Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Review


When cannabis breeding first became a hobby there were numerous versions of Northern Lights floating around. The history of Northern Lights is rather interesting. Sadly because of prohibition the multiple versions of this marijuana strain have become lost. Or have they. Allegedly only Northern Lights #5 remains. It’s the most common Northern Lights marijuana available. Possessing a strong musky marijuana smell and makes you cough marijuana taste. However this sample of Northern Lights weed had a more juniper or berry taste. It’s the second time I’ve had this sample. And both times they’ve tasted exactly the same. Has to be NL 2 x 5. The potent, pain relieving, marijuana high is couch lock indica with video game playing, crafting or getup grooving overtones. Not creative at all, but great for editing. My sample broke up beautifully. Releasing its succulent aroma. Surprisingly the marijuana bud scent filled my office space. Marijuana strains from this period aren’t known for this quality. Northern Lights is a cannabis classic. Many enthusiasts consider it long past it’s pot prime, what with OG Kush around, but I beg to differ. The marijuana type packs a weed wallop. Brings a great high and has a unique taste.

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