Keyword Jamming OG Kush Purple Kush John Baird


What’s more popular OG Kush or Purple Kush? Based on the number of monthly searches performed, the term “Purple Kush” is slightly more popular than “OG Kush.” By a margin 16,000 searches. I noticed a few Google Marc Emery signs at Free Marc rallies. Not needing to Google the Prince of Pot, I wondered how many searches are conducted. Now I’m blogging the results. Approximately 18,000 searches are made every month. Not bad considering there’s 40,000 searches for marijuana news.


The signs are interesting way to engage passing traffic. There’s a swarm of Free Marc signs at rallies, but it’s the Google Marc Emery that helps people connect it all. An instruction tells people what we want them to do. Like our Free Marc Emery QR Code for mobile aware folks. Our demand is Free Marc, but our request is also for people to be informed about his plight.

So they can help us Free Marc Emery!
Usually people aren’t told to Google something. Instead they punch words into search engines. Understanding what words they’re using is a career. When not protesting prohibition, I’m doing keyword research for digital agency Pixel Dreams.
The month’s not over yet, but my top five keywords aren’t all weed. Congrats goes to MP John Baird, who originally I referred to as a parliamentary pitbull, but apparently is actually the Cons’ big gay bear of parliament. Would the Toronto elites please let the Ottawa member of parliament play with them!
I blogged a while back about a dream where I was in a hockey fight in the House of Commons with John Baird. We need someone on the left who is prepared to drop the gloves to end Conservative bullying. I’d trade blows with MP Baird. He likes to throw his weight around, but I doubt he’s got the cardio like I do. Because I do pilates and rip Hunter S. Bong.
Though Baird is polling fourth he could over take Sour Diesel, but there’s no way he’ll over take Kush. Who smokes Mango Kush? Not MP John Baird! He wants to put potheads, especially those who grow grass in newly minted prisons. Stop Bill S-10.
However if Kush were to run for office, there’d be a majority. The Kush Party would win a majority of seats if an election was held today. You don’t read that in too many polls. Well over half of my top fifty keywords are kush weed related.

Rock Star

My Google analytics gives me a chuckle as pothead porn is in the top ten. Then Kush crushes the competition. Horny potheads who can’t find porn or kush are also looking for Budbabe sex.
Only one person was bold enough to search “where to buy pot yongesterdam.” Hello Officer Snoops-A-Lot.
The two new Mernagh site additions,Free Marc Emery mobile site and Testify witness intake form for my trial are getting oodles of attention. Awesome.
Continue to enjoy White strain marijuana review week.

Have a weedy day

Matt Mernagh

Forgot About This Cannabis Culture Article


So like I’m checking my Google RSS feed and came across How To Get The Most From Vaporizing. Not even thinking I had penned the piece I clicked it. Low-and-behold there’s a Cannabis Culture article with my and Goodster name on it. Wait I remember now.  I think. Somehow this got lost in a huff shuffle of lost weed writing. It happens. How far back does this lost article go? Marc Emery was free when this How To article was penned.  Goodster and I got a good chuckle  a session at Vapor Central

Story is CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer received a letter from Marc to get on  posting the vapor article. It was on prince of pot to do list before he was extradited. Speaking of To Do lists, I have three months worth of letters to send to Marc. I write three or four pages a week. Just random stuff too…

Readers love How To’s. My first How To was for Cannabis Culture’s medical marijuana issue. The last issue with the seedbank catalog, but came with DEA raid Do Not Buy Sticker. It’s my debut article for Cannabis Culture. And a start of a series of articles.

One How To Marc and I couldn’t write, not that it usually stopped us, was How To Open A Marijuana Seed Bank. I have all the notes from those session. Hmmmmm….

We got banned for sixty days in New Zealand over How To Smuggle Pot. Marc giggled over that like a school girl. As a publisher he would insist on raising the bar and you gladly wanted to jump it.  Like Vince McMahon he never asked you to bring game, he just derived great joy from your efforts that you just brought game.

Writers, artistd, musicians ought to be paid for their work. Income allows them to live life. Generally speaking we live very solitary lives. Working away at our computers. So we tend to spend our incomes on outside activities. Coffee shop writer…CC paid, and paid, very well. Especially for alt writing. Marc was just slow with the signatures.  And those that could afford donated their services.

Lastly, consider PM Stephen Harper is waging a culture war with Bill S-10. Making people who create cannabis fueled art all the more important to ending prohibition.

