Marijuana Reviews Sensi Star

Paradise seeds Sensi Star is an awesome day toke for medicinal marijuana people, gamers and professional potheads.

Sensi Star

It’s a 60 / 40 cannabis strain. Meaning it tips a little more on the indica than sativa side. Some of the marijuana reviews I read had stoners reporting a strong body buzz with a lazy vibe. While others, I suspect med pot patients, report an energetic uplifting good time. It was great for getting housework done. Found myself washing dishes and sweeping the floors between volcano vapor bags. By doing that, little bit of housework, resting for a session, I’m capable of gettering done. It’s important disabled people space out our chores. Having a session between tasks is the best way to do this. Finding the marijuana strain that allows you to combine a task with a toke. Sensi Star marijuana worked wonders for doing just that. Possibly a good fibromyalgia strain. I’d have to vaporize more it to decide. Worked wonders on lowering my pain while motivating me. Gave me some munchies too. It was an alert, active, stimulating stone. The buds were solid, dense and packed with trichomes. Very enjoyable. Paradise released Sensi Star in 1995. Making it a classic by today’s standards. In 1997 they updated and improved the genetics to create thicker buds and bigger fan leaves. It’s a great marijuana strain for sea of green. The vapor bags were dense and fairly flavorful. Great day time toke. Stoners seeking something new might want to go old school.

Marijuana Review Twilight

This beautifully grown Twilight bud came my way to take pot photos and write up a marijuana review.

Twilight Marijuana Reviews

It’s popular amongst Sutton stoners. Who skulk into the 416 now and then with their bags of buds and hype for a cannabis strain I thought was a book. Nope, they’re Duch Passion seeds. Created using a Brazillian female and two KC 606 males. The result is a uniquely smelling and tasting indica provided by the sativa mom. There’s little, if any, sativa in the stone. Twilight is an indica powerhouse.  Best not inhaled for your wake and bake session. Unless, of course, your a professional pothead who can handle strong indicas in the morning. Drinking a coffee helped me. Twilight slowed me down really good. Locking me to my office chair. I was capable of getting up to fill another vapor bag or do a pilates stretch, but only with some effort. The marijuana strain possesses excellent pain relieving properties. Wonderful medicinal marijuana for people with arthritis or chronic pain. You’ll want to sit around all day smoking weed. Possibly watch a movie. There’s no motivation qualities. Sutton stoners love this strain because it gets them stoned. Old skool stoned. Sit in your basement doing bong rips all afternoon stoned. It’s been a while since I’ve been just stoned. Not out of my tree, but I didn’t go all hardcore and toke the whole bud during one session. Twilight is best toked during that time of day. When the sun goes down. Unless you have the day off. Then wake and bake with it. Highly recommend.

Marijuana Review ChemDawg #3


We performed an extensive marijuana review of this semi-organic donation during The Mernahuana Show last week. ChemDawg #3 a/k/a Canadian OG Kush blew Toronto Hash Mob away with its overwhelming flavour. The marijuana strain is a contender for sure at cannabis competitions.


When it comes to taste it’s head and shoulders above much of the weed I’ve inhaled recently. ChemDawg lit my pallet up wonderfully and hung around for a weedy while. Very memorable! Ganja gawd damn for a flavorful toke alone! The extremely dank buds broke up beautifully (almost like powder) producing an exceedingly dense vapour bags full of potency.  ChemDawg #3 had a creative couch-locking buzz. For the Ustream show the strain made us chatty and calm. It reduced my pain perfectly without too much of sluggish downside. Vaporized sum before doing pilates in the morning. Not my full class routine, but easy breath out my back stretches, abdominal strengthening and shattered shoulder rehab.  I use a pilates wheel given to me by Ugly Duckling Pilates to gently twist and turn my spine. Chris Goodwin a/k/a Goodster took a pilates class in prison, he told me the other day, I should try and get him attending.  ChemDawg is one of those magical marijuana strains with fantastic mythology. This sample lived up to its legend. Put a serious bong hitting beat down on Toronto Hash Mob. Plenty of Ric Flair like Wooooooooo’s went off. The Chemdawg was a true cannabis champ.

