Marijuana Strain Review Blackberry


When it comes to indica marijuana strains the berry kind are often very tasty. Thus they’re some of my favorite kinds of marijuana. I’m a big fan of berries. Especially rasberries. Them my favorite.
However, this sample of Blackberry isn’t super duper tasty. It’s pleasant tasting cannabis, but not memorable medicinal marijuana. The taste is so weak I don’t even recognize any berry taste. Let alone Blackberry.
But Blackberry is potent pain relieving indica. Wonderful for people who sufferer from chronic pain. Not too shabby for fibromyalgia symptoms. But I’d say it’s better for pain relief due to injuries. Very pain relieving. Another bonus for Blackberry is its sedate peaceful stone. A mellow marijuana high. This marijuana strain will solve your worst case of sleepiness.
Example. After Volcano Digit vaporizing some marijuana bud during first half of Casablanca, I found myself awake to Little Women on my art deco couch. Damn! All the more funnier is terrible flick, African Queen played in between. These are three staples of TBS movie lineup. I see Casablanca several times a year this way. Back to Blackberry marijuana review. The marijuana buds were light and fluffy. But not sativa light and fluffy. Giving them great bag appeal. If you’re into that kind of thing. Buds busted up great in my grinder. But was very boring to photograph. Much like its flavor.
Though it needs work in this area, Blackberry is a fantastic sleepy pain relieving indica. A grower who finds the perfect phenotype (one with flavor) will be rewarded with an amazing marijuana strain.