Serious Hilarious Examination Of Marc Emery


Wow, what a Saturday afternoon at the movies.
Toronto Hash Mob took over The Bloor Cinema, forced them to play four hours of Marc Emery movies. Well just one movie four hours long. With an intermission. While we ripped our bongs and lit up some joints.
Management got a little worried because our weedy ways were a little too much. It was dark so I couldn’t see anyone doing anything illegal.
[singlepic id=394 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]Principle of Pot is an exhaustive chronological examination of one person’s life. Where previous movies take a storytelling (obviously that sells too largest audience) in explaining Marc Emery, director Paul McKeever opts to simply present his subject via documentation. Like a lawyer defending a client to a judge.

Some have said to me it’s a blowjob documentary. But that’s because the movie doesn’t contains  critical look.  Or story telling. Though he tries, McKeever, can’t tell a story and it’s very very long.  But weed makes it better. Way better. Instead McKeever’s ability to acquire documents and then say what the document is, is legalistic perfect. Herein lies the flicks genius.
For all but a few Emeroids it’s information overload. Plenty of potheads however remarked to me that they never knew about Marc Emery’s early efforts. Only his marijuana work. I’m somewhat familiar. Especially 2 Live Crew. But I was a teenager listening to Dayglo Abortions.
Or trying too.
I was eager to see the early years. And I’m glad people enjoyed it as much as I did. Maybe not with that hairstyle and those glasses. Emery’s glasses just kept getting bigger and his hair too. I nearly fell on the floor several times I howled so hard. The ’80s were cruel to Marc.

[singlepic id=408 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]And not just politically. Composter is rocking the same do. Making it even funnier. At least to me. I guess it could be worst. Plenty of people had rat tails and mullets. I had both, but I was in grade school. Plus when one begins ripping bongs based on Emery’s glasses or hairstyle like we tried too –  OMG Look At Those Glasses! – bong rip – you get high very fast.
For a hairstyle change spark a joint. If you see Marc’s receding hairline spark two. And if someone in the movie theatre has the Emery hair, pass them the weed. Future showings Composter is going to go as ’80s Marc Emery. Maddchronic will play the role of ghetto blaster, reprising it as ‘bong blaster.’ But even his mighty RooR rips might not be able to keep up. Mage and I will dress and act like Stadler and Waldorf. Goodster will play the role of McKeever. Constantly carrying out legal letterboxes through the whole four hours. Building a grand prohibition wall for the finale.
A Toronto Hash Mob musical number directed by Ginger Blossom and Ophelia Bottom. We discovered the best way to enjoy Principle of Pot is to Rocky Horror Picture Show it up. After all it is The Bloor Cinema.
My doctor said I need more laughter. I got boatloads on Saturday. Laughter does open your mind to information. Back to some seriousness.  [singlepic id=416 w=320 h=240 float=left]
I think the first half early years is very important to put Marc Emery in context. Emery builds a great foundation to cast himself as a hero in the second half of his life book. People do hero worship Emery. Without a doubt. They’re called Emeroids. I like the name. Because many of them are very serious pain in the government’s ass. People do idolize Lady Gaga, Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, or any numerable persons for whatever their reasons.
A literary type, Emery the Hero, must have a tragic flaw.
People will be quick to judge his character flaws as his tragic flaws. But he’s not Macbeth. Or the Greek guy who shagged his mum. In literary classic I read.
Emery’s tragic flaw is acute knowledge he’s un-electable, the system doesn’t work, and that elections are his only platform to promoting his message. Meanwhile he operates a bookstore and puts out an alternative newspaper.
Back in 1980s! Hello! McFly.
While Emery focuses all his efforts on “elections as platform” his actual ability to reach the masses is smacking him upside the head like a red snapper. Emery’s self publishing comes full circle when he shares the stage with legendary media maverick Moises Znaimer in the second half of the movie at Idea City.[singlepic id=381 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]
Had Emery focused his efforts on “the medium as the message” to carry his idelogical platform via mediums he adores so much; comic books, magazines, books, newspapers, film, music, who knows what might have been. He opts to engage in the very thing he despises, government, while mildly neglecting or putting in less enthusiasm into the things that he should adore, the creation of alternative media.
What If Marc Emery focused his zeal on publishing not politics?

