling, and can lead to winter months behind bars if a beat cop lands your peddling butt in prison; if you can?t afford bail and have no fixed address, you proceed to spend months in the local lockup. An autumn arrest is best, because you at least get three squares and a warm bed every night during the harsh winter.

Most sellers do not have established business hours, which results in potheads calling for bags 18 hours a day, or even 24/7. Small operators rarely have hours, which burns them out in more ways than one. There?s the common belief that dealers don?t wake up before noon, but that?s not true of people who are earning dosh. Hours of operation and a place of business is ?cannabis cool?. Stoners will have difficulty understanding why you only conduct business from 10:00 a.m. to 4:20 p.m., so be prepared to explain why you?re not a full-time connection.

Have a business cell phone and a home line for non-business. Don?t answer the phone during non-business hours, so you don?t forget to go off and enjoy life. Get away from the dealing career by establishing hours, and move your supply in the busy days and weekends. Again, good quality and always being stocked during specific times and days goes a long way in eliminating out-ofsupply fears.

The home office is a fantastic connoisseur investment. Plenty of people coming and going all hours of the day to a residential home is kind of a sign (should someone pay attention) that something is going on. Go to City Hall and register a home business related to a hobby or actual profession. Find out if city zoning allows a home based business, as some don?t. Whatever you decide for as a cover ? graphic design, computer programming, model train building ? needs to have some basis in reality. The home-based business explains to your neighbors why you?re around all the time and why people are always stopping by. Your clients need a solid and likely ?reason? for being at your place. Once established, observers will almost never suspect the real business going on.

In New York City, Toronto, Vancouver, Philadelphia and many other North American cities, weed is delivered via Vespa scooter, bicycle, car, subway and bus. You don?t invade anyone?s turf with a delivery service like you might with a fixed location, where ?blocks? are usually some existing dealer?s turf. (If you get arrested, your bicycle, motor scooter, or car may be seized. Know that your beloved weed-mobile could be forfeit at some point in your dealing career.)

With delivery, no one knows where your stash is, or where you live, or where the money is. They call and you bring weed. They pay on delivery. There is no credit, and you know where they live. If you don?t like the look, attitude or vibe of any customer, you don?t do business with them and don?t let them buy at your place. Delivery services can be regular business hours or value-added hours, say like $15 or even $20 for delivery from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. on weekends. You know how people get when they just ?have to party?.

9. Pot Karma, Dude

There?s plenty of potential for earning big bucks selling cannabis. The lure of good money on your own terms is the reason people get into the business. Sadly, our weakness to greed, hoarding and consumerism is often such a downfall that it leads to arrest. It takes discipline to not spend willy-nilly!

So do something productive with your dollars. Give to cannabis charitable organizations, but do so without seeking recognition for it. Provide your local activist group some cashola to produce legalization pamphlets or protest flyers; send an anonymous money order to NORML or the Marijuana Policy Project. Give something back to the community, but do so anonymously. There?s nothing worst than a big donor?s ego getting the best of them.

The outspoken activist in the spotlight unfortunately can?t be heavily involved in the industry, and vice-versa. So if the leader of some hard-working marijuana reform group or organization is buying from you, cut them a good deal! Build pot karma by doing ganja good deeds.

10. Dad, I’m In Jail

Get ting pinched sucks. Whether it?s street trafficking or cargo ship interception, getting caught by the fuzz while still on your buzz is terrible come down. Handcuffs are a rude awakening, but making the highlight reel of the local news station is cool.

Hopefully you retained a lawyer ? a professional and experienced one ? when the coin was rolling in. Tell your booking sergeant who you want to speak to, and provide a phone number. Always set aside some profit for lawyer retainer fees, because it never hurts to pay up front when it can save your ass from prison. Very good legal representation is expensive, but not investing for future legal predicaments is the most common folly among weed dealing practitioners.

