MarijuanaTipster T-Shirt Give Away


Impressive readership growth at MarijuanaTipster has us giving away a t-shirt from Say It Phree Tees to celebrate.
The contest starts today and ends by Global Marijuana March.
With booming readership, marijuana wikipedia MarijuanaTipster is showing some serious cannabis culture impact potential. The site is built on the famous Wikipedia model of open source information, but for marijuana enthusiasts.
Demonstrating success, MarijuanaTipster unique page views for March has already surpassed both February and January.
Making it a perfect time to begin rolling out phase two of MarijuanaTipster’s start-up, developing readership interaction.
Our first contest should heat things up a bit.
The person who out shines others as a cannabis contributor will be sent a t-shirt of their choice from Say It Phree Tees.
This isn’t a product placement t-shirt.
It’s quality gear!
Registering and creating marijuana wikipedia pages is easy. When you do you’re entered to win a t-shirt.
My goal is to build a community of weeditors that will edit and submit marijuana information to create a cannabis version of wikipedia. Potheads who are already creating cannabis content (such as photos, reviews, forum postings) elsewhere (personal blogs / FaceBook) are encouraged to copy and paste this knowledge.
It’s remarkably easy to add wikipedia pages.
Currently MarijuanaTipster holds over 300 pages of marijuana wikis.
The site’s mission statement is;

  • MarijuanaTipster is a pothead powered marijuana wikipedia
  • MarijuanaTister is an openly editable resource where marijuana enthusiasts are both teacher and student.
  • MarijuanaTipster is developed through collaboration with fellow enthusiasts of all knowledge levels to produce fantastic, informative and easy to understand marijuana wikis
  • MarijuanaTispster’s registered users may create and edit any marijuana wiki entry.

More great contests are planned!
Now is the time to get involved in this awesome stoner site.

Have a Happy Monday.