Toronto Hash Mob Rallies For Emery


A ganja fueled enthusiastic gathering of Marc Emery supporters protested prince of pot’s extradition order at the U.S. Consulate. Toronto Police Service enforcing some unknown guideline forced Toronto Hash Mob and activists across the street to demonstrate in front of the University Avenue courthouse. I now have the perfect example of political police harassment possible.
Most everyone agrees Marc Emery was going to be home by dinner, Monday, May 10. If you know Emery, he tends to be like the marijuana activist who cries wolf. Tho many, many marijuana activists are the same. My schedule conflicted with the rally start time and a simple bail hearing in Vancouver wasn’t overly enticing after weeks of prohibition protesting.
Happy many people used their time off to do bring the noise. I’m told over 1,000 handbills were distributed to people entering the courthouse. Where Toronto Police Service demanded protesters protest.

Free Marc Emery

Maddchronic Frees Marc Emery

I showed  after word came down.
Emery no getting bail.
He’s getting extradited.
Unlike protesters clad in their Free Marc ware, I wore my limited edition Andy Warhol cut Levi jacket, brown hip hugger pants that show off my ass nicely, and a white Club Monaco dress shirt.
Before catching up with a Free Marc tee clad Maddchronic and long board helmet wearing Composter, I sat for an hour twenty feet from unaware cops, who were keeping an eye on them.
Fascinatingly Toronto Police Service had no problems with someone peacefully sending angry vibes to America from the parkette they were stationed in.
As long as they were not clad in cannabis clothing, had a sign or a flag.
An hour earlier I had come down the US Consulate side of University Avenue. Passing the RCMP officer talking on his cellphone in a darkly marked police car a few blocks down from Toronto Hash Mob.
At the consulate I stopped and picked a Tulip.
I walked south to Queen St. Crossed to the middle traffic divider. Then headed northward up the beautified traffic divider (we consider it green space in Toronto). Picked a free bench not too close to the unaware bike cops, who were eying the usual suspects, but close enough, then began my peaceful sit in.
In the name of public safety how is it the Tooker Gomberg of ganja was able to infiltrate a police protest perimeter.
Because it has nothing to do with public safety.
And everything to do with political harassment.
It’s not just the potheads. Every group that has a beef with USA who march on University Avenue are getting political push around.
You want to sit peaceful on the traffic island in front of US Consulate, maybe even sleep, TPS are fine with it. Wear a political slogan, unfurl a flag, hold up a sign, then you’re moved along, but the snoozing homeless person isn’t.
Now that’s weird and crazy.

Marc Emery Has Left The Country


A five year legal battle has come to an end involving Canada’s Prince of Pot Marc Emery. Emery pleaded guilty to selling marijuana seeds too Americans and earning a handsome profit off their sales. Some of the profits from Marc Emery Direct Seeds went to fund various activism efforts, including, Marc Emery’s Summer of Legalization of Tour, where he traveled nationwide to smoke his bong in front of cop shops.

[singlepic id=456 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]Demonstrating some Canadian police forces don’t enforce small possession laws and others do. Depending on the city. It’s this tour that possibly drew the attention of DEA agents. Who working with RCMP opted to uproot Emery’s cannabis corporation.

The ensuing media campaign had Emery become even more infamous than he was when he sold marijuana seeds.

Kind of like the celebrity who becomes more famous after they’ve died.  I’m looking at you Tupac and Cobain. Emery’s not dead yet. He did say we’d never see him alive again during some of those farewell addresses. [singlepic id=421 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]

Marc Emery Seeds Direct marketing plan was designed for him to be like how Honest Ed or Mel Lastman would sell their wares. Put themselves out front and hype, hype, hype, product and person. PT Barnum would be proud of Emery’s marijuana sales efforts, which garnered him placement on DEA most wanted list.

His second, one adopted by numerous cannabis businesses less successfully, is using his marijuana activism as a marketing platform for marijuana seed sales. A fascinating combination. It’s exactly the same corporate promise made by dish detergent Dove in their recent marketing push.

I bought some the other day because Gulf Mexico oil spill has me all worried. Consumers have demonstrated a willingness to purchase products, whether it’s dish detergent or marijuana seeds, if they believe part of the sale is, “going to good.”

Before Marc Emery Direct Seeds marijuana legalization supporters who wanted to make ethical consumer purchases had their choice of the usual crappy marketing charitable offerings (coffee mugs, membership cards, stickers) via a NORML donation.  Now they could purchase marijuana seeds (some as collectors others as growers) and get a feel goodie feeling that comes with ethical consumer purchasing.[singlepic id=464 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]

Emery argues his marijuana activism / marijuana marketing plan was the reason he drew the ire of DEA. True. No doubt about it. He was also CEO of Canada’s largest marijuana seed bank. Why would DEA agents target a smaller marijuana seed bank like Overgrow? Generally speaking cops claim they target the top dogs.

DEA press release doesn’t even allude to political motivation.

