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Phenomenal, but overpriced, Pink Kush is a beautiful, heavy, hardy, indica marijuana strain. It’s kush-y goodness was great to the last Volcano Digit vapor bag. My chronic pain dropped three spots. Pain relief is a good thing! Even if it’s a little pricey. Marijuana marketing has added three dollars to Pink Kush review and other Kush marijuana strains price. This marijuana marketing has convinced cannabis enthusiasts Kush is worth their bucks. Much like what White Widow did for Gen X or Northern Lights for seventy stoners.

Pink Kush

Does Pink Kush deserve the price increase? I doubt it. Do points get deducted in a marijuana review? Yes. Of course. The more you spend on something the more spectacular it has too be. Therefore $13/gr marijuana bud has to be at least $3 better than $10/gr nugs. Using this stoner standard, Pink Kush doesn’t measure into stellar. It’s not bad thirteen dollar doobie. But I’ve had $10/gr that is equal too or better.
Not good! Pink Kush, like most Kush marijuana strains, is reliable for pain relief. An old standby. Like Aspirin. Pink Kush marijuana buds broke up beautifully. Releasing a subtle hint of Kush scent. The nugs were beautifully grown. Dense, but fluffy. Perfectly cured. Had an excellent traditional Kush tasting toke. There’s a small after bitter aftertaste tinge, I’m guessing is the pink. According to reports, Pink Kush is Purple Kush x OG Kush. Possible. Though there were no flecks of purple in buds. Don’t get me wrong, Pink Kush is great ganja. But not $13/gr ganja. Possibly $11/gr ganja. Marijuana marketing has given Kush marijuana strains Hulk Hogan hype. Unfortunately, Pink Kush isn’t Hogan. Just one of his friends. Like the Nasty Boys. Maybe more like Kevin Nash. Worked great at pain relief, but the price added high expectations that were not met.

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28 thoughts on “Marijuana Strain Review Pink Kush

  1. Daysaway

    Ur an idiot bro. Pink kush is not purple x og. And it doesnt even match your “review”. Pink kush smells so strong of lemon bubblegum and is the best tasting kush hands down. So im guessing you got something else or a shitty batch.

  2. Anonymous

    Shut up,know it all. Nobody wants to listen to your whining. Pink Kush is a Reeferman strain and theres more than one version. I guess you have every version growing in your garden right now and you know everything about the genetics in each version. I doubt it. You Idiot tool. Wahh i don’t like your review!! boO hooo. What a baby.

  3. agreed. there’s plenty of different versions of kush with the same name. the true issue is prohibition. no prohibition would ensure that reviews of marijuana would be consistent. everyone be reviewing the same product. so we need to end prohibition to get accurate reviews.

  4. Prohibition is a giant issue but the idea that ending it would mean that the end of all the different strains is disappointing.  At the same time though there is no argument for prohibition, and whenever I find people apathetic about ending prohibition I try to give as much information as I can too plant the seed in them that its wrong.  As for this pink kush it smells like the musty BCMP & looks tasty none the less 😀

  5. love your line smells like the musty BCMP that’s awesome!

  6. The Pink Kush at my favorite shop here in Colorado Springs sells out in 2 days… and they usually harvest 4+ pounds, it is AMAZING, I have been a patient for 3 years and this is my favorite medicine. I pay 35$ an 8th 60$ 1/4, 110$ 1/2 and 200 oz for it. The strain at this shop smells like pink lemonade and taste like a pink starburst out of the vape, no shit and has serious pain relieving effects.

  7. Dontbesnoopin

    Whoa how you gon diss big sexy? Lol

  8. Reef

    Pink kush is not related to purple kush I bred pink kush out of old vancouver island hash plant varieties and named it pink kush because in most cases it produces pink hairs at 6 weeks of flowering that look outstanding and it tasted like a really good master kush I had from NL years prior .I won the 06 highlife cup with barneys in Holland with pink ! 

  9. thanks for your comment!

