Barney Farm LSD Vegetative Growth



High I thought everybody would enjoy looking at barneys farm lsd marijuana strain. Photos taken using samsung galaxy s2 super phone. I topped the plant in 14 days to create a north south east west pattern. Really excited by the success of this technique on her. Plenty of great strains in my legal medical grow room. Taking plenty if photos and video in the coming weeks.

OG Kush Review


Great grown real deal OG Kush is always a toker treat. Sure, we talk trash about kush strains being the Nickelback of nug. Overly popular. Everywhere. Bland, boring and with way too much hype. There’s just too much kush marijuana. Like the band that finds a sound and suddenly everyone is copying it. Dealers with no name nugs will label their weedy wares as some kind of kush. There’s a whole blowback happening now with hipster potheads moving on to sativa.

OG Kush Review

Back to the OG Kush review. It was expertly grown, perfectly cured. A dense nugs that broke up beautifully. No complaints. I was seeking a pain relieving indica. Worked wonderfully on my chronic back pain. Been out of control lately! Seriously my back is making me cry some nights. I believe it’s because I’m getting stronger and straighter. However, my sleeping position, which is difficult to change, is causing me some grief. Been doing plenty of pilates stretches, including waking up with this pain and gently stretching out while waiting for volcano vaporizer to warm up.
One of my other interests in acquiring this OG was to compare it to the OGiesel I picked up earlier. Yeup, both were spot on.

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Marijuana Review Twilight

This beautifully grown Twilight bud came my way to take pot photos and write up a marijuana review.

Twilight Marijuana Reviews

It’s popular amongst Sutton stoners. Who skulk into the 416 now and then with their bags of buds and hype for a cannabis strain I thought was a book. Nope, they’re Duch Passion seeds. Created using a Brazillian female and two KC 606 males. The result is a uniquely smelling and tasting indica provided by the sativa mom. There’s little, if any, sativa in the stone. Twilight is an indica powerhouse.  Best not inhaled for your wake and bake session. Unless, of course, your a professional pothead who can handle strong indicas in the morning. Drinking a coffee helped me. Twilight slowed me down really good. Locking me to my office chair. I was capable of getting up to fill another vapor bag or do a pilates stretch, but only with some effort. The marijuana strain possesses excellent pain relieving properties. Wonderful medicinal marijuana for people with arthritis or chronic pain. You’ll want to sit around all day smoking weed. Possibly watch a movie. There’s no motivation qualities. Sutton stoners love this strain because it gets them stoned. Old skool stoned. Sit in your basement doing bong rips all afternoon stoned. It’s been a while since I’ve been just stoned. Not out of my tree, but I didn’t go all hardcore and toke the whole bud during one session. Twilight is best toked during that time of day. When the sun goes down. Unless you have the day off. Then wake and bake with it. Highly recommend.

Medical Marijuana Review Frannie


Frannie is great medical marijuana. An awesome day time pain relieving indica toke. Not overpowering downward stone, but an awesome active get up and go ganja. You could easily do a session then leave the house pain free.

Medical Marijuana Review Frannie

Excellent for people who want to leave their house with a buzz. I went grocery shopping after blazing Frannie and ended up buying much more than usual. Breaking my rule of not smoking before grocery shopping. It’s the worst idea to go grocery shopping stoned. I buy too muchmunchies!  However, you could blaze Frannie and head to the mall. Guess you could say its a great shopping stone. The strain has a if you don’t cough you don’t get off aspect that will really get you huffing after a little puffing. Some marijuana enthusiasts don’t like coughing and toking, while there are other potheads who practically demand their buds make them hack up a lung. It will deliver middle of road results in this area. Frannie is really a great lung expanding ganja, but you won’t cough so hard tears well up in your eyes. The flavor was a little timid. Not overpowering. Given I don’t know much about Frannie, it tastes like Dutch genetics. You know the period when the Amsterdam indica strains didn’t have much taste to them, but packed a good downward punch. It’s not the usually kush offering I’ve been writing marijuana reviews about. Overall I really liked this marijuana strain.

Medical Marijuana Review Chemo


No doubt about it, Chemo lives up to its medical marijuana legend. This wonderful weed knocked my pain levels down several notches. I’ve had some serious sleepless nights lately, falling asleep incredible sore, then waking a few hours feeling worst. Not rested. Plenty of pure indicas have been tried. They’re working, but not as a well as the marijuana effects of Chemo.

Chemo Marijuana Review

According to lore Chemo was bred for people who were going through chemotherapy. It was designed to immediately reduce pain like no other cannabis. And let me tell you, it does. My pain went dramatically down after a full volcano vaporizer canister. Pain levels went from screaming bloody murder to gentle calming and peaceful.
Not couch lock, but relaxing.
Pain relief is something I deeply desire and Chemo marijuana delivers. The monster buds were very heavy. Chemo marijuana seeds produce a single cola plant with above average yields. Buds gently glistened with crystals. A little broke up into plenty. A full volcano vaporizer canister produced numerous dense bags. Even after ground the buds produced no smell.
The flavour is very much lacking too. However, you don’t toke Chemo for its flavour. Its sole stated purpose is to relieve pain. This is wonderful medicinal marijuana for people with chronic pain problems. Does it better than many of the kush strains I’ve been vaporizing. Maybe I’ve become immune to kush.
Chemo was a staple on many cannabis dispensary back in the day. It’s been replaced by newer marijuana strains. That’s a shame because it’s fantastic. There’s tastier strains for sure, but if you need pain relief regardless of taste (think Buckley’s, without the yucky face) then it’s still tops.

