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Combining a beautiful uplifting Mango sativa buzz with some kind of Kush, probably Hindu Kush, was a fantastic breeding idea. Everyone is breeding with kush. Not all of it good either. A week doesn’t go by in marijuana review land without a new kush strain getting some digital ink.  Who knows if these strains have been stabilized or whether a breeder is still working out the kinks in their project. Everyone is trying to find the next OG Kush.

Mango Kush

That’s because Kush is like a music trend everyone is getting on. Unlike a shitty boy band or Canadian boy idol, you never tire of kush if it’s cream. Mango Kush is no exception.  Possessing plenty of great kush qualities while adding in a few more via Mango. We grew a Mango marijuana plant once on a balcony, but got busted before we could harvest it. Was a beautiful plant! The plant turned out to be enormous. A sprawling sativa that took up plenty of balcony space. I highly recommend Mango, but only if you have the space in your grow room. We were never able to harvest that beautiful plant, but Compton recently did an amazing job framing two leaves he had kept. Two years later I got them as a birthday gift. He stored them perfectly flat in a scrapbook. A hardcover works best. Just lay them in between pages. I’ll do up a full instructional How To this week for Cannabis Culture. If I find time Naturally the strain leans more towards its Kush parentage. Other than the buzz, there’s little hint of Mango. For those who love rich kush-y flavor that stays on your pallet long after the exhale this is the weed for you. Produces a rich dense flavorful Volcano Vaporizer bag. The high is instant. Hits you immediately. Bonus points for ‘if you don’t cough you don’t get off.’ Whatever time of day it is, Mango Kush is excellent wake and bake weed. There’s enough sativa in it to keep kush’s heavy body buzz from overwhelming you and putting you back to bed. Awesome for people who work in offices, but I found it really drained my creative juices. Not good ganja to write words on.

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8 thoughts on “Marijuana Review Mango Kush

  1. Purplekush88

    love it!!!!!! does drain the creative juices though dont smoke before school

  2. larry smith

    I beg to differ. I was valedictorian of my class at Henderson Medical School and smoked daily. I always burn before studying as well.

  3. thank you! i like to read high

  4. Adriana

    i just smoked this last night and this morning and it is a great high. some of thebest weed i’ve smoked.

  5. awesome! i like this one very much too. plenty of people find it amazing.

  6. BubbsyNJ


  7. Jay5869

    i got a quarter of this last night and its a great smoke, instant hit then it levels off. the smell is potent and its hard to hide…would smoke it every day if it was available

  8. Gotta love Mango Kush. BC Mango is also very nice. MM

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