Ontario Court of Appeal Dates Chosen R v. Mernagh


Ontario Court of Appeal court dates have been chosen for R v. Mernagh. The court ruling gutting Canada’s federal medical marijuana program, personal possession and cultivation laws is set to be heard March 5 and 6, 2012. A small team of talented lawyers will descend on Osgoode Hall for two days to argue before three judges. Earlier this summer federal prosecutors won a reprieve on a 90 day marijuana legalization deadline. In exchange for a legal time – prosecutors were ordered to have their case ready by mid-November. Team Mernagh was given an option to chose the dates. These are their best dates.

Sunday 900 - 1030 est Mernagh Legal Marijuana Grow Room

Paul Lewin will represent Matthew Mernagh. Several interveners have called expressing interest in becoming positively involved. These community driven agencies will be sending lawyers who will seek to address the court as third parties. Given the scope of R v. Mernagh having more than one lawyer working the appeal judges is important.
Should medicinal marijuana patient Matt Mernagh be allowed to grow his own cannabis without a Health Canada license? Mernagh argues he is unable to get his doctor to sign a Health Canada med pot application – allowing him to grow his own. Ontario Superior court judge D.J. Taliano concluded less than one half of a one percent of Canadian doctors have signed applications. Prosecutors argue the problem is not with the federal program, but with doctor’s. Mernagh retorts federal government has tasked doctors as gatekeepers to a program they have had no input on. Canadian Medical Association has written Health Canada expressing concerns that have gone un-answered.
Justice Taliano ruled medicinal marijuana is not treatment of last resort. Canadians should not have to try a slew of pharmaceutical medications before choosing plant therapy. To cope with doctor unwillingness he suggests alternative therapy practitioners be allowed to sign Health Canada’s application. With no federal legal medical marijuana program accessible to sick Canadians, he determined Canada’s marijuana laws for personal cultivation and possession un-constitutional. Mernagh’s marijuana grow charge was squashed. He was granted an exemption from federal marijuana laws. Allowing him to grow marijuana legally.
Mernagh webcasts live from his legal marijuana grow room on Sunday nights at 9 pm est via Livestream. The show and previous shows are available on demand as a rerun.

69 thoughts on “Ontario Court of Appeal Dates Chosen R v. Mernagh

  1. Concerned brother

    Where are you from and who’s your doctor? I’m from Ontario and my sister has been suffering brutal stomach problems for months and pots the only thing that provides immediate relief of all symptoms. We’ve tried hospitals but we don’t know where to turn.

  2. Dave from Alberta

    I have been currently have a possession charge pending that I am going to find out if its going through or not on May 10th. I hope for a positive outcome for every Canadian!

  3. Thank you for your support.

  4. Craig

    all the best tomorrow Matt! we are all behind you.  I will educate and               de-stigmatize till I die.

  5. John

    The federal appeal dates for this were supposed to be on May 7th and 8th. Anyone know what happened? 

  6. The judges have reserved their ruling. We anticipate something happening in two to six months. There’s some posts on what happened. MM

  7. You know what. It’s a plant and people must have the right to consume it. Only they have absolutely no right to force other people to breathe toxic fumes resulting from the IMPROPER consumption of marijuana. Same goes for the smokers. Burning it also oxidizes the chemicals that have medicinal effects, rendering them useless for their purpose and turning them into dangerous carcinogens. God gave you a stomach, use it!!!

    P.S. Smokers(of both pot and regular), don’t be naive, us non-smokers can smell you from very far away and that means we’re breathing in your noxious fumes that you have Zero right to inflict on us. 

  8. Does that go for all scents?

  9. John

    I partially agree. Vaporizers are an excellent solution. No smoke, no smell, and one thing that you don’t get from eating it: no burnout. 

  10. John

    Well, fingers crossed. My wife won’t let me grow it till it’s legal to, lol. Keep us posted, and congratulations on your progress. 

  11. John

    Well, fingers crossed. My wife won’t let me grow it till it’s legal to, lol. Keep us posted, and congratulations on your progress. 

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  13. Jeremdjhstrother87

    hey matt, has there been any update’s with your case i saw a report in the sun yesteray thatsaid the conservative government is making it so in 2014 no one can grow weed for medical perposes can you eleablorate on that or just give an update on whats going on wwith you case?

  14. We are currently waiting on the Ontario Court of Appeal ruling. The feds are really hopeful for a win for them to implement their plant. Following me on Twitter @Mernahuana to find out more. MM

  15. AR8

    Hey man, how’s this campaign coming? it seems pretty hard to find any info about all of this

  16. AR8

    Hey man, how’s this campaign coming? it seems pretty hard to find any info about all of this

  17. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last week

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