Marijuana Strain Review Blackberry


When it comes to indica marijuana strains the berry kind are often very tasty. Thus they’re some of my favorite kinds of marijuana. I’m a big fan of berries. Especially rasberries. Them my favorite.
However, this sample of Blackberry isn’t super duper tasty. It’s pleasant tasting cannabis, but not memorable medicinal marijuana. The taste is so weak I don’t even recognize any berry taste. Let alone Blackberry.
But Blackberry is potent pain relieving indica. Wonderful for people who sufferer from chronic pain. Not too shabby for fibromyalgia symptoms. But I’d say it’s better for pain relief due to injuries. Very pain relieving. Another bonus for Blackberry is its sedate peaceful stone. A mellow marijuana high. This marijuana strain will solve your worst case of sleepiness.
Example. After Volcano Digit vaporizing some marijuana bud during first half of Casablanca, I found myself awake to Little Women on my art deco couch. Damn! All the more funnier is terrible flick, African Queen played in between. These are three staples of TBS movie lineup. I see Casablanca several times a year this way. Back to Blackberry marijuana review. The marijuana buds were light and fluffy. But not sativa light and fluffy. Giving them great bag appeal. If you’re into that kind of thing. Buds busted up great in my grinder. But was very boring to photograph. Much like its flavor.
Though it needs work in this area, Blackberry is a fantastic sleepy pain relieving indica. A grower who finds the perfect phenotype (one with flavor) will be rewarded with an amazing marijuana strain.

Marijuana Strain Review Shishkaberry


A beyond tasty indica toke that provided hours of pain relief. I’ve had several painful fibromyalgia days, but Shishkaberry provided excellent pain relief. Shishkaberry is a very relaxing television or movie watching marijuana high.
Writing marijuana strains review on Shishkaberry is difficult. The buzz is downward.
[singlepic id=247 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Very sedate.
Will slow down your thinking.
It’s wonderful medicinal marijuana just before bed. People who use med pot in the evening for pain relief will really love this marijuana strain. Possibly they’ll find themselves like me waking up on the couch.
However, Shishkaberry dampened my creativity hugely. Mostly do to the slow sedate stone. It was really difficult to pen marijuana reviews. So I ended up mixing some with Durban Poison for afternoon vaporizer writing sessions.
The two marijuana strains on their own are peacefully potent.
Compton got rocked something fierce inhaling Durban Poison.
Together their stoner sweetness.
The Durban Poison sativa uplifting boost meshes beautiful with Shishkaberry deeply relaxing indica stone. Even this mix proved difficult to be professional pothead productive on.
The cannabis combo created a buzzing narcotic vibe!
On it’s own Shishkaberry is great weed for late night edits. Or spending the afternoon doing boring work related computer stuff. Like data entry.
The first Volcano Digit vapor bag immediately began to lessen my pain. I cranked the Volcano vaporizer temperature to 410F to get a heavy dense vapor bag. Indicas tend to boil at a slightly higher temperature than sativas. This is the case with Shishkaberry, which has rock solid marijuana buds. When it comes to solid marijuana buds only The Rock (in recent memory) is as dense as Shishkaberry.
THC crystals on Shishkaberry are smaller than other marijuana strains I’ve photographed with my Dopescope.
[singlepic id=245 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]Shishkaberry is a cross between Afghani #1 and Blueberry. Both marijuana types are excellent breeding material. Shishkaberry dominating marijuana flavor comes from the Blueberry parentage while it’s heavy stone is all Afghani #1.
Shishkaberry would be a welcome addition to any compassion club menu or medicinal marijuana grow op. No longer do indica marijuana strains enthusiasts have to do without excellent taste.
Marijuana types such as Shishkaberry demonstrate that indica weed can both have a wonderful sedate stone while also being great tasting.

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Blaze Marijuana Strain Review


Blaze combines to old school marijuana strains to create one uber strain. A soaring uplifting sativa (Haze parentage) and powerful pain relieving indica (Blueberry parentage) ensures Blaze is bang on. You take off, but it’s difficult to dislodge the couch from your ass. Blaze is great video game weed. My EA Sports NHL dynasty team scored 23 goals in two games. I was seeing the back of the net like nobodies business. Turning around our three game losing skid.

[singlepic id=171 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]It was also a great night to grab the WWE big gold belt. I fired up Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 and gave Tommy Dreamer his dream of becoming the champ. I beat Big Show from pillar to post. Got Fuji Would Be Proud achievement and of course won the big gold belt.
Oh right. Marijuana review. Nug porn.
I’m medicated on Blaze writing this review.[singlepic id=165 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]
The marijuana buds were very dense. Taking after the Blueberry side of the family. Haze is a notorious wispy weed.
Haze has a noticeable spiciness. Blueberry also possess an unforgettable flavor. On the first inhale Blaze is all Blueberry. The marijuana strain aftertaste is spicy and long lasting. Following in Haze’s footsteps.
Blaze worked wonders on my fibromyalgia. Providing both pain relief and energy.
Highly recommended.
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