Medical Marijuana Review Chemo


No doubt about it, Chemo lives up to its medical marijuana legend. This wonderful weed knocked my pain levels down several notches. I’ve had some serious sleepless nights lately, falling asleep incredible sore, then waking a few hours feeling worst. Not rested. Plenty of pure indicas have been tried. They’re working, but not as a well as the marijuana effects of Chemo.

Chemo Marijuana Review

According to lore Chemo was bred for people who were going through chemotherapy. It was designed to immediately reduce pain like no other cannabis. And let me tell you, it does. My pain went dramatically down after a full volcano vaporizer canister. Pain levels went from screaming bloody murder to gentle calming and peaceful.
Not couch lock, but relaxing.
Pain relief is something I deeply desire and Chemo marijuana delivers. The monster buds were very heavy. Chemo marijuana seeds produce a single cola plant with above average yields. Buds gently glistened with crystals. A little broke up into plenty. A full volcano vaporizer canister produced numerous dense bags. Even after ground the buds produced no smell.
The flavour is very much lacking too. However, you don’t toke Chemo for its flavour. Its sole stated purpose is to relieve pain. This is wonderful medicinal marijuana for people with chronic pain problems. Does it better than many of the kush strains I’ve been vaporizing. Maybe I’ve become immune to kush.
Chemo was a staple on many cannabis dispensary back in the day. It’s been replaced by newer marijuana strains. That’s a shame because it’s fantastic. There’s tastier strains for sure, but if you need pain relief regardless of taste (think Buckley’s, without the yucky face) then it’s still tops.

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  1. John Green

    i like to smoke multiple scrolosis weed…just kidding im just making fun of you…sars weed isnt bad either…but its h1n1 weed that will really fuck your trousers….moron.

  2. You should learn to google. I don’t name the marijuana strains, just review them. Have a great day MM

  3. Ifuckedyourmomintheass

    I appreciate how you call this guy a moron, when you think “chemo” is a disease. Do you think they cure it with cancer, you fucking imbecile?

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