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What can you write about well grown and cured Master Kush that hasn’t been written about before? The marijuana review pretty much writes itself. Granted, it’s not the best buds to write on. That’s because it’s beyond couch-locking. It’s time slowing. People around me agreed, The Master Kush, was a delight to vaporize, bong rip or roll in joint.  A fantastic pain relieving medicinal marijuana strain! Just  a little bit of bud brought my pain down several notches.

Master Kush

The flavour was phenomenal. This is how marijuana should taste. Kush’s rise to fame was its combined uber flavour and marijuana high. Not just for indica lovers, Master Kush will dominate anyone who desires a flavourful indica toke. God Bud used to hold this dominance. No one grows that anymore. I digress.
Much like Christmas Kush, this sexily grown kush sample had serious indica overtones. This was awesome marijuana for meditation, movie watching, and getting a great night’s sleep. The nugs had beautiful rich red hairs. The mix of red and green is perfect for the holiday season.
This is seriously popular. I’m not sure why more of it isn’t around. The people who grow master kush probably love it so much they keep their harvest to themselves. I like it better than Bubba and OG Kush because it is much more calming. All three are top shelf toke. And it would take a real cannabis champion to be able to tell the difference between all three. However, the differences are so strong it’s very possible.

3 thoughts on “Marijuana Review Master Kush

  1. Sounds like heaven – hook me up 😀

    Peace out no worries!


    good smoke but a bitch to clone i only got 3 plants from 35 clones but the three plants i grew yeilded 11 pounds dried so all and all preety good

  3. then i don’t think we should be too concerned. i’ve noticed some kush strains are bitch to grow in general.

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