  10. John-hobbins

    Pink kush is my favourite strain and reeferman you description of it tasting like master kush its right on im from canada and get my weed from bc and I had a batch of master a couple months ago that tasted exactly like the pink i had but stronger, but very similar, Im sure i tried your strain of pink kush which is such an amazing strain, im actually going to be getting a qp of it real soon. 

  11. potheads love the pink. pink kush that is! thanks for the great comment.

  12. dtrukk

    il bye it all

  13. dtrukk

    as much as i love the pink it s ok and i mean 4aaa the top one … can t come close to the … purple king.   smell ,taste potency ..looks kills the pink in every catagory ..

  14. dtrukk

    i had master that was very similar to pink very nice killer one. I  also from can T.O but lately its not as good as the past and tuffer to find ..b4 no one wanted to pay 4 kush … SO GOOD TAGS  and krazy ones ..o ,g s.  green krack . purples .. my  .. favourite… purple king ..   

  15. Dtlane01

    the kush looks nice bit expensive tho. ive smoked it in amsterdam grey area coffeshop has it on the menu top shit

  16. for reals. it’s amazing.

  17.  I think and end of prohibition that allowed personal grows would foster a new breed of “budners”….like peeps who brew their own beer or wine, there would be *plenty* of people still growing

  18. Just not as large a scale. Some ppl would grow most would not.

  19. BillyBudd

    The REAL Pink Kush is a tetraploid and is very special. Reeferman, I do not believe that you created this plant unless you personally did the colchicine treatment. Are you selling tetraploid seeds? I doubt it. Real Pink Kush has pink hairs under a black light. It is an extremely heavy leafy indica with stellar sativa effects as well. Slowest growing plant on the planet. Very smooth and strong. Best pot I have ever smoked but hardest I ever grown. I would never grow this again as it is not economically viable. I think it is was originally an HA (of the OMG kind) plant or a re-creation or maybe tissue culture genetic re-generation of UBC Chemo which is Afghani x Thai. 

  20. Well I guess every one else had some good shit because I had some So called Pink Kush and it was crap. Oh ya and it was suppose to of came from B.C.

  21. Michael Kaer

    Where do I put in my order for Valentine’s day 2013?   😉

  22. thanks for adding to the debate!

  23. reef

    Its always a treat when some ignorant self important prick tries to invent a new history for a plant , pink kush is a name that I gave the plant in question I was given a group of “hash plants” king was what I was after that being said I was handed a large group of plants and told they were all worthy of my attention , 1 stood out took a long time to flower and had thick pink hairs , long story short this was the building block for pink kush it came from imported pot from the mid 80’s from Pakistan / afghanistan , “kush” was not a popular strain when I named pink kush pink kush we entered it in 1 of Emery’s cups LOL it placed like 16th and cash crop kens sweat tooth won if I recall ha ha , I think who ever sold mark seeds at the lowest price or licked his balls in the back room won those cups , I am really happy in retirement these days guys I can look back on some serious crazy times and over inflated ego’s over a plant ha ha I must admit I took too much of this stuff far too seriously , we are coming into a time when the true merit of medicinal plants will be judged by the patient Cannabis is subjective to the individual and his or her needs overall we would have done a greater service to the medicinal user had we just numbered each strain and offered little history than we would not have these types of issues about where number 3 came from etc it would just be that 3 from grower BC – C works best for my condition , because we have had to “grow” out of prohibition these histories are with us .

  24. thanks for the great comment

  25. clark matthews

    i had the pleasure of enjoying a couple bags of pink this spring. it runs into a delightfull full shatter concentrate with ease. the kush aroma i found to be quite pungent, and even in a doobie that initial flavor that rivals the very smell can be tasted down to the roach clip! a great strain in my books, wish i woulda held onto a bit for later .

  26. clark matthews

    cant we be peaceful on here without calling somebody an idiot. this guy opens up a forum to fair discussion, and you come on here chirping like king shit of the fucktards.calm yourself. its weed.

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