Medicinal Marijuana Review Bubba


Fantastic medicinal marijuana! Bubba is excellent pain relieving grass. With my chronic pain levels off the chart, I’m thankful to have such a powerful indica like Bubba. It’s mostly Kush. Drops my pain levels by several notches. Not completely pain free, but I’m functional. The pain doesn’t interfere with my life to heavily when I have enough of an indica like Bubba. This marijuana strain was donated by a Kush loving grower.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

They are an expert on growing Kush weed. I’ve been loading up a near full volcano vaporizer canister with Bubba to create dense volcano vapor bags since the start of November. It’s my worst month. Something about November that drives my pain sky high. Bubba is top tier toke. Producing a beautiful London fog in my volcano vapor bags. Impossible to see through. Plenty of fibromyalgia patients agree with me, November is the worse for pain. I find fibromyalgia pain is better suited for White Widow or other med pot strains from the white family. However, with my scoliosis running wild, I’m more likely to rip something like Bubba because it’s pure pain relief couch lock. It’s a sleepy stone making it difficult to write a medicinal marijuana review. It’s one of the few strains that inhales best in a bong or joint not a vaporizer. The smooth hash-y kush flavour really comes through, especially at the end of the joint.  This is couch lock cannabis at its best. Will make plenty potheads drooling fools for hours. The buds release a wonderful, but light aroma when ground. I highly recommend ripping in a bong or a joint.

Marijuana Review Ultimate Indica


Legendary for its medicinal marijuana properties, this sample of Ultimate Indica is all pain killer. Dropping my pain levels in half. Ultimate Indica, or LUI in some circles, is a beautiful indica. Genetically speaking its a cross of Ortega and Sweet Tooth. It’s difficult to write a marijuana review on this strain because it creates such a mellow vibe. Great for evening tokes after a hard day. Make sure you have nothing left important on the to do list. After a day of writing, grocery shopping, washing my kitchen floor, I attempted to write this weed review, but the downward indica buzz ripped on my creative juices. Thankfully my memory muscle is stellar and hopefully will prevail. After all I’m a professional pothead. The flavor was super smooth. No harshness in the toke at all. I was able to do heavy vapor hits. Which were excellent at removing my chronic pain. Despite the pain really rocking me lately, indica marijuana has been making my life bearable. Both Ultra Kush and Ultimate Indica are completely unique in flavor, taste and even high. Ultimate Indica is really sedate. Will couch lock even the hardiest of tokers. Put to sleep even the most restless. It’s like taking a sledgehammer to your pain.

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Marijuana Review Ultra Kush


Despite my best efforts at de-cluttering Pimp Pot Palace, there’s always something that is out of place. Why does this bother me? Well, when I’m sitting couch-locked, meditating, trying to relax my mind, stuff out of place drags me down. Not that its terrible problem. But it is one I’m addressing. Motivation to clean or write a marijuana review on Ultra Kush is challenging. It’s great ganja for heavy pain days and I’ve been having plenty of those lately. With my upcoming constitutional challenge to Canada’s marijuana laws now in full swing, I don’t have the time to slow down. I’m toking a pure indica with my coffee to try to get through days when my spine is just screaming bloody murder at me. Vaporizing both Ultra Kush and Ultimate Indica. Sometimes one right after the other. Sometimes mixed together. I could easily toke a half ounce of either right now I’m feeling that disabled. So is Ultra Kush the Ultimate Indica of kush weed? More importantly which one is better. I’m not sure.  Ultra Kush has everything a kush lover demands in a marijuana strain. The stone is top notch. Very buzz worthy. A little Ultra Kush went a long way. Filled multiple vapor bags. Exactly what I would expect from a top flight kush. Heavy pain relief for me. Drooling fool couch lock for others. Taking my pain from a 9 right down to a three or a four. Fantastic medicinal marijuana. Professional potheads will love unwinding with Ultra Kush. Awesome weed for Netflix watching, meditating or drooling. Not very conversational or good for marijuana review writing.

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Marijuana Review Rock Star


Don’t anticipate being able to do much rocking out with Rock Star. Unless your a chair dancer. You might be able to do some head banging. Possibly throw the goats, but this heavy dank indica knocked me on my ass more than once in the afternoon. Getting me to stop what I was doing to take a nap. I like that! Pain just evaporated. However, it was impossible to vaporizer sum of it to write a marijuana review. Slows your thinking down to Matrix bullet time. If you’re at all tired, Rock Star is the insomnia cure. It’s pure medicinal marijuana pain relief. Awesome for recreational tokers and Budbabes who like to drool for a few hours in front of their television. Rock Star is the best kush. Premier couch lock grass. Two Volcano Vapor bags had me sleep the night away. That’s rare!

Rock Star Kush

Rock Star is Paradise Seeds Sensi Star crossed with Soma’s Rock Bud (Super skunk – Big Skunk Korean – Afghani – Afghani-Hawaiian). The buds were extremely weighty. Compact and resinous. You almost expect them to make a clunk or clinking sound when dropped on your rolling tray. They’re that heavy. When it comes to bud density Rock Star brings the girth.  When ground using my Green House Seeds grinder the buds produced a heavenly dank. Something you wouldn’t expect from an indica. Especially Amsterdam marijuana seeds.

Top kush smell. Rock Star also  has a great taste. Every toke is rich and delicious. Old Ironside Vaporizer (my Volcano Vaporizer) produced some of the richest dense bags I’ve experienced. The flavor is stellar. The Afghani genetics really come through producing a kush like taste. It’s surprising actually to see that there’s no kush in Rock Star. It does have the familiar flavor kush potheads will adore.

Unlike traditional Afghani strains with their earthy musky sometimes mountain goat taste, Rock Star has a smooth hashish taste. Pure chroniseur cannabis. If you want to loose track of time, possibly an afternoon, then Rock Star is the weed for you. It’s awesome for people who have serious pain problems.

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