They outright state it.

An articulate fellow aware of American draconian drug laws it’s hard to believe Emery didn’t know America would target him. Most likely he believed Canadian courts would protect him, like they’ve done in the past for his other acts of civil disobedience, from a horrific American marijuana jail sentence.

After all he never set foot in America.

Canadian courts are happy to entertain unique arguments and issue near political like rulings for the right individual. They accept peaceful acts of civil disobedience when presented by the proper person. But American cookie cutter courts with their elected judges with no legal backgrounds will not entertain any such legal arguments. [singlepic id=189 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]

The continued Harperization of Canadian courts will, of course, move us more in line with America. Our extradition treaty is a prime example of this. When an extradition is requested by either country it’s near automatic. Bill S-10 with its mandatory jail sentences is also right out America.

Tommy Chong Free Marc Emery On WWE RAW


Last night cannabis comedy duo Cheech and Chong horribly embarrassed themselves as guest hosts on wrestling program WWE RAW. One wrestling fan site referred to it as a Bad Trip On The Road To Wrestlemania.
Going so far as to refer to as an “all time low.”
I’ll agree!
Cheech and Chong hosting was head shaking stupid.
WWE creative team broke writing rule number one. Write about what you know. They clearly don’t know cannabis.
WWE and fans probably missed Chong’s huge cannabis culture jam that had me cheering weed wild. Tommy Chong wore a Free Marc Emery t-shirt!
Emery is on DEA most wanted list for his supposed illegal marijuana seeds empire.
WWE stockholder Linda McMahon is seeking a senate seat.
A prohibitionist who denies wrestlers use steroids.
WWE programming is family friendly now. Attempting to appeal to Attitude era Gen X parents who procreated, some like redneck rabbits, after watching Austin vs. Rock.
Had someone at WWE caught Chong’s wink wink nudge nudge to Marc Emery via his t-shirt – they’d certainly put Chong in Koffi Kingston merch.
Cheech Marin probably doesn’t get Chong’s sly stoner reference either.
Thank you Chong for your awesome sly activism.
The rest of your pothead performance, however, was a mockery of all things wrestling and weed. But you knew that. Your t-shirt redeems you.
I’m a stoner wrestling fan to the point where I’d like to be a manager.
Damn disability getting in the way.
But I’m going to pilates, saying my prayers and smoking my medicinal marijuana.
The only python I got is in my stretch ghetto pants.
For now.
My wrestling gimmick. The Hookup. I got what you need. I got what you want. Just give me call baby. Combining the Doctor of Style Slick with Jimmy Mouth of the South Heart.
However if casual wrestling enthusiasts caught Cheech and Chong on WWE Raw last night I’d be back in the wrestling closet.
Possibly for good!
I’m not concerned about people knowing I’m a pothead. Clearly.
But when it comes to watching wrestling I keep it on the lowdown.  Until Rob Van Dam wrote an article for Cannabis Culture. You take plenty of ribbing when stoners discover “You like wrestling!”
After the highly anticipated Cheech and Chong skits I’d be back in the wrestling fan closet if it I wasn’t so outraged I have to publicly complain. WWE is known for their terrible television moments.
But, man, last night on RAW it was beyond bad.
They should have just used a fog machine blowing out the dressing door for the appearance of weed and claimed the guests hosts were unavailable.  Then Vince McMahon could fire everyone for wrecking the WWE Wellness Program policy.
Unfortunately or thankfully, I’m not sure how many potheads tuned into WWE RAW for Cheech and Chong.
The only redeeming quality to their whole appearance was Tommy Chong culture jamming Vince McMahon and WWE audience with his Free Marc Emery t-shirt.
I went bat shit crazy seeing Chong wear his Free Marc Emery tee on WWE television.
Even Chong looked un-amused during their skits.
Involving midget Hornswoggle giving them Lucky Charms, which they ate like slobs. All wrestlers who visited wore mustaches. Their only pop or cheer came when they announced a Diva pillow fight.
But that’s because people were cheering for the TNA.
But the power of Chong’s Free Marc Emery shirt probably pulled him and us through.
The only other highlight last night on WWE RAW was it ended.
We eagerly await Cannabis Culture contributor Rob Van Dam arrival at TNA. RVD already known for his marijuana legalization views will bring some serious 420 love back to wrestling.
Despite Cheech and Chong’s terrible performance, bring your own marijuana lounge Vapor Central will still host Marijuana Monday Night Wars.
Starting Monday March 8 wrestling fans can watch TNA and RAW battle for television ratings on Vapor Central multiple televisions.
Focus on vaporizing not channel changing!
Be at Vapor Central when TNA and RAW go head-to-head with your stash, Monday March 8.
Now you can watch both RAW and TNA simultaneously!
Get stoned without the paranoia you’re missing something on RAW or TNA.
The Road To Wrestlemania leads to Vapor Central.
Pre and post show wrap up hosted by Cannabis Champion of the World The Hookup Matt Mernahuana.

