Marijuana Review California Orange


Totally Citrus-y Dude

Totally Citrus-y Dude

Her sativa stone is awesome for catching a wave to Canada. A great ganja girth dominates one main cola with height under three feet. California Orange is totally a tasty citrus toke, dude.¬†Creating a bumper crop of bud California Orange sparkles with red, pink, and orange hues. Treated well she?ll coat her leaves with yummy cannabis crystal.¬†California Orange makes excellent citrus flavored bubble hash. She’s a stellar yielding sativa indica hybrid that won?t disappoint after her longer flowering period. Unlike some difficult dominating sativas, California Orange forgives beginner mistakes. Making her ideal for sativa starters. Her phenotype stability, ability to clone, recognizable flavor and clear high stone are a superb addition to any mother room.

(Originally posted Oct. 2009)

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  1. Mmmmmm Citrus Orange….That looks Yummy : ] Love the site – VaporVolcano

  2. Mernahuana

    thanks! im loving the new design. i think every web developer should have a volcano vaporizer on their desk.

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