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Professional potheads are still talking about last summer’s awesome crop of DNA Genetics LA Confidential. This sample came from a different marijuana grower, but it has the exact same taste and high. Great genes. How do I know? It’s the type of marijuana you’ll remember after your first toke.

LA Confidential

The strain is a pure solid nug indica with a seven to eight week flowering time. Provides an incredible amount of chronic pain relief. Will knock your pain in half. One joint should get even the most THC tolerant toker downwardly buzzing. A slobber knocker of a couch locker. Not for afternoon sessions, unless you want to take a nap afterwards. Anticipate your joint circle getting very quiet and introspective.
I find it’s difficult to write marijuana reviews on LA Confidential. For my weed reviews I vaporize the strain while writing about it. Infusing my reviews with the weed. I make sum notes, but it’s the final session that determines where I’m going. It’s easy to sit in my office chair, but my brain has a hard time putting words together. Should have mixed in sum sativa. Make a stoner salad.
The taste is fantastic. Hash meets kush. Very flavorful. Highly recommend LA Confidential for people with chronic pain, who want a nice flavor. Nothing wrong with your medication tasting good. Unless it’s Buckley’s couch medicine. Then it you want it to taste awful. Like Skunk #1. However, do not operate heavy machinery. It was difficult to even have a Wii game session after a vaporizing some.

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  1. Jimbho Eckstein

    That same site charges wannabe growers 12-16K (yup thousand) to hook up with a licensee……they are purposely vague about how much a grower will be asked to charge the end user and only say that most ‘supply’ the patient for free.   Sounds too good to be true on both ends.    Small wonder they then stiff the holder/patient.   I’m no lawyer but strongly suggest you pull your endorse by contacting health canada, this was set up to fail.
    Contact matt and ask if he can ref you to a club or private party that will do right by your needs.
    As far as doc rob is concerned, he would have faced (and may still be facing) loss of his very nice income if he is more vocal.   He’s my personal doc and lives in my area, he is loved and respected hugely by 99.9% of the locals, his home and lifestyle is not elaborate as he is a simple farmer-doctor.   No, he does not grow weed or use it himself.

    On a recent check up i saw several anxious seniors in the waiting room trying to get B2’s for spouses, kids, same gender partners.   They traveled hours only to be told he is no longer ABLE TO SIGN and that health can does not recognize him as able to sign.

    I know that Matt dislikes Dr.Rob but i would suggest that if he ain’t against you, he must be with you.

    Love u matt and find your courage amazing, but on Rob you are 110% wrong and should look beyond his fees (for legals he is running up and loss of patients at his practic) and see a doting father of six, grandfather of 6 and a simple farmer thrown into the limelight and exposing him, his kids and family to unwanted publicity.   

  2. Not sure who you are talking about. MM

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