Christmas Kush Marijuana Strain Review


Call me a Kush hater, I’m not, but when it comes to the Kush marijuana strains I’m not known for stoner sappy ganja gee weedickers reviews. I admit I go a bit harsh on the Kush reviews. Given its acclaim in the cannabis community Kush strains deserve extra special attention. If that’s the case, then the market should be ganja glutted with Kush marijuana types. The weed is getting premium prices. Who wouldn’t grow a room full of Kush plants? They even have auto flowering Master Kush. Crazy! Christmas Kush seriously danked. The marijuana smell was heavenly. Two awesomely cured grams made the back half of a TTC street car stink. No one complained. A very small amount, about half a Volcano Vaporizer rocket, got me ripped writing this review. Very ripped indeed. Three of us got really gunned when we filled a full Volcano Digit rocket. Getting baked on Christmas Kush’s wonderful peaceful pleasant stone. Kush gets plenty of well deserved hype. About $3 worth of excellent marijuana marketing. I suspect you could grow very strong smelling dense Afghani #1 call the marijuana type Afghani Kushistan and make $3 more per gram if it was just called Afghani #1. The marijuana high is excellent. As excellent as any well grown tasty indica. Me and Vapor Kevin at Vapor Central both agree Hindu Kush x Skunk was a fantastic Kush marijuana strain. It’s a heavy hash producer. Which Christmas Kush didn’t produce. No finger hash.Both equally worked on my pain probs.Don’t get me wrong, Christmas Kush is excellent. But there are plenty of excellent indicas out there.

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  1. its a good stuff…. ride on…..

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