Marijuana Review OGiesel


A fab cross of OG Kush and Giesel that will get your motor running. Ogiesel s a euphoric, depression solving, stress relieving marijuana strain that tastes amazing. A little in your bong for a wake and bake session will have you jumping out of bed. Great ganja to toke before heading out the door for work. You’ll be smiling all day. Even people with chronic pain may find themselves doing the happy pain free dance.  Ogiesel has some pain relief without a slow down stay in bed effect.


Great marijuana to inhale if you want to get some housework done, cannabis chores, or play video games. The only downside I wasn’t able to sit still until my marijuana high smoothed out. Difficult to write a marijuana review until I was coasting downwards. On the way up it’s a soaring sativa. Send you straight to the moon. However, I was jumping from task to task. Sometimes OG Kush does that to me. Makes me overly hyped for multitasking. Not cool. Gets me all amped up. Great work out weed or protesting pot prohibition. It’s a hybrid with Giesel added to fatten up the kush. Also adds a nice pain relief couch lock. Oigesel marijuana buds were dense and produced numerous bags of slick vapor. The Hamiltoke grower really did a nice job finishing this strain. I liked it much more than their purple kush offering. Both were very excellent.

Marijuana Review Mango


This mid-priced ($5/gram) med pot was actually much better than the warning I received when contemplating taking some home. When you’re professional pothead people only want to offer you the best. The bargain basement price for Mango made getting some for a marijuana review something to consider. Especially because it’s taking some effort to get going in the morning.

Mango Marijuana

I’m like a cold car starting or something. Turn me over a few times, baby! A sativa for the wake and bake is required. I like having some sativa in the house for the days when the pain is ruining my motivation. I need something to energize me. How do you know if something is mids or not if you’re not prepared to vaporize? Heck, you could walk away with a great deal. With all the great marijuana reviews, readers might think I only sample the high end of cannabis samples. After all the great pain relieving M-39 is mids, but works for my pain wonderfully. I picked up a half ounce of M-39 the other day for less $100. It’s like generic pain relieving medication. Mango produced a better looking vapor bag than Froot Loops, which was moderately more expensive.  The vapor was rich, dense and plentiful. Given the price it was actually surprising how dense a vapor bag Mango produced. Bonus points are awarded. It was an uplifting get stuff done around Pimp Pot Palace medical marijuana strain. I did plenty of puttering around Triple P. Putting stuff away while puffing. It was a great helper when it came to general tidying up. However, it was short lived. Probably the reason it was mid-priced. The flavor wasn’t too impressive for a Mango sativa. That said mid priced Mango was worth the purchase price. Went in expecting not much, came out pleasantly surprised. It’s enjoyable mid-carder cannabis.

Marijuana Review Sour Diesel


Too much Sour Diesel makes me space-y jittery. Hard to keep coherent thinking. This is a soaring marijuana strain, think Starbucks coffee, with excellent depression relieving properties. A little Sour D in a volcano vaporizer goes a long way. Take note of that. Because too much can really get you bouncing off the walls. Unlike indica, I only need a little sativa. These Sour Diesel buds would be awesome mixed with a powerful none tasty indica. You can really wake up when waking and vaporizing Sour Diesel. It’s great breakfast bud. Especially people who enjoy citrus beverages or fruits for breakfast. These buds produced a soft sour taste sativa lovers would adore inhaling all day. Not overpowering flavor like Grapefruit. Just sour enough. Not like a Grapefruit, which is too sour, but more like along the lines of orange. Soft sour tinge every time you toke. The first bag is stellar sativa. Cream of the cannabis crop. The marijuana flavor dangles and tingles your toker taste buds. Was so well grown it dank’d the moment you opened the baggy. Stellar! Not much marijuana smell when ground. Unlike my previous marijuana review of Sour Diesel these buds were heavy. Not your typical wispy sativa. Either I properly medicated or this batch of Sour Diesel had a hint of indica. Overall I really dug Sour Diesel. The marijuana high is much different than what I’ve been vaporizing lately. Mixed with some indica strains and you have a fantastic personal hybrid.

