Marijuana Review Berry Kush


Berry Kush has much more going for it than Mango Kush. I wrote both reviews back-to-back. Berry Kush is the clear weedy winner. Sometimes casual cannabis people can’t comprehend how professional potheads can sample several different strains at once. How do they distinguish them? How do they write about later? No one questions a wine lover who can spend a day sampling several different wineries brands. There’s a method to my marijuana review madness. After all I’m a professional pothead with plenty of previous experience review writing.

Marijuana Review Berry Kush

During the week I make notes about the strains I intend to review. For the best results I will keep a little nug to Volcano Vaporize for writing my review. This plan doesn’t always work, but nine times out of ten the strain I’m reviewing is also the one I’m vaping. There’s several strains in the que for September already! Berry Kush has a great creative zest to its high. A soaring straight to the moon body buzz. Anticipate difficulty in jestioning your chair or couch while on your trip. I know I had problems.

Once you get momentum it’s easy to keep on keeping on. Berry Kush is excellent video game weed or for a session of Paper, Scissor, Rock. Dreams from Toronto’s best digital agency Pixel Dreams and I ripped a few bongs while watching a How To video. The guys at White House on Welland Ave keep a manual in their bathroom. You never know when a game will break. Dreams and I busted out a serious game after watching the vid and hitting our bong. My technique of thinking like Dreams and then emptying my mind just before throwing had me win. In other words I was throwing What Dreams Would Throw. Does that make sense?  Or is it the Berry Kush.

Besides great gaming weed, Berry Kush is fantastic for philsophical discussions. We spent an hour brainstorming different Internet ideas. Everyone had their notebooks going. Many of the ideas I intend to follow through on. This is how we got 420Wrestling. If it’s meant to be the idea will continue to be flushed out until it’s ready for the beta stage. Like those Key of Awesome guys we do fun stuff slammed between projects. We’re always creating. And in my case getting medicated.

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9 thoughts on “Marijuana Review Berry Kush

  1. S0methinG1

    I read your reviews for both mango kush & berry kush, I just smoked of bowl of mango berry kush, think you could write a review on it? I wanna see how they all compare:)

  2. Anonymous

    if i can find the strain i will review it! i find strains in the strangest
    places. MM

  3. Chikagoberes54

    Are all of those pics berry kush? Specifically the unlabeled green ones?

  4. Backonitforlife

    i have thus strain i just cut it down very stong in smell and high but low in yelled

  5. Dieselsmoker

    Forget berry kush get some strawberry bubba kush stuff tastes like your smoking stright strawberry cereal with a hint of like fruity punch that comes from the bubba….strawberry cough x bubba kush= strawberry bubba got 10gms left of it about to go pick up a strawberry swisher 🙂 …berry kush is ok though one of my friends had it 1 day mi first 3 favs I’m a big og and sour diesel fan too….

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