Marijuana Review Lime Kush


Lime Kush has wonderful astringent properties. It inhales lemony and exhales kush harshly. Plenty of points for the ‘if you don’t cough you don’t get off’ badge. Serious lemon freshness with every vapor rip. I’m really impressed with Lime Kush’s marijuana flavor. Has¬†fantastic zing. It’s difficult to improve the earthy yummy of kush. Professional potheads buy kush because it’s toker tasty. However, the unknown sativa in Lime Kush produced a very yummy result. The marijuana high is mildly soaring. Obviously not an overpowering sativa, but a noticeable one. Unfortunately it wasn’t a creative buzz. It’s a spacey stone. Made difficult because the couch lock is intense. Like a rocket unable to dislodge its main booster. My creative juices just didn’t get kick started. That’s disappointing. Not the best marijuana review writing weed. Great kush weed on light pain days. There’s some pain relief, but Lime Kush has 40% sativa in her. Awesome video game marijuana. Currently I’m playing EA Sports Slapshot. Awesome game. Gets me up off the couch skating around using the Wii mote as a hockey stick. Matt Mernahuana is tearing up the NHL in his rookie debut. Ripping it up. ¬†Compton and I are playing Toronto Maple Leafs in season mode. Ensuring the Leafs will bring home the Cup this year. Turned it up to super star level too.

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    Monstrous Lime Kush review. It reads right off the tongue! Which is why I had to make it a *Stoner Sundaze* Strain Review. Keep them coming, thank you bro!

  2. Jarridb

    I say it should be legal foe all reasons medical or just like cigarettes because this is a plant that is harmless

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