Chocolate Thai Marijuana Strain Review


Ganja gawd damn! Chocolate Thai tastes amazing astringently sweet you’ll want to vaporize or bong rip this bud all day. Not stopping until your whole sativa head stash is gone. Think chocolate and coffee combined with the first time you ever got stoned or had sex. This marijuana strain has such an over-the-top taste and soaring creative uplifting fibromyalgia eliminating weed high she’s impossible to stay away from.
The most brilliant high ever. Best, Chocolate Thai holds its marijuana taste long after the last exhale. We’re talking many, many minutes. I’ve never experienced weed with such a beautiful taste hanging around for so long. For several minutes not only were my taste buds going weed wild, but it was like a pot party in my mouth. Imagine the city’s finest Pad Thai dish. And I’m just getting started on how great this ganja tastes. When I went back to acquire seconds it was long gone.

Chocolate Thai Marijuana Review

Typically too much sativa makes me jittery like Starbucks coffee. Causing me to pace around Pimp Pot Palace unfocused. However, Chocolate Thai glued me to my office chair. While lighting up my creative energy.
Excellent for novel writing. Despite being a pure sativa the marijuana strain had some amazing pain relieving properties too. It’s an amazing day when weed not only works great for pain but also is yummy to vaporize. Bad cough medicine may work, but no one wants to take awful tasting medicine. Thankfully med pot patients can choose Chocolate Thai.
If they can find it.
A pure sativa the marijuana plant will require plenty of grow room ceiling height. Combined with an extremely long marijuana flowering time. Probably about 14 weeks. Basically Chocolate Thai probably takes over four months to finish from marijuana seed. However the marijuana strain is in the heavy weed weight league of Purple Kush, Granddaddy Purple or New York City Diesel. Easily surpassing every stoner’s expectation, I’m sure. DNA Genetics use Chocolate Thai in many of their marijuana types. Breeding in Chocolate Thai’s taste and high into their different marijuana seeds.
When grown correctly Chocolate Thai is a cannabis champion of the weed world. Giving any of the aforementioned strains a run for their ganja gold.

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