Marijuana Grower Invites Tim Hudak To Visit Grow-Op


Medical marijuana grower Matt Mernagh, who has a court ordered exemption from Canada’s pot laws allowing him to grow and possess medicinal cannabis, is inviting Ontario provincial Conservative leader Tim Hudak to visit his grow-op. This past week Hudak admitted to inhaling in university and when he was younger as part of a normal upbringing. However as premier he’ll target pot producers, but not tokers.
The provincial Conservative party is promising, if elected this fall, they’ll create a marijuana grow-op registry of homes used to produce pot. Hudak pledges potential homeowners will no longer wonder if their home was used to grow marijuana. Like his women will not allowed to be topless in public promise – voters in Ontario are not clamoring for cannabis law reform.  They want serious solutions! With the lowest corporate tax base in North America, where the jobs at is a better question than what type of weed did you inhale in university.

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The new pot propaganda is grow-a-ganda. The last remaining card for prohibitionists is to demonize where doobies people smoked in university came from. What’s really happening here?
Hudak is seeking to convince people who haven’t smoked marijuana in a long time they’re just like him. Unable to find a dealer. They know from experimenting not researching, weed is not dangerous. However, these former tokers have never seen a grow. Making it easier to demonize. To see one, they should tune in on Sunday nights at 9 pm est to watch Mernagh Marijuana Grow Show live webcast. Few marijuana enthusiasts have seen grows. Unless they’re involved in one. Former tokers like Hudak know marijuana is harmless, but they’re unsure about grow-ops. Most would still be toking, if they could only score sum. Will they buy into Hudak’s grow-a-ganda?
Last I checked mold is a public health issue and unsafe buildings are for building inspectors. Remember those, Toronto? Or is the falling glass from condos not freaking people out yet. What we have here is law enforcement greatly expanding their parenting role by shit talking how grows are dangerous.
Don’t be fooled by the grow-a-ganada. The majority of marijuana growers are normal home owning people who are enthusiastic about cannabis. Given Ontario’s economy many have turned to growing to make ends meet by turning a bedroom, den or spot in their basement into a personal space to produce a small supply. Their twenty or thirty plants earn a small profit that is put immediately back into Ontario’s economy. No grower is going to show up to the bank with a thousand or two to make a deposit into their RRSP. Instead they make cash purchases to spur the local economy.

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Hudak should be promising to address the fiscal and societal shortfalls in Ontario Legal Aid. Or addressing the provincial prison problem that is set to get worst because of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s mandatory grow-op sentences. The moral crusade against cannabis has commenced.
Overgrow the government hasn’t rung more truer.
Watch Mernagh Marijuana Grow Show live every Sunday nights starting 9 pm est. With repeats posted on Monday. For political toking tune into The Mernahuana Show live 420 pm est on Tuesdays. With repeats starting Wednesday.

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  1. ATP exemptee =D

    Hey Matt, I hope he decides to come down and checks it out…Maybe he’l realize that a small grow op is actually beneficial to a home. It filters out toxins and pumps out fresh oxygen. If you have proper ventilation and humidity controls there is no chance of molds taking over. People need to be educated on these matters and they need to stop listening to these prohibitionist views.  

  2. I’m going to push for this later next week

  3. Rsnadir

    What happened to your Tuesday show

  4. Dennis

    Matt, being a law student i have been following your case from the start and i put advocacy in my projects and presentations about your position and mine. My professor and me seem to think you have a winning case and just as abortion got legalized so will our medicine GO MATT

  5. thanks very much for your support. come out in March 5 & 6 to see us in court of appeal. going to be an awesome time.

  6. Higher Than Tyler

    What a great site ….. I can’t wait to see what’s next…. 

  7. thanks! always something new happening here. don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter that is sent when the site is updated only.

  8. Condosforsaledurham

     Firstly thanks to all of you for giving nice comments on this superb post. “Remember those, Toronto? Or is the falling glass from condos not freaking people out yet” In this post, It line is like the ocean in the pitcher.

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