Rob Ford Flounders Mernagh Makes Big Fundraising Gains


The Campaign to Elect Matt Mernagh Mayor had a hugely successful fundraiser last night, while Toronto mayor Rob Ford had a terrible weekend. He was busted in Vancouver for jaywalking and then his beloved Broncos lost the big game. Meanwhile our Oust Rob Ford Super Bowl Fundraiser brought in a grand total of $442.50, which will be used for all kinds of election promotion material.

Your contributions pay for items like handbills, business cards, lawn signs and posters. For example we could purchase 100 more lawn signs to bring us closer to our goal of 1,000 by Oct 2. We have amazing ideas on where to spend promotion funds and you are encouraged to join our campaign team to learn and add more ideas.

People who want to make a contribution of $25 or more are encouraged to contact me to learn how your donation would be spent. Contributions between $25 and $300 receive a 75% rebate cheque from City of Toronto. We can not accept cash donations over $20. 

However, last night demonstrated every loonie and twoonie counts in getting us closer to becoming mayor of Toronto. A bit of spare change is going to go long way in creating political change. Kayla Bapkush did such a wonderful job at shaking down spare change from attendees – $122.50 came from small bills and coin – our team is going to have to bring her out for every fundraiser.

The whole team had a wonderful time, except Matt Oliver who had bet friends $20 on Denver Broncos winning. Oliver, who is part of the door knocking team, was advised to suggest these winners donate their new gotten gains to our war chest. While Oliver only had to deal with friend’s ribbing, Mayor Rob Ford had to endure a heckling via Twitter.

Did Denver Broncos go down because of a mayor Rob Ford curse? We alluded to this on our Twitter during the game, however, it was councilor Josh Matlow from Ward 22, who took the mayor to task. Mayor Ford did a press conference wearing a Broncos jersey and it was just like the time he cursed the Argos by wearing their jersey.

Matlow tweeted the photo with the words, Can be beat.  Jaywalking Rob Ford is riding high in the polls, but we believe the city will become excited by a smart underdog and not the boring politically established. The first Super Bowl had the New York Jets as 18 point underdogs, but by the end of the night Joe Namath demonstrated he and his team knew how to win by beating Baltimore 16-7.

January Campaign Highlights

  • 60 Volunteers Signed Up
  • 128 people attended Oust Rob Ford Super Bowl Fundraiser
  • $442.50 raised from first fundraiser
  • Spoke at The Rosedale Club
  • Met with Greg Rogers of The John Howard Society
  • Attended a presentation by High Parks Stewards.
  • Toronto media appearance on Sun News Network Battleground
  • International media appearance Brian The Hammer on LA Blog Talk Radio.
  • Counter Culture Media on
  • Campaign Song by Killin Time Band recorded.
  • Four policy planks decided on, More Community Gardens, Land Transfer Tax Rebate For First Time Home Buyers, Examining Freezing The Land Transfer Tax, Increase Shade To Decrease Sweltering Summers.

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  1. Fantastic news! Off to a ripping start!

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