Nutrient Deprived Marijuana Plant


Understanding how to use marijuana fertilizers properly is very critical to achieving grower success. Currently I’m using a full line of organic Botanicare nutrients and my philosophy “less is more” when it comes to marijuana plant food works great with these nutrients. I’ve been given an opportunity to switch to Advance Nutrients, but when something is working really well in your grow room – like my current feeding schedule – why change? Don’t fix what’s not broken is another good grower rule to follow.
Understanding and listening to your cannabis plants is the best way to learn what they need and when. This advice may sound like hippie ganja gibberish, but it’s true. Pay attention to your plants and they’ll reward you. Just by watching your marijuana plants you will develop a talent and solid knowledge of when to feed, water and harvest.
In the final week of flowering if you’re flushing your plants correctly they should begin to show signs of nutrient deprivation. By seeing how a plant looks when its deprived of nutes you can then figure out during your feeding schedule what it should look like when it’s full of nutes. Slowly you should begin to figure out a recipe that works for you and your plants. A nutrient deprived marijuana plant will have yellowing leaves that may even develop ugly brown spots.
Yellowing leaves start at the bottom of your cannabis plant and begin working their way upward. This is because your plants are pushing all their nutrients to the very top in an effort to become pollinated. By paying attention to your plants you will notice leaves yellowing. These days I don’t like harvesting until all the fan leaves turn yellow from lack of nutes. A properly flushed plant burns better, has a full body taste and aroma and most importantly gets you better medicated or stoned.
Watch my YouTube video Nutrient Deprived Marijuana Plant to see a cannabis plant that has been fully flushed of all its marijuana fertilizers before harvesting.

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