OG Kush Marijuana Photos


OG Kush marijuana photos for all my professional potheads. You have to bring mucho mollah to buy an ounce of this ganja bad boy. Grown beautifully, cured fantastically and trimmed perfectly. This sample of OG Kush is the standard by which other best Kush strains will be judged. Oddly I’ve never done a pure OG Kush marijuana review. Just did a Google search. MarijuanaTipster has a great OG Kush wiki page in the google rankings. Sorry about the lack of time in writing a review on this stellar sample of OG Kush. Been working every day on my court case. We’re in court this Friday, Oct. 8 for a judicial pre-trial. Nothing glamorous. Have a fantastic Tuesday. Well you’ll have a great day after going ga-ga over my nugporn.

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10 thoughts on “OG Kush Marijuana Photos

  1. Angyl32

    MMM My kind of kush. Nice and orange. Ive had two of the pictures, lol, and would love to try the rest. Thanks for sharing.

  2. your welcome! thanks for commenting!

  3. Wesbbb5

    dat shit look like it stank lol i need some of dat

  4. Toasty

    Ocean grown all day. Come on son what is this amateur hour?

  5. Mernahuana

    we’ve been having a fun debate with the name OG Kush on the ustream show.

  6. John Harper

    WOW! 75 for an 1/8 ? I pay 40 for the same OG KUSH that those lames in LA pay 75. Mine even comes overweight by at least half a gram. It is a very satisfying and works wonders for the pain in my back. I take 120mg of extended release Morphine Sulfate tablets three times a day along with Norco 10/325’s 5 times a day and Valium 10mg 4 times a day and get a hell of a lot more pain relief from the KUSH. My back was fractured in 6 places and I have several bulging discs and degenerating everything. Thank God for pot.

  7. Mchammerfan1990

    Thats shwaggy outdoor. This isn’t og..really these nugs are a joke. Please take down those pic or change the name to “mass grown outdoor mexican sativa”

  8. Westennenbarg

    You’re an idiot

  9. superskunk61

    just stooped by to check out the og,growing it as we speak,wish ya happy belated 420 brother,enjoy.peace,superskunk61

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