Marijuana Strain Review Burmese Kush


Burmese Kush is a very tasty marijuana strain by TH Seeds. Created from perfect sativa and indica parent selection. The marijuana breeders found an excellent landrace Burmese sativa and an awesome California OG Kush to create an uplifting, couchlocking, creative high.
[singlepic id=529 w=320 h=240 float=left]Many professional potheads might believe they’ve been over-sold on its stone after the first few tokes. Then twenty minutes later, suddenly, they’re locked in their chair while their mind is floating in space.
Several Volcano Vaporizer sessions in I learned this marijuana strain has a discreet weed wallop. It waits until you think you’ve been burned. Some time later you realize you’ve been sitting still contemplating your buzz. The sneaky stone makes Burmese Kush not first time toker friendly. Like a stalker, the buzz creeps up on you.
[singlepic id=525 w=320 h=240 float=center]With no ceiling limit you can easily get whaled on. Just don’t make it a Fail Whale by getting uncomfortably paranoid stoned.
The pain relief properties are moderate. Burmese Kush leans more towards the sativa side. Making it fantastic for light pain days or when you want to get something done. Beware too much may create a jittery sativa stone. Like too much coffee.
Burmese Kush is an excellent marijuana strain for active potheads.

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Puna Budder Beautiful Marijuana

  • Marijuana Strain Puna Budder
  • Marijuana Seed Company TH Seeds
  • Marijuana Type %80 Sativa – Indica %20
  • Marijuana Types Top Secret
  • Marijuana Taste Sandy beach and umbrella drinks. Spicy.
  • Marijuana High Soaring. Out of this world. Uplifting. Clear.
  • Marijuana Smell Incredible. Unique. Top shelf.
  • Marijuana Veg 7 – 21 Days
  • Marijuana Flower 53 – 63 Days
Awesome sativa

Awesome sativa

An incredible tropical explosion awaits the person who marijuana vaporizes this marijuana strain.

Puna Budder smell explodes when chopped.

Filling the air with a tropical island genie. The marijuana bud is a beautiful humdinger, like a babe ripping on the beach. Weeks after the Puna Budder marijuana stash is gone your taste buds will water with marijuana memories.

It’s the president choice of cannabis.

TH Seeds won’t release the lineage but the sativa side is from Hawaii. The typical sativa lengthy marijuana flowering time, light weight wispy buds, and vine like growth is smoothed out dramatically by an indica.

An Afghani?

Bringing both the marijuana plant height and flowering time downward. While increasing both the heft of the buds and flavor. Creating a rich flavorful experience. One of the top marijuana strains in both taste and marijuana high.

An excellent marijuana type for depression