What is the best kush?


What is the best kush is such a great question that you’re bound to solicit a variety of stoner responses. It’s the type of question that lights up message boards and blog comments because life is a popularity contest…so I am going to ask the question. Let’s be honest, depending on where potheads live, their experience and most importantly their access to marijuana strains will determine their answer. Worst, how do we determine the answer, is it the best kush by taste, stone, and bag appeal or simply the top kush as determined by weed writer.

Purple Kush

Afterall Pink Kush is hands down the most popular kush weed review on Mernagh. It beats out Purple Kush and OG Kush. More potheads are reading read about Pink Kush, yet it’s difficult to argue both Purple Kush and OG are not mainstream famous. These two kushes would dominate at a ganja Glee like popularity awards.

Master Kush and Hindu Kush should also get plenty of pothead props, but I’m not seeing these strains available as they once were. It’s unfortunate too because Master Kush, once known as Highrise, is badass bud. More people are seeking out Rockstar Kush or Silver Kush instead of the real old school stoner classics.

For flavor outside the kush box, Vanilla Kush and Berry Kush are weedy wonderful, but they’re not the most popular kush. They both add an extra flavor pop that so much kush is lacking. It’s not at all popular, nor available outside a select group of stoners, but Lilac Kush is by far the most flavorful kush I’ve encountered. Granted I did grow this one myself, and probably really biased.

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50 thoughts on “What is the best kush?

  1. It all depends on where you get the Pink Kush. I got it from a Med pot dispensary and I thought it was weak.I did not like it at all.I got some much better Purple Kush and my favorite OG Kush x Shark from the same dispensary was one of the best I have ever had.

  2. afghani kush has been by far my number one strain of all time.
    wish i could get my hands on it for life.
    the day i picked some up, i was able to ride my bike across town to my friends place after spending all day in a car(normally that would mean i’m in bed for the next two days trying not to move)

  3. chem 4 og is some dank also raskal OG is the best kush in my opinion! just pure flavour so earthy with a nice sweety ness to kill killer potent when you find a winner

  4. Alpacahaus

    Black Kush rates “high”ly here for bag appeal and overall intensity, it provides a robust flavour not found in many Kush varieties and a monsterous plant size compared to most. A longtime favorite has always been Hindu Kush for it’s spicy exotic notes and flavour but I agree, not seen around over the last few years. There’s been plenty of fanfare over Pink Kush although we haven’t had the opportunity to grow it ourselves, and Purple Kush I would rate as having the most middle of the road attributes 🙂 Happy Toking !

  5. The best kush, is the kush you’ve got. It all depends on how well it was grown. Not ever single bud is the same, even when it comes from the same plant. My personal favorite is Bubba Kush and OG Kush. Great taste and smell and just a perfect pain relieving feel without too much couch lock. It always seems that everybody has “The best weed in the world” but really we all have amazing cannabis compared to 10-15-20 years ago

  6. Matt

    master kush is one of my favourites, seems to come around pretty often where i live. but i do also appreciate the pink kush . as for the delicious sounding berry and lilac strains im sad to say i’ve never tried those 2 in peticular.

  7. Ryan V

    violater kush, nuff said

  8. trip fontain

    depends on the grower,
    many growers flunk on their kush strains, premature harvest or what not.
    kush always is noted for its ambient aroma, premature or unflushed its still going to impress even day to day smoker all the way to the weakest of marijuana coarseness.

    but when growen right and flushed well is The Cali Connection “larry OG” which when smoked always is notable for being very impressive

  9. brad

    I really like the himalayan blue diesel. Low yield but with its vibrant blueberry smell and distinct diesel taste its sure to please. I wouldn’t call a single strain the best.

  10. Growing Purple Kush for the first time. It’s hard to think I could do better than the Lemon Skunk or Blueberry for me they work best. Hope PK can be added to my favs. Thanks for the insight and reviews of the nuggs. I hope yer skull is doing better now.

  11. Steven Stairs

    Steves’ Kush……. Made from Kaia Kush By Greenhouse….bred with Conkushion from Med Man….. 🙂

  12. Austin Moloughney

    I once had amazing strawberry kush, it was hands down best I’ve had.

  13. anthony

    Like Grim Reefer said, the best is the one you have, I think as long as the kush has good genetics and breeder, it will produce an astounding indica stone. I’ve had many different kush that I can’t say one was better when they were all grown so great. If I HAD to pick though, Strawberry Kush.

  14. I have a cherry kush variety going riht now that i got from a organic grower whose passion is breeding from heirloom strains. he is growing out a female hindu and a bubba kush that i can get soon. just cut 2 cherry kushes n awaiting its taste as the aroma is tempting.

