Medicinal Marijuana Review Cannatonic


Despite its name being a reference to catatonic, the strain Cannatonic is not a pure indica. You would think it be nothing but pure comatose couch-lock. Given its billing. Instead it’s a 50/50. Genetics according to Resin Seeds is MK Ultra x G-13 Haze. MK Ultra is G-13 x OG Kush. There’s plenty of inbreeding happening here. And it seems work wonders for Cannatonic. This is great medicinal marijuana for light day pain relief, wake and bakes and makes boring housework fun.

Medical Marijuana Review Cannatonic

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking you are going to be a drooling pothead all day. Though there is some claim this will happen. I didn’t find this marijuana strain to contain too much couch-lock. However it’s a fantastic Afghani hybrid with flavourful traits, reminds me of LA Confidential. Besides taste and buzz of LA Confidential, the nugs were similar in look and density. Heavy nugs coated in trichromes and red hairs. The buds didn’t dank until well ground. Then they released an Afghani / Kush aroma.  Cannatonic produced an impressive volume of vapour to plant matter. A little in Volcano Vaporizer canister went a long way. Very cloudy vapor bags. Up with there with some of the best medicinal marijuana reviews I’ve done. According to one site, Cannatonic is great for people with AIDS, Crohns or Cancer. Didn’t seem to have much of a marijuana effect on my fibromyalgia. Overall, it’s top notch toke.

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23 thoughts on “Medicinal Marijuana Review Cannatonic

  1. Guest

    Supposedly, the balance of THC and CBD in this toke is nearly exactly equal, producing that low-psychoactivity high-physical and mental relaxation that used to be more popular in the 90s.

  2. Vali420

    thank for the review!
    which strain did worked good for your fibromiyalgia???
    I also have fibro, usually use AK47, or lemon kush mix, it helps but I have a feeling I can find a better fit for my syndromes…

  3. For Fibromyalgia I suggest white widow or white strains in general
    like white rhino or great white shark. Have great day MM

  4. Distorted Elk

    actually, it takes a few days of continual use (5ish) for the CBDs to take effect….after the 5th day (still using this strain), its much easier for your brain to ‘bind’ to the THC, making the effects last longer and more immediate (i.e. not needing as much as your regular strain);)

  5. Dubcomm

    Been wondering about this stuff, is a gorgeous plant from all the pics I’ve seen.. Hopefully we’ll cross paths!

  6. Mernahuana

    agreed. we should cross paths soon.

  7. Mkeirn

    its actually a 2:1 cbd to tch

  8. Distorted Elk

    Well, actually, my strain, or that which my grower sends me, is 6% THC and 6% CBD

  9. otherMatt

    Don’t know if it was the same stuff r not but last week i got some bud with the same name on it and it did not give me any couch-locking effects whatsoever. it was a nice middle of the day weed and it did really help with my chrons:)

  10. JF10R35

    I have recently come across this strain and I will have to agree with “guest” from 10 months ago. I am a big hiker and this stuff really made the journey much better. After seeing the plants themselves I noticed that they were much less susceptible to bugs (especially spider mites) than other mainstream strains like Blue Dream and OG kush. Food for thought….. 

  11. thanks for the input! everyone can have an opinion when you write a review. glad to know its bug resistant.

  12. Drhell2pay

     Blue Widow makes those strains look stupid for Fybro 🙂 It’s amazing

  13. Well then my room full of Blue Widow should be awesome then.

  14. the midnight toker

    Someone who isn’t me who has a medical marijuana card is growing a few plants of this strain (CANNATONIC) and they are around week 4 of flower.  They look to be a hybrid with a very heavy Sativa dominant influence.  Very fast growing and beautiful looking plant.  Least the phenos I have seen have this appearance.  The plants look very healthy and are being grown in 5 gallon smart pots/ FF Ocean Forrest/ and 2 1000 watt HPS. Fertilizer is Fox Farm and a little Sensizym. So far so good. We had a slight problem with powdery mildew but so far the Cattatonic resisted the infection and have been running dehumidifier 24/7. After this grow we will be doing a thorough sanitizing. Some of the other strains we grew this cycle were GDP (Grand Daddy Purple to the uninitiated), Romulan ( a Pacific NW. favorite and extremely potent “white” strain) and some unidentified Kush that grew monster nugs we think might have been selfed seeds from some local strain bag seeds we germed and they came out really dank believe it or not.  Also, we got LEMON DIESEL on deck as well and it looks to have a lot of potential despite the LD tendency to grow bananas and go hermy at the slightest bit of stress.  All in all no complaints here.  So many strains, not enough time to try them all.  Oh BTW, if you get a chance to try the LA Confidential that was the best strain we grew this year hands down for pain relief.

  15. The LA Confidential is amazing. Grew it out twice. Love the LA Con. MM

  16. I had a tendency to gravitate to the Sativa strains because I was attracted to the stimulus, either physical or mental.  But as I got closer to 100% it was less interesting because it felt as though I had lost the pleasurable context produced by the Indica.  I was specifically drawn to the 50/50 strain of Cannatonic on the theory that a good mix is better than a 100%.  I was also surprised by the 6% THC level having bought somewhat into the high potency attraction (and controlling this through dosage).  But pot is still a great smoke and it’s nice to not have to worry about going overboard.  Need to learn more about CBDs to understand the balance of the two.  I liked the review, “great for wake and bake or boring household chores.”  In fact, just tried my first sample and deffinitely feel the pull of the beach, water, sun.  

  17. Glad you enjoyed the review. thanks for the great comment! MM

  18. Maksim

    Your article is truly relevant to my study at this moment, and I am really happy I discovered your website

  19. thanks for the kind words

  20. R4MB0

    AFAIK, 1:1 THC/CBD (around 6-7% for both) is only one phenotype. Then there is one type which has over 20% THC and just a little CBD!

    And maybe most wanted pheno if you are looking good medicinal MJ, the one which can have even 13% of CBD while THC levels are very low.

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