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There’s enough couchlock pain relief in White Rhino to sit your ass down and get some serious amount of office work done. Exactly what I did. Welcome to white marijuana strain reviews week. Zipping off several marijuana reviews devoted solely to white strains. It’s a motivating get stuff done buzz. The sativa (40%) and indica (60%) is near perfect. Rarely do you get a marijuana strain that is best of both worlds. White Rhino is not a spacey high. There’s ample body buzz with a clear alert high. Great for wake and bakes, video games, and pilates. Since first writing about fitness and weed (not that I’m a work-out freak, but I do have a regime) I’ve learned plenty of people get high and excersize. Awesome! White Rhino might be good for that. Green House Seed Co. bred White Rhino from a choice Afghan and Brazilian.Only topped by White Widow, White Rhino has dominated the white strain line. It’s a fantastic strain for fibromyalgia sufferers and people who have chronic pain problems. But only on light pain days.

10 thoughts on “Marijuana Review White Rhino

  1. Bryco426

    WOW, that looks amazing Matt.It sounds like just what I need to get rid of my daily pain without the “zombie” effect! Do you have any idea if it works for nerve damage as well as muscular damage?Just wondering…where could someone find a good seed source here in Canada? PS….keep up the great work!!! (wish I had that job! ).

  2. Choclateskin

    oh fuck yes

  3. Anonymous

    nice! thank u!

  4. Drums

    This is the first strain I smoked in 22 years (!). Gotta say it wouldn’t be my choice for w@b. I thought it was 90% indy.

  5. Anonymous

    thanks for the feedback!!

  6. or i highly recommend.

  7. Dj

    this is not a real europian white rhino:o

  8. are you sure about that?!

  9. Richardtheone67

    This stuff gives me couch lock.The effects come on quick but I had this should I say or should I go thing going on.

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