Winning The Right To Grow Med Marijuana


The long drawn out wait for justice is finally taking another step. On Monday June 21 trial dates will be set to determine if I’m guilty or innoncent of production of a substance 7(2)(B) CDSA. What’s that you ask? I was charged with growing marijuana for myself on Apr. 30, 2008. After Niagara Regional Police Service inadverently discovered where I lived. According to their pre-trial testimony.
[singlepic id=465 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]My defense lawyer Paul Lewin has devised a unique complicated criminal defense. We’re asking a judge to exempt me from this section of the controlled drugs and substance act. Written into the CDSA is an exemption clause. Continue reading

Forgot About This Cannabis Culture Article


So like I’m checking my Google RSS feed and came across How To Get The Most From Vaporizing. Not even thinking I had penned the piece I clicked it. Low-and-behold there’s a Cannabis Culture article with my and Goodster name on it. Wait I remember now.  I think. Somehow this got lost in a huff shuffle of lost weed writing. It happens. How far back does this lost article go? Marc Emery was free when this How To article was penned.  Goodster and I got a good chuckle  a session at Vapor Central

Story is CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer received a letter from Marc to get on  posting the vapor article. It was on prince of pot to do list before he was extradited. Speaking of To Do lists, I have three months worth of letters to send to Marc. I write three or four pages a week. Just random stuff too…

Readers love How To’s. My first How To was for Cannabis Culture’s medical marijuana issue. The last issue with the seedbank catalog, but came with DEA raid Do Not Buy Sticker. It’s my debut article for Cannabis Culture. And a start of a series of articles.

One How To Marc and I couldn’t write, not that it usually stopped us, was How To Open A Marijuana Seed Bank. I have all the notes from those session. Hmmmmm….

We got banned for sixty days in New Zealand over How To Smuggle Pot. Marc giggled over that like a school girl. As a publisher he would insist on raising the bar and you gladly wanted to jump it.  Like Vince McMahon he never asked you to bring game, he just derived great joy from your efforts that you just brought game.

Writers, artistd, musicians ought to be paid for their work. Income allows them to live life. Generally speaking we live very solitary lives. Working away at our computers. So we tend to spend our incomes on outside activities. Coffee shop writer…CC paid, and paid, very well. Especially for alt writing. Marc was just slow with the signatures.  And those that could afford donated their services.

Lastly, consider PM Stephen Harper is waging a culture war with Bill S-10. Making people who create cannabis fueled art all the more important to ending prohibition.

Marijuana Review Hawaiian Buddha


Who loves the sun?
Hawaiian Buddha is a fat tropical holiday just waiting to be explored. A tasty tropical toke with some indica thrown in to produce fat marijuana buds. Possibly one of the fattest buds of sativa I’ve seen.
[singlepic id=432 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]The marijuana bud photographed weighed in a whooping 18.5 grams. Perfectly cured. A full cure. No water weight whatsoever. Nothing but marijuana bud baby!
Hawaiian Buddha is a stellar sativa stone. Uplifting with a mild, very mild, pain relief. I’d say it’s more body relaxing. Very relaxing.
Like a tropical vacation the marijuana strain will melt your stress away.
A great after work toke.
Marijuana Mage and I had a great session one night with Hawaiian Buddha. Blasting his bong. Chatting about life. Eating good food. Unwinding after a hard day punching the clock.
Mage not me.
[singlepic id=429 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]The Buddha in this marijuana strain is actually Big Bud. Bred in to speed and fatten up the Hawaiian sativa genetics. Though the taste is a little muted compared to pure Hawaiian sativa marijuana.
Given its stress relieving properties I highly recommend Hawaiian Buddha. An all around great marijuana high. Very enjoyable flavor and stone.