The lawyers who advertise for stoner clientele in Cannabis Culture clearly want to be retained. It?s preferred you don?t call them from jail and introduce yourself; you?ll be better off if they know who you are beforehand. The complexity of your case will determine your costs for uber-legal eagling. If you run a big business, retain a lawyer immediately. An incredible number of prisoners are in for cannabis offences, which is scary as these are non-violent lawbreakers mixed in with the real threats to society.

To really keep yourself safe from being nabbed by cops, you should pick up a copy of Busted! Drug War Survival Skills by M. Chris Fabricant (as seen in CC #58). This is the best book you can buy if you want to be aware of pot pitfalls, and should help you become a successful weed dealer!

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds


Purchasing marijuana seeds is not a tricky task. However some potheads stress more about buying cannabis seeds than they do picking up grass from their weed dealer.

Yet marijuana seeds are easier to disguise than a pound of cannabis. Instead of focusing on what the marijuana seeds may become – large heavy producing marijuana plants – focus on what it is right now – a tiny easy to hide marijuana seed.

Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana Seeds

Starting a cannabis seed collection before beginning a marijuana grow-op is something many marijuana enthusiasts engage in. Acquiring different marijuana types well in advance of setting up your marijuana grow-op is a wise investment. A small marijuana seed bank in your fridge gives you freedom to grow multiple cannabis strains.

With so many cannabis strains to choose from, purchasing just one weed type is a difficult decision.

The first goal in purchasing weed seeds is finding a reputable marijuana seed bank. There are numerous scam pot seed banks, but finding legitimate seed dealers operating online is easy. It’s almost too easy to place an order and wait for your package to arrive.

Rely on the experience of the marijuana seed bank to ship their product to you. Don’t fret about your marijuana seeds getting nabbed when purchasing from a legit company. A great seed bank will offer to refund your purchase if your beans fail to arrive.

Given their small size, cannabis seeds can be shipped via regular letter mail. Hundreds of dollars worth of pot seeds often arrive in two to four dollar letter mail. Delivered unknowingly by your postman.

Corrugated plastic, often used in political election signs, is the perfect material for protecting and shipping cannabis seeds. The marijuana seeds fit snugly in the air pocket. Perfectly protecting pot seeds from damage by postal sorting machines. Millions of pieces of letter mail are processed every day. The odds are better than the lotto your seeds will go undetected when shipped via regular mail.

Serious if anyone was to have a problem receiving marijuana seeds in the mail it’d be me. Given my overwhelmingly high heat score. Yet I’ve never had a problem getting beans. Just recently a gift of marijuana seeds arrived in the mail.

When purchasing cannabis seeds at retail outlet it’s best to ship marijuana seeds. Destroy or mail the original packaging in a different envelope.

Amsterdam, Vancouver and Toronto are all excellent marijuana destinations. These cities have numerous retail marijuana seed shops. However, ask the wrong question and the salesperson will demand you to leave their store.

  1. Never ask about transporting marijuana seeds.
  2. Do not ask questions about growing marijuana
  3. Research marijuana strains and their characteristics beforehand
  4. Create a shopping list of favorite cannabis strains

This last point is important. A shopping list with pricing and genetics has shown that you are serious about making a cannabis seed purchase. If the seed shop doesn’t have the specific marijuana strain on your shopping list, the merchant will offer an alternative selection. Ideally their first suggestion will be a different cannabis strain from the same marijuana seed company.

Using a customers weed seed list, the marijuana seed merchant can easily determine customers needs without making it obvious they know the person buying their product is growing grass. Their alternative suggestions will based on the customers’ desired ganja genetics expressed via a shopping list.

Conversing about marijuana strains is possible, but making the conversation obvious about growing marijuana is a no-no. Asking for a weed strain that is sort of like Afghani, OG Kush, White Widow orBlueBerry is a safe question.

A reputable seed bank ensures customers seeking short stocky pain relieving indica marijuana plants don’t purchase tall lanky sativa cannabis strains.

Purchase My Guide To Marijuana Strains