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This island sweet skunk had a nice harsh skunk-y taste. From the green streets of the Hammer comes another fine offering that I’m prepared to write a marijuana review about. Different grower, same great success. There wasn’t much grower action when Goodster owned Up In Smoke Cafe, but now suddenly Hamilton is representing. It’s no Humboldt, but its damn good grass.

Island Sweet Skunk

ISS tastes amazing especially on the first vapor bag. Though petered out quickly after successive bags. I’ve been looking for a hard skunk, but didn’t expect to find it in something labeled sweet. Could be because the marijuana strain has been around for a while, making it appear heavy compared to the new skunk seeds sold. Old skool genetics at work here. A preferred strain to grow on Vancouver Islands. Ultra Skunk and even Skunk #1 now has a super sweet tinge. When I would expect an incredible harsh skunk blast. Seriously, what’s up with sweet smelling skunk?
When you encounter a real live skunk you don’t think to yourself, why that’s a pleasant soft aroma. It’s supposed to stink and make you have the yucky face. My sample didn’t go that far. My ISS sample had fantastic sativa and indica properties. There’s a fab couch locking element. My pain dropped several notches. Wonderful for watching a movie. Though there’s some sativa in it, I did notice the strain made me mildly lazy. I kind of just wanted to sit around. Not a bad quality when you want to meditate or have quiet time.
The grower was really proud with their first results. They should be! Not an upper echelon cannabis winner, but in time they’ll have some serious skills.

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  2. thanks for checking out my site 🙂 have a great ganja filled day

  3. Hazemstr

    Definately no Humbolt. Lol. FYI there were/are 2 phenos of the original skunk #1.that made the rounds back in the late 70’s The typical skunk taste/smell and sweet skunk. Pretty small buds for this strain. I’ve seen indoor monsters. In my experience the Afganica lends it’s self to the sweeter taste and more mellow indica like effects. The skunky phenos, ( i.e. Santa Marta-Acapulco gold dominate cuts ) are much more soaring and uplifting like the sativa dominant strains that ruled back when ….. sigh.

  4. Sativa dominant says it all bro’ 😀

  5. Sativa dominant says it all bro’ 😀

  6. Dennisb54

    just had this the other day really tasty cant wait for my medicinal bubbah kush though 😀

  7. Dennisb54

    were gonnna win the court case 😀 my law professor said so!

  8. 100% agreed. see March 5 & 6 at Osgoode Hall.

  9. Jeremydjhstrother87

    yeah man ive noticed that too about the sweet smelling skunk #1 i’m about to grow out some exodus cheese im hoping thats little more skunk like because its suppose to be a seed version of the original clone only skunk strain from the uk but im not getting my hopes up that its gonna smell any more skunk like.

  10. Exodus Cheese reeks and have rancid toke. If you seeking a harsh toke this is the one. I love Exodus Cheese.

  11. WestCoastCroppers

    The real original ISS clone goes for 14 weeks flowering and gets MASSIVE for a sat dominant strain. Just reeeks to high hell and def has a classic one of a kind taste when smoked in a joint or bong. Has the same underlying skunk tones like skunk #1 super skunk etc but still shines through in it’s own kinda special way. I’ve personally had and grown this gem from a trusted breeder and seen baby sized buds (no shit) by the end of flowering and there SOLID. Either way , thanks for sharing Matt keep up the good work !!!

  12. Sandy


  13. Weedy welcome thanks for the awesome informative comment!

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