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Marijuana Review Ultra Skunk


Too much of this superbly grown sample of Ultra Skunk will induce a panicky, heart racing marijuana high. Ultra Skunk is a soaring sativa. Leave the couch behind you and be prepared to sail past Saturn.
[singlepic id=304 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]The few times I vaporized too much Ultra Skunk made me more jittery than five Starbuck coffees. Not that I’ve done that before. Terrible.
Too much marijuana won’t do you any harm.
Several stoners have told me they want to clean when they get too medicated. Weird. Goes against the falsehood potheads are grubby.
Strong sativas must activate their ADD cleanliness pattern.
Or something.
I’ve never had the urge to clean when I got a good marijuana high on.
Do plenty of other stoner stuff. But not clean my home.
Sometimes sativa marijuana strains make me more wordy than when I write on indicas. Words just come flowing out of me when writing on sativa. Which was one of the reason I picked up this marijuana type.
My mood has been swinging lately. Lack of sunshine, government on my back, roommate seeking or home hunting.
I need some Ultra Skunk to get through the day.
[singlepic id=306 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]It’s easy to inhale too much marijuana when it smells as good as Ultra Skunk. The marijuana smell is unbelievable. Akin to Grapefuit. Very astringent. But not harsh. It danks up a whole room.
Not to be confused with harsh acrid Amsterdam Skunk #1.
Marijuana doesn’t get any better than this.

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Marijuana Strain Review Durban Poison


Durban Poison possess a potent uplifting pop. Just a little in my Volcano Digit worked wonders at easing my fibromyalgia symptoms. A pinch of Durban Poison will stone you with a powerful wholly unique stone.
[singlepic id=232 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Generally speaking a sativa is akin to consuming a Red Bull. Durban Poison is a pure African landrace sativa. However, its stone is very different than a Haze.
Or any other types of marijuana for that matter. Too much Haze makes me jittery. Like a Starbucks coffee. Too much Durban Poison makes me kind of sleepy. Weird, I know.
The buzz is very narcotic. Unlike any other type of marijuana I’ve inhaled.
Old time marijuana enthusiasts will recognize Durban
Poison ancient, but worthy buzz.
It’s very a trippy toke. [singlepic id=227 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]
My body became very relaxed. Sinking into the chair relaxed. While my mind slowed down. Use caution when operating heavy machinery or playing video games.
Writing a marijuana review on Durban Poison proved very difficult. This marijuana strain doesn’t make me as productive as other pure sativa marijuana types.
However, the marijuana review writing must go on. The second and third Volcano Digit vapor bags proved to be a show stopper. Eliminating my chronic pain wonderfully.
Making my body kind of jello. Responsive but rubbery. Not uncomfortable. Just very relaxed. Aware, but stoned. Great movie watching weed! Durban Poison has a very awesome way of fixing fibromyalgia symptoms. If you can find some of this extremely rare cannabis grab it.

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Mountain Meds Marijuana Strain Review


Mountain Meds is a wispy tasty toke often overlooked by professional potheads because it’s light, fluffy, and ugly compared to dense indica nugs. Even newer sativa marijuana types have much heavier structure to them compared to Mountain Meds.
[singlepic id=187 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]This cannabis strain is old school.
The marijuana type takes after a ’70s Haze in marijuana bud structure. With copious frail red hairs just waiting to be vaporized.
Dropping the Volcano Digit temperature to 385F turned out some fantastic vapor. Dense rich vapor bags of sweet sativa toke.
To a trained sativa spotter Mountain Meds is a fantastic find with its incredible soaring spacey marijuana high. It’s usually listed at 80 percent sativa. Making the marijuana type excellent for wake and bake sessions.
Or for people who need motivation in morning.
Wonderful weed for depressed people.
Mountain Meds is capable of an incredible soaring spacey depression relieving high. You’ll be doing the happy dance, like me. However marijuana buds from this latest offering were less soaring, tasty and happy dance worthy.
It happens.
I’ve had some Mountain Meds way more sativa than this recent batch. Sometimes the marijuana strain is a stupefying sativa.

[singlepic id=184 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]But not this time.
Instead of dislodging my couch from my ass it came with me. The couch lock separation that comes with sativa to push the marijuana high further just didn’t happen. No separation booster.
Mountain Meds isn’t going to be a cannabis champion. However, it’s generally a dependable marijuana strain that will get the job done day after day.

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