Medical Marijuana Review Froot Loops


We sampled sativa Froot Loops last week on The Mernahuana Show. Creating nothing but toking tom-foolery from the friends gathered to participate. Even the studio audience went a little gonzo with enthusiasm. Possibly because it’s such an uplifting soaring sativa, making for fantastic medical marijuana review writing session. Froot Loops has a variety of flavors that zing the professional potheads’ pallet. There’s an astringent zip in the inhale that creates a hardy cough when exhaling. It’s a powerful lung expanding toke. For a sativa this marijuana strain created a very dense volcano vapor bag. The airport would have to close if this fog rolled onto the tarmac. I blasted numerous volcano vapor bags at 400F perfectly. Froot Loops gave me the munchies. The medical marijuana term would be, ‘stimulated my appetite.’ Between bags I downed my favourite snack, watermelon. It was delicious. I purchase my fruit from a vendor on St. Clair Avenue. By supporting a small business I’m watching a family grow up in my community. The marijuana high was stimulating, but not jittery. I could sit still and get some writing done. Though not a pure sativa the marijuana strain did very little for my pain. Instead I created my own hybrid by mixing in Sweet Dreams. Combined a little of each for a fantastic pain relieving yet stimulating get stuff done motivation medication.

Marijuana Review Blue Truck


Blue Truck is a hardy indica making for fantastic late night pain relief. My back pain is rocking me something fierce after about four hours of sleeping. I wake up with my spine screaming. To cope I read other sites marijuana review, do gentle breathing stretches and vaporizer medicinal marijuana. The last two are the most important. A strong indica like Blue Truck is required to bring my screaming pain down to manageable level. The strain produces dense London fog like volcano vapor bags. Blue Truck vapor inhales smooth and exhales easy. The buds are on the upper end of heavy.

Blue Truck

A little amount goes far. For those late night I’m hurting sessions I’ll grind up and pack a volcano digit cannister all the way. Stuff it with indica like Blue Truck or Headband. Apparently the marijuana strains lineage is Dutch Treat x Blueberry. I went hunting for Blueberry taste, but couldn’t find it. Powerful indica properties with very little taste. This is not a strain I would want to toke all day when pain is top notch. Like I said I’ve been vaporizing Blue Truck mostly after sleeping a few hours.

To get back to dream land as soon as possible. The pain is just rocking me something fierce. Like me vs. ‘Taker. Thankfully my breathing and marijuana buds have really help me getting my crippling pain under control.

Marijuana Photos Nukken


Ever wonder how you can loose marijuana photos? Get high and forget where you put them on your computer. Thankfully Windows 7 will help you find them. Transferred my marijuana pictures to a new computer and came across these photos I snapped this summer of Nuken. From what I can recall of Nuken and reviewing some notes it was cream cannabis. Stellar stone. Tasty indica. Most of have been grand if I lost all these great photos.

Marijuana Review Lucky Skunk


The ‘luck’ in Lucky Skunk comes to the person who has an opportunity to inhale this soaring sativa. Finding a sativa to marijuana review, but more importantly to enjoy for its depression relieving effects, is difficult. Plenty of people I know are constantly seeking a sativa to keep them going. That’s because sativas take a little longer to finish flowering than indicas.

It’s a shame prohibition keeps these spicy flavorful strains from becoming more widely produced. Lucky Skunk is an ugly to look at. I’m discovering DopeScope marijuana photos of sativas are not as fun as indicas because there’s less to see. If that makes sense. Wispy buds just don’t make for great photographs. Lucky Skunk has incredible wispy buds, but is an excellent wake and bake herb. I do all my creative work in the morning.

Therefore I get a serious session going to relieve the horrific pain in my back. I like to mix up sativas and indicas. Creating my own stoner salad. When the blend is just right I can do anything. Lucky Skunk is an Amsterdam version of skunk marijuana strains. It has a light flavorful tinge, not a harsh skunky grind on your pallet. It’s a little weak for a sativa to be truthful. Stoners seeking sativas won’t turn it down, but it’s mid carder cannabis.

Purple Malmo Marijuana Photos


Ganja Greetings,

Discovered  these marijuana photos when I switched laptops. Had these pot photos since Treating Yourself Expo in July. The nug was from a Vansterdam friend, DML. It had a heavenly smell and was beautifully cured. Best looking purple bud I’ve seen since White Berry. Had incredible lavender colors that you’d swear the bud was hit with food coloring. Very fat trichromes. A London Fog of vapor was created on the first several bags. The high is as good as the buds look. Thank you DML!

Marijuana Strain Review Burmese Kush


Burmese Kush is a very tasty marijuana strain by TH Seeds. Created from perfect sativa and indica parent selection. The marijuana breeders found an excellent landrace Burmese sativa and an awesome California OG Kush to create an uplifting, couchlocking, creative high.
[singlepic id=529 w=320 h=240 float=left]Many professional potheads might believe they’ve been over-sold on its stone after the first few tokes. Then twenty minutes later, suddenly, they’re locked in their chair while their mind is floating in space.
Several Volcano Vaporizer sessions in I learned this marijuana strain has a discreet weed wallop. It waits until you think you’ve been burned. Some time later you realize you’ve been sitting still contemplating your buzz. The sneaky stone makes Burmese Kush not first time toker friendly. Like a stalker, the buzz creeps up on you.
[singlepic id=525 w=320 h=240 float=center]With no ceiling limit you can easily get whaled on. Just don’t make it a Fail Whale by getting uncomfortably paranoid stoned.
The pain relief properties are moderate. Burmese Kush leans more towards the sativa side. Making it fantastic for light pain days or when you want to get something done. Beware too much may create a jittery sativa stone. Like too much coffee.
Burmese Kush is an excellent marijuana strain for active potheads.

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Winning The Right To Grow Med Marijuana


The long drawn out wait for justice is finally taking another step. On Monday June 21 trial dates will be set to determine if I’m guilty or innoncent of production of a substance 7(2)(B) CDSA. What’s that you ask? I was charged with growing marijuana for myself on Apr. 30, 2008. After Niagara Regional Police Service inadverently discovered where I lived. According to their pre-trial testimony.
[singlepic id=465 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]My defense lawyer Paul Lewin has devised a unique complicated criminal defense. We’re asking a judge to exempt me from this section of the controlled drugs and substance act. Written into the CDSA is an exemption clause. Continue reading

Toronto Cannabis Cup Entry #6


Toronto Cannabis Cup

Entry #6 Upon first examination Entry #6 looks like the champ. Solid all the way through. This isn’t a nug it’s a rock. It appears resinous. Very resinous. Clearly this is an indica. But what kind. Using stoner judgmental senses it was obvious Entry #6 had been sprayed by Tasty Puff. OMG. Chinabud. Well we’re dedicated to try all doobie passed our way. Thankfully we marijuana vaporize. Very little vapor filled the bags. Nothing. It was terrible. We want our money back. In fact for the weed being spray with that godawful ganja flavor spray I’m disqualifying this entry. 0 / 5.

Toronto Cannabis Cup Marijuana Review


Entry #5 Very similar to Skull Baggy sample, but better. Some kind of Skunk. Not North American Skunk with it’s heavy skunky taste, but the Amsterdam Skunk with it’s soft celery like taste. Clearly it’s a hybrid. Created a wonderful uplifting marijuana high. Leaning more to the sativa side with a hint of indica. An alert marijuana high great for working on computer projects. Several good vapor bags were created. Few folks guessed it was Bubble Skunk. A skunk hybrid for sure, which one, not sure. Nothing wrong here. Nothing stellar either. Score 4 / 5.

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