Marijuana Review Sour Diesel


A little too much of this wonderfully uplifting sativa, Sour Diesel and I get too energetic. My heart would start racing. Couldn’t sit still. Began to multi task too much.
Yes there is such a thing as too much multitasking. [singlepic id=455 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right] Some people no matter what kind of marijuana they toke they can’t stop multi tasking. Even after an indica. This Sour Diesel marijuana strain would make even the laziest potheads get on up. It just soared me. Didn’t stop. No ceiling limit. Forget about soaring to the moon. Sour Diesel stone will send u to Saturn. Reservoir Seeds chose some of the finest Mexican sativas to create Sour Diesel. Breeding in some Chemo indica to speed and fatten up it up. Needs ample marijuana grow room ceiling height as marijuana plant can reach up to six feet. With a finishing time of 80 days.
Sour Diesel is an excellent tasting marijuana strain.
[singlepic id=456 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Not as metallic tasting as New York City Diesel nor as zingy as Grape Fruit, but it still has a fab flavor. A small amount produced a very flavorful vapor session. The marijuana buds are delicate. Breaking up easily. Looks very much like a traditional sativa. Wispy buds. That have been fattened up. Thanks to Chemo.
Given it’s long flowering time and serious height Sour Diesel isn’t a practical marijuana strain for most growers. Fascinatingly it was cheaper to obtain than Bubba Kush, which is easier to grow and has almost half the marijuana flowering time.

Crazy cannabis vibes.

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