Marijuana Review ChemDawg #3


We performed an extensive marijuana review of this semi-organic donation during The Mernahuana Show last week. ChemDawg #3 a/k/a Canadian OG Kush blew Toronto Hash Mob away with its overwhelming flavour. The marijuana strain is a contender for sure at cannabis competitions.


When it comes to taste it’s head and shoulders above much of the weed I’ve inhaled recently. ChemDawg lit my pallet up wonderfully and hung around for a weedy while. Very memorable! Ganja gawd damn for a flavorful toke alone! The extremely dank buds broke up beautifully (almost like powder) producing an exceedingly dense vapour bags full of potency.  ChemDawg #3 had a creative couch-locking buzz. For the Ustream show the strain made us chatty and calm. It reduced my pain perfectly without too much of sluggish downside. Vaporized sum before doing pilates in the morning. Not my full class routine, but easy breath out my back stretches, abdominal strengthening and shattered shoulder rehab.  I use a pilates wheel given to me by Ugly Duckling Pilates to gently twist and turn my spine. Chris Goodwin a/k/a Goodster took a pilates class in prison, he told me the other day, I should try and get him attending.  ChemDawg is one of those magical marijuana strains with fantastic mythology. This sample lived up to its legend. Put a serious bong hitting beat down on Toronto Hash Mob. Plenty of Ric Flair like Wooooooooo’s went off. The Chemdawg was a true cannabis champ.

Medical Marijuana Review Froot Loops


We sampled sativa Froot Loops last week on The Mernahuana Show. Creating nothing but toking tom-foolery from the friends gathered to participate. Even the studio audience went a little gonzo with enthusiasm. Possibly because it’s such an uplifting soaring sativa, making for fantastic medical marijuana review writing session. Froot Loops has a variety of flavors that zing the professional potheads’ pallet. There’s an astringent zip in the inhale that creates a hardy cough when exhaling. It’s a powerful lung expanding toke. For a sativa this marijuana strain created a very dense volcano vapor bag. The airport would have to close if this fog rolled onto the tarmac. I blasted numerous volcano vapor bags at 400F perfectly. Froot Loops gave me the munchies. The medical marijuana term would be, ‘stimulated my appetite.’ Between bags I downed my favourite snack, watermelon. It was delicious. I purchase my fruit from a vendor on St. Clair Avenue. By supporting a small business I’m watching a family grow up in my community. The marijuana high was stimulating, but not jittery. I could sit still and get some writing done. Though not a pure sativa the marijuana strain did very little for my pain. Instead I created my own hybrid by mixing in Sweet Dreams. Combined a little of each for a fantastic pain relieving yet stimulating get stuff done motivation medication.

Marijuana Strain Review ChemDawg


The sour mildly metallic tasting ChemDawg is a legendary sativa strain that has a serious stoner myth behind it. I haven’t had an opportunity to write a marijuana review of Chem Dawg before so I was looking forward to vaporizing this highly known strain. Chem Dawg is popular for many reasons; its background or how it came to be is fascinating, its taste is superbly sour and its buzz is stellar. No one writes about Chem Dawg’s marijuana high. The effect is mostly clear headed sativa. Not spacey. The strain is excellent for getting housework done, office tasks, or playing video games. It’s energetic, insightful, mood elevating. When inhaled I couldn’t help but thinking how Chem Dawg’s flavor has influenced other great sour-tasting marijuana strains.  It’s more subtle than New York City Diesel. The metallic tinge doesn’t feel like its polluting your taste buds ala NYC Diesel.  The popcorn marijuana buds broke up beautifully. When ground into a fine powder the buds released a nice metallic astringent scent. When vaporized it went down very smooth. The smooth inhale combined with its fantastic flavour is a dangerous combination.  You may vaporize too much. The soaring stone may turn into a jittery stressful sativa buzz if you’re not paying attention. When used correctly, Chem Dawg is awesome for wake and bakes. Though the marijuana strain lacks pain relief properties, mix in sum indica mids for a tasty pain relieving toke. This is what I did for my morning sessions. Little M-39 mixed ChemDawg. It’s my own hybrid without the mess of marijuana growing.

