Keyword Jamming OG Kush Purple Kush John Baird


What’s more popular OG Kush or Purple Kush? Based on the number of monthly searches performed, the term “Purple Kush” is slightly more popular than “OG Kush.” By a margin 16,000 searches. I noticed a few Google Marc Emery signs at Free Marc rallies. Not needing to Google the Prince of Pot, I wondered how many searches are conducted. Now I’m blogging the results. Approximately 18,000 searches are made every month. Not bad considering there’s 40,000 searches for marijuana news.


The signs are interesting way to engage passing traffic. There’s a swarm of Free Marc signs at rallies, but it’s the Google Marc Emery that helps people connect it all. An instruction tells people what we want them to do. Like our Free Marc Emery QR Code for mobile aware folks. Our demand is Free Marc, but our request is also for people to be informed about his plight.

So they can help us Free Marc Emery!
Usually people aren’t told to Google something. Instead they punch words into search engines. Understanding what words they’re using is a career. When not protesting prohibition, I’m doing keyword research for digital agency Pixel Dreams.
The month’s not over yet, but my top five keywords aren’t all weed. Congrats goes to MP John Baird, who originally I referred to as a parliamentary pitbull, but apparently is actually the Cons’ big gay bear of parliament. Would the Toronto elites please let the Ottawa member of parliament play with them!
I blogged a while back about a dream where I was in a hockey fight in the House of Commons with John Baird. We need someone on the left who is prepared to drop the gloves to end Conservative bullying. I’d trade blows with MP Baird. He likes to throw his weight around, but I doubt he’s got the cardio like I do. Because I do pilates and rip Hunter S. Bong.
Though Baird is polling fourth he could over take Sour Diesel, but there’s no way he’ll over take Kush. Who smokes Mango Kush? Not MP John Baird! He wants to put potheads, especially those who grow grass in newly minted prisons. Stop Bill S-10.
However if Kush were to run for office, there’d be a majority. The Kush Party would win a majority of seats if an election was held today. You don’t read that in too many polls. Well over half of my top fifty keywords are kush weed related.

Rock Star

My Google analytics gives me a chuckle as pothead porn is in the top ten. Then Kush crushes the competition. Horny potheads who can’t find porn or kush are also looking for Budbabe sex.
Only one person was bold enough to search “where to buy pot yongesterdam.” Hello Officer Snoops-A-Lot.
The two new Mernagh site additions,Free Marc Emery mobile site and Testify witness intake form for my trial are getting oodles of attention. Awesome.
Continue to enjoy White strain marijuana review week.

Have a weedy day

Matt Mernagh

Forgot About This Cannabis Culture Article


So like I’m checking my Google RSS feed and came across How To Get The Most From Vaporizing. Not even thinking I had penned the piece I clicked it. Low-and-behold there’s a Cannabis Culture article with my and Goodster name on it. Wait I remember now.  I think. Somehow this got lost in a huff shuffle of lost weed writing. It happens. How far back does this lost article go? Marc Emery was free when this How To article was penned.  Goodster and I got a good chuckle  a session at Vapor Central

Story is CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer received a letter from Marc to get on  posting the vapor article. It was on prince of pot to do list before he was extradited. Speaking of To Do lists, I have three months worth of letters to send to Marc. I write three or four pages a week. Just random stuff too…

Readers love How To’s. My first How To was for Cannabis Culture’s medical marijuana issue. The last issue with the seedbank catalog, but came with DEA raid Do Not Buy Sticker. It’s my debut article for Cannabis Culture. And a start of a series of articles.

One How To Marc and I couldn’t write, not that it usually stopped us, was How To Open A Marijuana Seed Bank. I have all the notes from those session. Hmmmmm….

We got banned for sixty days in New Zealand over How To Smuggle Pot. Marc giggled over that like a school girl. As a publisher he would insist on raising the bar and you gladly wanted to jump it.  Like Vince McMahon he never asked you to bring game, he just derived great joy from your efforts that you just brought game.

Writers, artistd, musicians ought to be paid for their work. Income allows them to live life. Generally speaking we live very solitary lives. Working away at our computers. So we tend to spend our incomes on outside activities. Coffee shop writer…CC paid, and paid, very well. Especially for alt writing. Marc was just slow with the signatures.  And those that could afford donated their services.

Lastly, consider PM Stephen Harper is waging a culture war with Bill S-10. Making people who create cannabis fueled art all the more important to ending prohibition.