Marijuana Strain Freeze Land


This old school stoner classic is fast flowering (45 days!) solid couch lock producer. Perfect pot for Sunday afternoon hangovers, movie or football watching. Freeze Land will help you fall in love with your couch.
It’s extremely piney weed. Probably the most piney smelling, tasting and looking weed a cannabis enthusiast can find.

Freeze Land Possibly Northern Lights #2

Freeze Land Possibly Northern Lights #2

An awesome sample came my way that my indica loving body tweaked too. Relieving pain and helping with sleep. Potheads from the ’70s will instantly recognize the bud structure, high and taste. Those seventy stoners will fondly remember this piney outdoor weed. With its harsh cough, intense dense smoke and downward spiral high. My fantastically grown outdoor nug lived up to the old slogan If You Don’t Cough, You Don’t Get Off. Fascinatingly there’s little to no genetic information available.
I suspect given it’s pine smell, taste and structure Freeze Land is actually Northern Lights #2. According to the History of Northern Lights, #2 disappeared, but this version of NL had a piney musty smell too it. There are several different strains of Northern Lights, with most people familiar with NL #5.
It’s an originator that’s for sure. Unlike traditional Amsterdam indica weed with its bland taste and smell, Freeze Land has plenty of taste and nose bud pop.
When ground finely a wondrous stinky piney smell filled my space. Freeze Land produces a dense vapor bag for a rich hardy toke. While some sativas are known to dance on your pallet, Freeze Land bulldozes your taste buds. Leaving great red eye in its wake. Badly grown, which there is plenty, will produce a coughing fit.
Even well grown will produce a coughing fit. Inhale slowly. The hardy outdoor strain is popular in these parts because it’s suitable for Northern Ontario and Quebec where its forty-five day flowering time is perfect for their growing season. Another reason is the plant is very forgiving making it almost idiot proof.
Both are traits found in Northern Lights and their offspring. Freeze Land crossed with M-39 becomes the infamous Quebec Gold.

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15 thoughts on “Marijuana Strain Freeze Land

  1. not an editor

    It’s not called freeze land, it’s Friesland, named after the part of the northern Netherlands where it originated before becoming popular in eastern Canada.

  2. Zo Logo

    friesland is not northern lights dude ….. look up the old sssc catalouge …. freezeland is a friesland bx1 , sonnnnnnnnn,,,,,

  3. love da budd

    i heard it was bread by the angels in quebec to withstand the eastern climate better

  4. The Ballyhoo

    Friesland is common in Quebec & Toronto. It finish’s early and tastes great! Hell’s Angels in Quebec have a monopoly on it. When grown well, it packs a nasty punch. Great red-eye 70’s weed, for sure!

  5. I wouldnt say they have a monopoly on marijuana.

  6. The BallyHoo

    Well, I would say they have a monopoly on it in Quebec, because I know they do.
    It is also grown in bulk and sold commercially in Toronto. Of course, private growers do exist, but the majority of it is controlled by the angels. The privately grown product is usually better cured, and dried.Peace.

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  8. whiteracer

    freezeland was created by the quebec seed bank (not shut down) and although its name comes from the netherlands (as likely does one parent) it is native to Quebec and currently calls acadian NB its home…
    a VERY MILD high and low thc and cbd numbers show its strong sativa backroung, northern lights, doubt it,….freezeland grown and forms much more like skunk #1….small 2inch long buds (northern light likes to make long buds with pointy tope since its mostly haze like all weed from the 70’s, freezeland is very light green and it has an obvious lilac smell with hints of tangerine or orange. i want to make this really clear, freezeland SMELLS NOTHING LIKE PINE…
    the REAL PURE FREEZELAND is a treat the likes of which i have never seen anywhere else….delightful….
    but if i want to get high i’ll cut the childs play and smoke some are too…..
    !!!!time and space bend around you you’re so gravitationally bound to the couch…..drooling and hearing voices n shit….
    ONLY EXISTS IN THE SMALLEST TOWNS AND VILLAGES OF NB and NS….quite definately the most potent strain i have seen from any city in any country in the 16 years i have been using this herb…..

  9. whiteracer

    quebec seed band created freezeland,….company was busted and it went to acadian farmers in nb who love it and have inbred it for almost 12 years now in northern nb and to hells angels fags in quebec who abandoned it for M39

  10. thanks for the information

  11. lmoney

    dude i was in northern Ont for like 1.5 years steady supply always under the impression that he was getting from said biker gang as well definitely had the citrus nose to it but there was a pine-ish smell as well, my buddy told me there is the freeze and the pink freeze both very similar in taste smell and high but not in price.

  12. thanks for the info. the pink freeze is probably some kind of citrus cross. sounds yummy.

  13. jeanguy

    your mother should have swallowed your pathetic ass whiteracer…

  14. rastaman

    guys, you have to come to qc for Freezland. (NOT in New Brunswick, sorry!) WHY?

    Our soil,
    Our Mountains,
    Our Weather,

    Northern Lights gets confused with freezeland because it too is a homegrown qc genetic
    but 2 very different strains. for starters, freezeland is much darker altogether and can survive anything you throw at it. Not the same for NL’s.
    Freezeland is found wild deep in the woods. Every year they grow back unaware of human life untill somebody discovers it’s location and decides what to do with it.

    If you leave a northern lights patch to survive in the woods, when the snow melts…. it’s not going to grow back.

    Northern lights is yet the best bud i have smoked in the 90’s but since it’s disapearenece i have greatfully welcomed the freezeland alternative and very happy i did.

    to be honnest i live and swear by it. Freezeland is the Original BadBoy for all of Qc’s Exotic strain’s including QC Gold and JEAN GUY.

    Peace y’all i’m off to roll..

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