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Been a while since we’ve had some Chocolate Thai. Like two years! This nearly pure sativa remains top marijuana strains toke with its soaring stone and exotic taste. Wonderful wake and bake weed. But only if you need to get stuff done. Not for sitting around. The astringent, but not harsh smell is delightful. I wanted to sniff the jar all day. When ground it releases a beautiful aroma that your senses will have a difficult time figuring out. Think chocolate, coffee and some exotic Thai spices thrown in for good measures.

Chocolate Thai Marijuana

The high is all get up and go. Without too much jittery paranoid after effect. Provided an awesome creative boost for a marijuanareview writing session. Very motivational. Great medicinal marijuana for people who have depression issues. Chocolate Thai will give you a needed boost. Not something to vaporize before bed. Smashes the idea sativa strains are wispy and don’t put on weight.

The buds were fairly dense. More importantly they were beautiful to look at. Stellar samples. If you have space in your growroom and adore sativas as some of my friends do, this is a must grow strain. Even the indica lovers will twig to this toke. Though they probably won’t want to grow it.

DNA Genetics has released Chocolope which is their brand of this fine cannabis strain. It’ll take over your grow room. Sativa’s are branchy plants and DNA warns this is one of them. Reports suggest growing fewer plants, but allowing them to grow very large. With a four week vegetative time. Sativas are difficult plants, especially in the feeding department. However, it’s a heavy eater and can take plenty of nutrients. Use organics for best result.

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4 thoughts on “Marijuana Review Chocolate Thai

  1. Mike

    Thankyou for toking the time to write these reviews

  2. Hazemstr

    I’ve done the DNA Chocolope. It is absolute garbage! anyone who tells you this is an almost pure sativa is lieing. It’s a combo of Ruderalis, Thai,and some Mexican shit weed. Everything I’ve had from DNA is garbage.Those two punks have no cred amongst those who know. Reserva Pravada is a (slightly) different story.The OG 18 and Kandy Kush are outstanding. Diamonds amongst turds. I’m sure the L.A Confidential is good, but low yeild = no grow in these parts.

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  4. Lakefronttouch

    At first I didn’t agree with the taste or smell. I had a bitter ,dark chocolate,taste. Basically I thought I had good REGGIE and was pissed! But I was stoned and confused.

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