Marijuana Review Dark Matter


A pure indica with awesome pain relief, sleepiness and couch-lock ganja good time properties. Dark Matter is heavy a stone. Appropriate because the scientific term Dark Matter describes the heaviest substance in space or gravitational mass. Dark Matter instantly brought my chronic pain down several notches after two or three vapor bags. From screaming bloody murder pain to peaceful relaxing. November is my worst health month, but I don’t have time for pain. Instead I’m vaporizing as much medicinal marijuana as I can afford. Actually I can’t afford my meds, hence my smart phone is disconnected. The financial stress of carrying the medical marijuana charter challenge is starting to become challenging. However, I’m looking forward to growing marijuana again. I’m extremely thankful to everyone who has donated to my medical marijuana reviews. My Dark Matter sample nug was extremely dense. Ground up gorgeously. Nice and fine. Scooping into the Volcano Vaporizer rocket canister via a business card is highly suggested. The downward buzz isn’t great for creative endeavors. Not the best weed to write marijuana reviews on. Little Dark Matter goes far. This marijuana strain has plenty of THC goodness. The vapor bags were dense London fogs. A small amount in Hunter S. Bong loaded it up beautifully. Thought I was going to cough like a son-of-a-gun when I did a bong hit, but I didn’t. Dark Matter is a smooth operator.

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On Writing A Marijuana Review


Over a decade ago I was toking and writing music reviews, but never pondered the idea of putting the two together. That is writing marijuana reviews. Then again not much was on the menu. These days, it feels as if all I do is vaporize and write marijuana reviews, but haven’t written a music review in ages. Marijuana reviews put eyeballs on my blog. With greater access to cream cannabis, the opportunity to judge great ganja isn’t a trip to a cannabis cup away. These days you can have your own cannabis competition in your own home and report the results via video or words. Plenty of potheads are writing their own marijuana reviews! Half of music monthly Exclaim is devoted to reviews. It’s how I got my start writing. There’s plenty of opportunity for people to take up weed reviewing, but they have to be readable marijuana reviews.
<h2>What goes into a good marijuana review?</h2>
The past few weeks I’ve done several j-school interviews that had me pondering this question. Many of the methods I employed writing music reviews, I use for marijuana reviews. First, I actively engage in the subject matter. That means I’m vaporizing or bong hitting the weed I’m reviewing in many different life situations. Hence some of my reviews talk about good video game grass, marijuana for meditation, pot for pilates (which has gotten it’s own posts I enjoy pot and pilates so much), hiking, hanging out at Vapor Central or life in general. I also try my hand at search engine optimization. To try readers to my blog. You’d be surprised how many people are searching for OG Kush every month.
Obviously stoners want to know about the marijuan high, but describing a buzz often times makes marijuana reviews all read the same. After all plenty of strains are trippy, spacey, couch-lock, stone-y. Medicinal marijuana users want to know how the weed will help their specific illness. My goal is to describe what I did with the buzz and use the weedy words we are all familiar with.
For taste references I read NOW restaurant reviews. However, I feel when it comes to grass my taste buds are a little under developed. Unlike Compton who can has a knack for guessing strains after inhaling. Try it sometime. When doing my genetic research I see what other words potheads have used to describe the taste, then try to determine for myself if I’m tasting what they’re tasting.
There are several flaws in reviewing marijuana, are we judging the growers ability, the marijuana seeds ability to produce or your ability to procure great cannabis. Or a combination of all three.

Marijuana Review Richie Rich’s Retard Weed


Just one toke will make you potarded. Serious. This tasty kush-y sample was tenderly grown by a chronic pained friend. His family refers to it as his retard weed. There’s something about Richie Rich’s herb that makes you stoner stupid. Fucking weed got me too. Lol.

Richie Rich's Grows So Good His Herb Makes You Potarded

While dopescoping ‘Retard’ I put a nug beside my Volcano Vaporizer, one piece in Dopescope and a ground sample in birthday bong. Then I did a nugporn photo shoot. Hitting my bong to get ready for marijuana review writing.  The photo shoot went awesome. Using a Cannon Digital SLR I took plenty of Gonzo inspired photographs. My new laptop is powerful, but it took an hour to get DopeScope Windows 7 driver to work. Note I use a Veho USB microscope I’ve branded DopeScope, not 420 Science branded Veho microscope. The rewarded in getting the driver to run correctly was some really nice up close and personal marijuana photos. New technology allowed me to take numerous five megabyte photos in preparation of offering legal defense fund prints.
Retard has fantastic flavor. The name of the strain is literally on the tip of my tongue. It’s memorable. Some kind of kush. You could vaporize or bong rip Richie Rich’s weed all day because he’s an top tier grower. The flavor is unreal. Because our illnesses are the same, the pain relief is unmatched.
Ganja gawd damn dude!
Or as a toking Tony the Tiger says, it’s great!
The buzz is uplifting, motivating, with phenomenal pain relief. It’s got everything a person with chronic pain wants. A few tokes and you’re focused. A few more tokes and your forgetful. After themarijuana photo shoot I went looking for the after photo shoot Retard nug I put aside. Checked my rolling tray. Nope. Searched my desk area. Nada. Then I began looking around my room. It’s rare I loose a bud. So I figured I inhaled Retard during the shoot. That must be why I’m really high.
Writing the marijuana review I look over at the Volcano Vaporizer sitting beside my laptop and there’s the last nug resting on top of the camera’s memory card. You got to be fucking kidding me. Are you for real. So I vaporized four bags to write the review. It doesn’t produce dense bags, it’s light. Kind of like a sativa. Which is known for causing brain farts.
This has to be one of the most potarded inducing strains I’ve ever smoked.
I absolutely adore it.

