How To Buy Marijuana Seeds


Purchasing marijuana seeds is not a tricky task. However some potheads stress more about buying cannabis seeds than they do picking up grass from their weed dealer.

Yet marijuana seeds are easier to disguise than a pound of cannabis. Instead of focusing on what the marijuana seeds may become – large heavy producing marijuana plants – focus on what it is right now – a tiny easy to hide marijuana seed.

Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana Seeds

Starting a cannabis seed collection before beginning a marijuana grow-op is something many marijuana enthusiasts engage in. Acquiring different marijuana types well in advance of setting up your marijuana grow-op is a wise investment. A small marijuana seed bank in your fridge gives you freedom to grow multiple cannabis strains.

With so many cannabis strains to choose from, purchasing just one weed type is a difficult decision.

The first goal in purchasing weed seeds is finding a reputable marijuana seed bank. There are numerous scam pot seed banks, but finding legitimate seed dealers operating online is easy. It’s almost too easy to place an order and wait for your package to arrive.

Rely on the experience of the marijuana seed bank to ship their product to you. Don’t fret about your marijuana seeds getting nabbed when purchasing from a legit company. A great seed bank will offer to refund your purchase if your beans fail to arrive.

Given their small size, cannabis seeds can be shipped via regular letter mail. Hundreds of dollars worth of pot seeds often arrive in two to four dollar letter mail. Delivered unknowingly by your postman.

Corrugated plastic, often used in political election signs, is the perfect material for protecting and shipping cannabis seeds. The marijuana seeds fit snugly in the air pocket. Perfectly protecting pot seeds from damage by postal sorting machines. Millions of pieces of letter mail are processed every day. The odds are better than the lotto your seeds will go undetected when shipped via regular mail.

Serious if anyone was to have a problem receiving marijuana seeds in the mail it’d be me. Given my overwhelmingly high heat score. Yet I’ve never had a problem getting beans. Just recently a gift of marijuana seeds arrived in the mail.

When purchasing cannabis seeds at retail outlet it’s best to ship marijuana seeds. Destroy or mail the original packaging in a different envelope.

Amsterdam, Vancouver and Toronto are all excellent marijuana destinations. These cities have numerous retail marijuana seed shops. However, ask the wrong question and the salesperson will demand you to leave their store.

  1. Never ask about transporting marijuana seeds.
  2. Do not ask questions about growing marijuana
  3. Research marijuana strains and their characteristics beforehand
  4. Create a shopping list of favorite cannabis strains

This last point is important. A shopping list with pricing and genetics has shown that you are serious about making a cannabis seed purchase. If the seed shop doesn’t have the specific marijuana strain on your shopping list, the merchant will offer an alternative selection. Ideally their first suggestion will be a different cannabis strain from the same marijuana seed company.

Using a customers weed seed list, the marijuana seed merchant can easily determine customers needs without making it obvious they know the person buying their product is growing grass. Their alternative suggestions will based on the customers’ desired ganja genetics expressed via a shopping list.

Conversing about marijuana strains is possible, but making the conversation obvious about growing marijuana is a no-no. Asking for a weed strain that is sort of like Afghani, OG Kush, White Widow orBlueBerry is a safe question.

A reputable seed bank ensures customers seeking short stocky pain relieving indica marijuana plants don’t purchase tall lanky sativa cannabis strains.

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2 thoughts on “How To Buy Marijuana Seeds

  1. Great piece. One thing I always point out is that you don’t have to go far to get seeds. A lot of people take mexibrick marijuana for granted. Yes, it’s schwag. But, the reason it’s schwag is not because the genetics are bad. Schwag is schwag because of major grower error from allowing it to get seeded and terrible distribution practices. However, that does not speak to the quality of the genetics. In fact, the genetics are quite potent, offering a very cerebral high IF grown, dried, and cured properly. Mexibrick marijuana is a strong sativa leaning strain indicative of their very thin leaves. One ounce of mexibrick marijuana will run you around $90 to $120 and you may end up with dozens of viable seeds. Also, instead of spending lots of money overseas, you can use these seeds to practice with. They’re easy to get and abundant.

    Also, a good bit of luck will bring you viable seeds if you only buy high quality bud. If the seeds aren’t a light green color, they may be viable.

    Another route for seeds is to get in touch with a marijuana grower. Let’s just say, a close friend of mine got a nice care package from a medical grower in Cali although the package came from Arizona, supposedly. 13 small baggies, 10 seeds each, neatly packaged in a DVD case with 13 Princess Diesel crosses with AK47, Sweet Tooth #3, etc etc etc. YUP!

  2. Mernahuana

    in the Northern East we get plenty of Northern Lights like indica weed. the seeds might be keepers. i’ve kept seeds from strains i know. like i got a bounty of Thai Titanic seeds…given the growing hassle and consequences if caught i always suggest seed banks. make a grower budget before starting.

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