Purple Pineberry Marijuana Strain Review


Well the cannabis buds in my sack of Purple Pineberry had no purple coloring what so ever. Everyone knows how much I dislike purple weed without the purple hues. Purple marijuana must have some purplish or lavender colors or points will be deducted. Bag appeal is the money shot of nug porn.
Regardless of how good the weed is, if the buds are ugly, people aren’t going to buy them. [singlepic id=31 w=320 h=240 float=right]
As you can see from the photo gallery Purple Pineberry buds weren’t ugly. They just lacked lavender hues. Purple Pineberry is great indica marijuana with fantastic chronic pain relief qualities. People with pain problems should seriously consider this fast flowering marijuana strain. My off the chart back pain was greatly reduced after a Purple Pineberry medicinal marijuana session.
Recreational tokers will twig to Purple Pineberry heavy couch lock properties. Great weed to get stupefied to.
Professional pothead Compton was wrecked keeping up with me. The weed high carried Purple Pineberry because much like its looks, the strain didn’t have much memorable in the flavor department.
[singlepic id=32 w=320 h=240 float=left] Very traditional dull indica toke. Some hints of pine, no berry, but mostly that dull skunky indica flavor. Purple Pineberry smelled way better than it tasted and appeared.
Like Texada Timewarp, the marijuana strain is a legendary BC marijuana type only available in clone form. It’s a compact fast flowering marijuana plant (about six weeks) with a strong smell. Secret Valley Seeds has created their own hybrid by breeding a female Purple Pineberry clone with their skunky short squat indica male. Marijuana growers should be seeking the true version or phenotype in their cannabis seeds. It’s possible different types of marijuana will appear in a pack of ten marijuana seeds.

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3 thoughts on “Purple Pineberry Marijuana Strain Review

  1. Akc216

    you got a really bad batch of that buddy that looks like crap compared to tha ppb i had mine was purple an lavender all over an smelled like raspberries with a hazy tasting smoke

  2. BC Dirk Dogg

    dude i just got some purple pineberry and everything you said was wrong!!! straight goods, I have never smelled or tasted anything like it. Not saying its the best I have had, but it is very unique!!! Mine is very purple! But it was grown in the mountains and its purple from the cold. Still its very different!

  3. Mernahuana

    thanks for the feedback. this goes to demonstrate the difference in nugs and names or possibly growers.

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