Medical Marijuana Review Froot Loops


We sampled sativa Froot Loops last week on The Mernahuana Show. Creating nothing but toking tom-foolery from the friends gathered to participate. Even the studio audience went a little gonzo with enthusiasm. Possibly because it’s such an uplifting soaring sativa, making for fantastic medical marijuana review writing session. Froot Loops has a variety of flavors that zing the professional potheads’ pallet. There’s an astringent zip in the inhale that creates a hardy cough when exhaling. It’s a powerful lung expanding toke. For a sativa this marijuana strain created a very dense volcano vapor bag. The airport would have to close if this fog rolled onto the tarmac. I blasted numerous volcano vapor bags at 400F perfectly. Froot Loops gave me the munchies. The medical marijuana term would be, ‘stimulated my appetite.’ Between bags I downed my favourite snack, watermelon. It was delicious. I purchase my fruit from a vendor on St. Clair Avenue. By supporting a small business I’m watching a family grow up in my community. The marijuana high was stimulating, but not jittery. I could sit still and get some writing done. Though not a pure sativa the marijuana strain did very little for my pain. Instead I created my own hybrid by mixing in Sweet Dreams. Combined a little of each for a fantastic pain relieving yet stimulating get stuff done motivation medication.

Medicinal Marijuana Review Ice


Ice is a plumped up sativa with a zealous uplifting mood elevating effect. This is get stuff done medicinal marijuana. Whether its housework, video games, late night essay writing, trekking about town or writing a medicinal marijuana review, Ice will help you getter done. If you are trekking about bring a snack as Ice induces the munchies. Great for people who need medicinal marijuana to stimulate their appetites. I ate a hardy breakfast after inhaling Ice. I’m a fan of all day breakfast. I’m seeking a new breakfast companion. Dine out and gabfest. Though I’m not there as much as my Twitter location claims I am, I love Boom Breakfast Co. on St. Clair Avenue in Toronto. Awesomely, it comes up as my location. Not Pimp Pot Palace. That’s social media cool for someone who loves breakfast. Maybe I should get my digital agency Pixel Dreams to call their marketing department to see if I can get a breakfast marketing Twitter deal. As you can read, Ice is very creative marijuana high. Great conversationalist cannabis! Surprisingly Ice produces intense dense vapour bags. More akin to an indica than a sativa.

Marijuana Review Sour Diesel


Too much Sour Diesel makes me space-y jittery. Hard to keep coherent thinking. This is a soaring marijuana strain, think Starbucks coffee, with excellent depression relieving properties. A little Sour D in a volcano vaporizer goes a long way. Take note of that. Because too much can really get you bouncing off the walls. Unlike indica, I only need a little sativa. These Sour Diesel buds would be awesome mixed with a powerful none tasty indica. You can really wake up when waking and vaporizing Sour Diesel. It’s great breakfast bud. Especially people who enjoy citrus beverages or fruits for breakfast. These buds produced a soft sour taste sativa lovers would adore inhaling all day. Not overpowering flavor like Grapefruit. Just sour enough. Not like a Grapefruit, which is too sour, but more like along the lines of orange. Soft sour tinge every time you toke. The first bag is stellar sativa. Cream of the cannabis crop. The marijuana flavor dangles and tingles your toker taste buds. Was so well grown it dank’d the moment you opened the baggy. Stellar! Not much marijuana smell when ground. Unlike my previous marijuana review of Sour Diesel these buds were heavy. Not your typical wispy sativa. Either I properly medicated or this batch of Sour Diesel had a hint of indica. Overall I really dug Sour Diesel. The marijuana high is much different than what I’ve been vaporizing lately. Mixed with some indica strains and you have a fantastic personal hybrid.