Free Marc Emery Site Launched


The outstanding activists in Vansterdam have launched a new website to keep everyone abreast of Marc Emery extradition. The prince of pot is due to leave Canada anytime. Anticipate a huge social media push during these final hours.
With Emery’s FaceBook friends capped at 5000, it’s important to sign up to Free Marc.

Marc Emery Jodie Emery n Mernagh

Marc Emery Jodie Emery n Mernagh

Canada’s Minister of Justice, Niagara Falls MP Rob Nicholson signature is required on the extradition order. The piece of legal paper that sends Emery to USA for selling marijuana seeds.
An effort to obtain 6,000 pages from the federal government regarding Emery’s extradition was essentially denied. The feds provided 30 pages. Much of it blacked out. The remaining 5970 pages were deemed National Security.
Thus the feds didn’t have to hand them over.
These pages eventually will be released, like the ones held on John Lennon, thirty years from now. Or so.
Very scary indeed.
It’ll be very interesting to find out what lies and efforts our Canadian government went to in stopping the legalization movement and solving their marijuana seeds selling problem.
In my own case, the fed’s tried hard not to hand over about 3000 pages relating to their medicinal marijuana program.
A judge ruled the government must disclose the documents.
Giving us plenty of great reading.
But it causes endless amounts of stress.
I find it strange a guy (Marc Emery) who’s beautiful wedding I attended is one of the most wanted people in America.
The only thing you have to worry about around Marc Emery is his ambitious libido.
If I only I had half his libido or ambition…
Anywho, sign up to the Free Marc site newsletter and RSS feed to learn everything Emery extradition related as it happens.
You will be among the first to know when the fabled marijuana seed seller has left the country.

Free Marc
No Jail For Marijuana Seed Sales

Maddchronic’s Chronic Examined


Had a nice long bong rip session with Maddchronic yesterday in Yongesterdam involving plenty of great wrestling and weed talk.
On average 15 per cent of the wrestlers appearing on WWF card like Wrestlemania, Survivor Series or SummerSlam have died.
From muscle and pain related drug use and hard road living.
It’s not the official cause of death.
Usually heart attack from enlarged heart.
[singlepic id=57 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Medicinal marijuana for wrestlers would be perfect. Marijuana manages pain and moods wonderful when acquired from a compassion club.
Former WWE and ECW champ Rob Van Dam is an outspoken advocate for marijuana. Appearing on numerous television talks shows to promote the benefits of marijuana for athletes.
Later in the evening Compton stopped by Pimp Pot Palace to participate in a marijuana photo shoot. We fired up the 400x USB microscope to search for cannabis trichromes.
We got the focus down.
And I photoshop using auto levels for contrast and color.
The goal now is to snap some interesting trichrome photographs.
Maddchronic wasn’t sure of strain, but the marijuana buds did photograph great.
As evidence of the marijuana photo gallery.

Have a weedful day,


PS – Subscribe to Mernahuana Newsletter for chapter 1 – 5 of The Marijuana Myths of the Compassion Crew and Marijuana Mob.

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Prince of Pot Granted Bail

Legendary marijuana activist Marc Emery a/k/a Prince of Pot was released from a BC jail on bail, yesterday, Tuesday Nov. 17.
The former marijuana seed seller was granted bail until the Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson signs the extradion order. That piece of paper will send Emery to the United States for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet.
Emery facing life in prison opted to take a five year plea agreement.
To complete the deal, Canada’s Minister of Justice needs to sign his extradition paperwork before Emery can be extradited.
Traditonally extradition orders are signed within 60 days.
However, polical insiders on parliament hill explained the following to me.
If the Minister of Justice is under a great deal of political pressure to not sign the paperwork then it can stay on their To Do List indefinately. This type of politcal ploy is more routine in the Minister of Immigration office where the system sends someone back, only for the Minster to intervene on their behalf.
It should be noted, this tactic was more common under the Liberal party when they had power. Be a long time before they’re back in the winner’s circle.
Polite phone calls, faxes and emails can be sent to Canada’s Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson to keep the pressure up.
Telephone: (613) 995-1547
Fax: (613) 992-7910