Welcome Back Outages Don’t Last Forever


My life went famous for a few weeks. We took a giant leap towards legalizing marijuana and eliminating Canada’s failed medical marijuana program. Creating a surge in readers. Social media drove an incredible amount of first time website visitors. Seeking information on my court ruling. Combined with incredible amount of google traffic from people searching my name. Funnily, usually my google visitors are seeking strain specific marijuana reviews. This resulted in a bandwidth meltdown. I’ve secured 5x more bandwidth.

White Russian Marijuana Strain

As I grow into a professional blogger with a cannabis court case rivaling R v. Morgentaler, it may happen again. Perspective. The Playstation Network has been down longer than Mernagh. Life was too busy to work on technical problems and respond to media interviews. I was really tired after performing all that press.
Expect more great happenings. We’re going to be before Ontario Court of Appeal at some point. Not sure when, but follow my Twitter or FaceBook for instant updates. I’m very much looking forward to meeting readers and activists across Ontario with my stoner spoken word tour. It’s going to be an exciting information packed session.
Thanks for your amazing support.

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  1. Good servers can be hard to find…

    Keep on the hustle Matt!

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