Marijuana Review Hamilton Headband


Not to be confused with Humboldt, Hamilton Headband is from The Hammer. Just down the highway from Yongesterdam. I didn’t know what to expect. Hamilton isn’t known for cream cannabis. However, this sample of Headband represented. And represented heavy. Ganja gawd damn! The marijuana strain had a fantastic rich exotic dances on your pallet flavor. Loved it. Could easily vaporize it all day on heavy pain days. There’s been a plethora of heady pain days lately. The flip between October and November just happens to be the worst time of year for me. The marijuana flavor is exactly what you would expect from well grown Headband. It’s a cross between OG Kush, Master Kush and Sour Diesel. Fine genetics expertly on display here.

Hamilton Headband

It’s a cross between OG Kush, Master Kush and Sour Diesel. Fine genetics expertly on display here.The marijuana buzz was worthy. Working wonders at reducing my pain. It’s been hitting me right in the upper middle back, my jaw and my hands have been swollen lately. Been waking me up lately too. Enough about me, more about the wonders of Headband. The high was clear and creative. The vapor bags however were not clear. They were dense. A little Headband went a long way. Plenty of THC packed in the buds. Only a 1/3 of Headband compared to Blue Truck and Northern Haze was needed to create the same amount of vapor bags. I’m very thankful for the donation to write the marijuana review.

Marijuana Review Northern Haze


Been vaporizing Northern Haze all week, mostly with great results. It’s a pain relieving indica with mild uplifting properties. It was clearly marked and priced at mid carder cannabis levels allowing us to overlook the strains shortcomings when writing a marijuana review. As to be expected with mids, the taste was dull. Flat. Not something I would want to marijuana vaporizer all the time. Northern Haze had a harsh yuck to it. Kind of like Fisherman’s Friend. When ripped in Hunter S. Bong, it gave a hardy cough. Not something I want when I’m seeking back pain relief. This is beautifully toned down in Volcano Vaporizer. Instead it just tastes awful. However, it worked.

Northern Haze

My pain level dropped significantly. Pain in my upper back is off the charts these days. I feel like I’m going to make a big pilates induced spine break through though. More on that soon. For now, my pain is a perfect score. Thankfully Northern Haze brings it down, without to heavy of a sleepy indica stone. I was able to sit in my chair for the length of writing this marijuana review. An added bonus is the sativa side was a creative juicer.
The marijuana buds were moderately heavy. Not the prettiest pot. There was no smell whatsoever when busted. These days I’m busting weed using a Green House Seed Co. grinder or a Storz & Bickels volcano vaporizer grinder. Both are fantastic grinders. Anticipate a new video on the subject of grinders soon.
For a mid priced strain the effect was fantastic.

Marijuana Strain Review Burmese Kush


Burmese Kush is a very tasty marijuana strain by TH Seeds. Created from perfect sativa and indica parent selection. The marijuana breeders found an excellent landrace Burmese sativa and an awesome California OG Kush to create an uplifting, couchlocking, creative high.
[singlepic id=529 w=320 h=240 float=left]Many professional potheads might believe they’ve been over-sold on its stone after the first few tokes. Then twenty minutes later, suddenly, they’re locked in their chair while their mind is floating in space.
Several Volcano Vaporizer sessions in I learned this marijuana strain has a discreet weed wallop. It waits until you think you’ve been burned. Some time later you realize you’ve been sitting still contemplating your buzz. The sneaky stone makes Burmese Kush not first time toker friendly. Like a stalker, the buzz creeps up on you.
[singlepic id=525 w=320 h=240 float=center]With no ceiling limit you can easily get whaled on. Just don’t make it a Fail Whale by getting uncomfortably paranoid stoned.
The pain relief properties are moderate. Burmese Kush leans more towards the sativa side. Making it fantastic for light pain days or when you want to get something done. Beware too much may create a jittery sativa stone. Like too much coffee.
Burmese Kush is an excellent marijuana strain for active potheads.

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