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Exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to flavorless weed named after a fruit. Serious points are lost when fruity strains have no fruit flavor. Fuck! Where’s the strawberry taste Strawberry Diesel? Some blame does go to the grower too. Strawberry Shortcake baked in a taxi cab this is not. There should more strawberry and diesel flavors ripping on my taste buds. Though to be honest, Strain Man, did really twig to this toke.

Strawberry Diesel Marijuana Review

He has trustworthy tastes. Everyone gets the diesel wrong. New York City Diesel has a metallic zing and Sour Diesel has a yucky face sour to it. Compared to the beautifully crafted Agent Orange, Strawberry Diesel is lower than mids. Yet, in reality it’s almost great ganja. Not a headliner, but not a mid carder. Guess you could call it, almost a contender.
The buds were beautifully structured. Fairly dense, with plenty of red and green. Produced a great you can’t see me vapor. Really good vapor actually. Half a volcano vaporizer canister produced several bags. Created an uplifting active marijuana high. Wonderful weed for wake and bake sessions or getting out of bed.
It’s a straight up sativa / indica hybrid. For me, it’s ideal medicinal marijuana. Made me functional. For some people they need a pure indica for pain relief. I have those days! However, on days when you need relief and want to get stuff done this is one those strains.

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  1. im going to agree with your assesment

  2. Ernie

    My name is. Ernie garcia from visalia california I grew strawberry. Diseal and it came out omg wtf strawberry flavor rich. In taste. I used earth juice original formula earth juice rainbow. Mix and the other tomato from the green shop and I’ve been impressed considering I hate strawberry cough

  3. Thanks for the great feedback! It really depends on how a strain is grown. When it comes to writing a marijuana review we are judging / reviewing both the strain and the grower. A true contest would be different growers but the same strain.

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