TMZ142 – Just Doobie It


Riding high on Justin Trudeau rolling paper success, the toking team that brings you more marihuana fun than a barrel of pot smoking monkeys, returns for their regular Tuesday night session. The Mernahuana Zone is like having a hash mob toking in your living for three hours.

No topic is too risque for this clique of cannabis enthusiasts. Tuesday Feb 25 on the Pot TV webcast (720-1020pm ET or 420-720pm PT) from Vapor Central, the tokers talk about a slew of stuff – Project Green Giant, Bitcoin Going Bust, Ghostbuster GrandDude Dead, and plenty of other weird and crazy news that you simply can’t make up.

We have the popular pot trading game, 420 Swap, UK Cannabis Factory Bust of the Week, our weekly look at Health Canada licensed producers, Bad Cop No Donut, and Toronto mayor news.



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