Marijuana Review M39


It’s been a year since I did a marijuana review of M39. An excellent fast flowering heavy yielding commercial cropper producing compact dense buds. Back in the day I inhaled plenty of M39 for pain relief, relaxation and movie watching. The pure indica marijuana seeds all but disappeared until recently. Replaced by better tasting and popular with todays tokers’ weed. You know Kush. Guess you could say M39 is retro reefer, but that would be dating myself.

Marijuana Review M39

The flavor really popped in my Volcano Vaporizer. I don’t remember M39 having such a wonderful zip to it. Very tasty toke. M39 helped create the reputation indica marijuana seeds don’t have flavor. However, this one will bites your nose. Beware if you’re a pothead who exhales through their nose. It stings and may light up your face. Anticipate an after cough. M39 scores bonus points for it’s heavy ‘if you don’t cough / you don’t get off’ hack. If you don’t like coughing or it hurts to cough on your exhales take very small tokes. Produces a heavy rich bag of vapor. Very dense!

Indicas require a higher vaporizer temperature. M39 can easily start at 420F or 215C. To clear the chamber turn the temperature a full 20 degrees higher to release the remaining CBDs. Why? The waxy substance that protects fragile THC threads is more plentiful on indicas. You can see this in DopeScope photos. Interestingly, I enjoy photographing indicas over sativas with the marijuana microscope. There’s more there to photograph. I’ll explore this issue in a future post…

The buzz is all indica. And very worthy. Meaning it’s great for pain relief, relaxation and movie watching.  Though there’s no creative juice to it, I found M39 was great for a brainstorming session. The relaxing high opened me to positive ideas and suggestions. During a hike through High Park I ripped a few pipe loads, lay in the grass and had an awesome meditation session. Best, no one hiked through on me until my mediation was over. Excellent in a joint before bed.

M39 is fantastic medicinal marijuana. Highly recommend.

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10 thoughts on “Marijuana Review M39

  1. marijuanagangster

    in canada there is a asian gang that grows this strain terribly and is taking over witch is sad and makes the strain look bad

  2. m39 is a fast flowering quick crop for commercial growers. hence its appeal for gangs who have no grow senses about them. 

  3. Guest

    I’ve had some decently grown M39, it’s quite a common strain in the GTA.

  4. it sure is common in the GTA. when it’s grown well it’s a stellar indica.

  5. interesting facts about m-39: the strain was bred out in the 80s by a cannabis club / commercial seed bank by the name super sweet sativa club or S.S.S.C. M 39’s parents are the skunk # 1 / basic# 5. and is named skunk#1basic#5 in there catalog the reason this strain is called m 39 today is this cannabis seed bank in there catalog numbered all of there different crosses they bred M which i believe stands for marijuana and 39 being the order in which the strain was created i believe i also believe the number system was created or used for mail order purposes. and in there catalog there is an m 1 up to the50s i believe.

  6. Louis_le_lure

    39 is for how many days of flowering needed

  7. Carl

    Maybe thats why my perception of this strain is not really good… I see it as a medium quality mass produced product.

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