Marijuana Strain Review Burmese Kush


Burmese Kush is a very tasty marijuana strain by TH Seeds. Created from perfect sativa and indica parent selection. The marijuana breeders found an excellent landrace Burmese sativa and an awesome California OG Kush to create an uplifting, couchlocking, creative high.
[singlepic id=529 w=320 h=240 float=left]Many professional potheads might believe they’ve been over-sold on its stone after the first few tokes. Then twenty minutes later, suddenly, they’re locked in their chair while their mind is floating in space.
Several Volcano Vaporizer sessions in I learned this marijuana strain has a discreet weed wallop. It waits until you think you’ve been burned. Some time later you realize you’ve been sitting still contemplating your buzz. The sneaky stone makes Burmese Kush not first time toker friendly. Like a stalker, the buzz creeps up on you.
[singlepic id=525 w=320 h=240 float=center]With no ceiling limit you can easily get whaled on. Just don’t make it a Fail Whale by getting uncomfortably paranoid stoned.
The pain relief properties are moderate. Burmese Kush leans more towards the sativa side. Making it fantastic for light pain days or when you want to get something done. Beware too much may create a jittery sativa stone. Like too much coffee.
Burmese Kush is an excellent marijuana strain for active potheads.

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Toronto Cannabis Cup Marijuana Review


Entry #3 The dense nug had a pretty stellar marijuana smell. A hybrid of some kind.

Toronto Cannabis Cup Entry

Possibly XXX or Strawberry Cough. The sativa side of the stone was excellent for quiet contemplative activity. Such as web design or copy writing. Plenty of web work was completed marijuana vaporizing high times cannabis cup entry #3. The indica buzz had plenty of pain relief properties. These kind of hybrids are my favorite. Alert active marijuana high. Nothing remarkable to report for taste. It didn’t dance on my pot palate, but wasn’t deplorable. Flavor wise I’d say it was average. Nothing to write home about. This entry slugged it for the cup for sure. Lack of marijuana flavor ultimately had it not go the distance. 4/5.

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Forgot About This Cannabis Culture Article


So like I’m checking my Google RSS feed and came across How To Get The Most From Vaporizing. Not even thinking I had penned the piece I clicked it. Low-and-behold there’s a Cannabis Culture article with my and Goodster name on it. Wait I remember now.  I think. Somehow this got lost in a huff shuffle of lost weed writing. It happens. How far back does this lost article go? Marc Emery was free when this How To article was penned.  Goodster and I got a good chuckle  a session at Vapor Central

Story is CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer received a letter from Marc to get on  posting the vapor article. It was on prince of pot to do list before he was extradited. Speaking of To Do lists, I have three months worth of letters to send to Marc. I write three or four pages a week. Just random stuff too…

Readers love How To’s. My first How To was for Cannabis Culture’s medical marijuana issue. The last issue with the seedbank catalog, but came with DEA raid Do Not Buy Sticker. It’s my debut article for Cannabis Culture. And a start of a series of articles.

One How To Marc and I couldn’t write, not that it usually stopped us, was How To Open A Marijuana Seed Bank. I have all the notes from those session. Hmmmmm….

We got banned for sixty days in New Zealand over How To Smuggle Pot. Marc giggled over that like a school girl. As a publisher he would insist on raising the bar and you gladly wanted to jump it.  Like Vince McMahon he never asked you to bring game, he just derived great joy from your efforts that you just brought game.

Writers, artistd, musicians ought to be paid for their work. Income allows them to live life. Generally speaking we live very solitary lives. Working away at our computers. So we tend to spend our incomes on outside activities. Coffee shop writer…CC paid, and paid, very well. Especially for alt writing. Marc was just slow with the signatures.  And those that could afford donated their services.

Lastly, consider PM Stephen Harper is waging a culture war with Bill S-10. Making people who create cannabis fueled art all the more important to ending prohibition.