    Ive had the unique pleasure of growing out a few crops of pink kush. lost it in a freak flash flood 5ft of water in basement! Bit its qualities,density,taste,medical effect and all out production was something to speak of. not the highest of yeilding but great meds throuh n throuh.

    hmm id love a line of lilac kush. she sounds wonderfull and what a better way to fill a few trays with a tasty strong indica.

    good topic matt.
    Toker easy.

  15. My personal take is this . I’ve had 6 “kush” strains that i grew. Master / bubba / OG / killa crip and Black . I’ve smoked others , but these i know firsthand. and I really like anything OG Kushish. my next cycle will be SkyWalker OG Kush.

  16. the cali connection puts out some really nice Kush crosses

  17. look forward to trying out the Black Kush

  18. excited to hear about Skywalker OG Kush

  19. cherry kush sounds great. so much so little grow space.

  20. yah my seizure disorder is more under control now

  21. I love their Buddha Tahoe OG its great

  22. some still today stand on their feet. Take “White Widow” . (not mine) . i still grow this strain , not on a large scale but i always keep a mother. if you go to a good cafe/club you can still find it on the menu. there is something about it’s spiciness that makes you love it . just like an exotic women.

  23. We need the Gov’ to give up some useless crown land to us to grow our botany heaven. think of the awesome med’ kit we’d have for people.

  24. Purple kush is a good medicine. The best? I want to try try that lilac before I can have an opinion.

  25. seeker

    which strain intensifies sex and everything else. some intensify the sexual experience beyond belief.

  26. Exactly.That is what I was saying in my earlier post.I have had fantastic pot but when I got the so-called same strain from another grower it was very weak. So be careful where you get your seeds

  27. beardiebadass

    white apple kush nuff is said now crazy hillbilly seeds

  28. Stoner Girl

    soul assassin og

  29. Justin

    super sour diesel x og kush was my favorite. pepper kush and mango kush were also very tasty.

  30. Peter

    Reserva Privada Kosher Kush has won the top indica cannabis cup twice in a row.

  31. Dead Panda's

    Skywalker kush is prob my fav kush but as far as my fav smoke goes I hands down love great white shark when I can get it.

  32. Mango Kush is really fab

  33. oh yah Reserve Privada makes some of the best kush

  34. The best kush is what ever you happen to have in your pipe or bong.It is all good.

  35. I have to agree that violater kush absolutely blows away everything you mentioned. Other than the pic of og in this column this site just shows mid grade nugs. I could even go so far as to say that the person who wrote this doesn’t even know what kush is. Og for example is not a kush its a sativa hybrid. Kushes are indica strains from Afghanistan and Nepal genetics. Plain and simply put Califonia medical mmj facilities have far superior strains than anything in amsterdam and you can’t compare any real og like takoe,sfv or larry to any purple or white strain. They blow it away. Bubba, Master, Hindu, Violater, Kosher etc are kushes and out of all the strains above you only mentioned two true kush strains. Do your homework..

  36. my arent we snobby. by your reasoning a whole line of Kush strains are mislabeled. which could or could not be true.

  37. FiveSixDeuce

    Banana Kush, rare goodness I smoked in Southern California.

  38. i hear Banana Kush is amazing.

  39. I’m a Haze guy, but as far as Kush goes — I’d have to say Pink Kush, slightly ahead of OG.

  40. bubba wattson

    Mars OG!-tops in my book. Diamond OG a close second… Herojuana OG! Kryptonite OG, True OG, Platinum OG, Platinum Bubba… does chemdawg count? Cuz the bubble berry x 91 chem is insane! And not labeled as kush but 91 Octane (Like Chem D but with more oomph) is a winner as well. Too many to chose! The BC Master will always be special, like the so cal version but the effect is much better on the bc version.

  41. bubba wattson

    Pink is a real “kush” because it has been bred with dominate afghani kush mountain range genetics. Also OG is most definitely a kush. The strain wiz (forget his name that he writes in CC mag as) told me OG means Original Genotype (and I believe that almost as much as Ocean Grown).. Either way OG is most definitely kush! So is Chem, and by your definition Puple Urkle and GDP would be “real” kush strains. Which is not the case at all, they are afghanis inbred and cross pollinated accidently with neighboring Asian and South American landraces in Northern California, my birthplace. Thats a lil sad that you are so aggressive in your strain selection, its supposed to be a subjective question.. Just ask the strain dude at CC hq in Vancouver hell lay tons of knowledge down.

  42. Travis Azzopardi

    Great for Epileptics too!

  43. Guest

    Hands down,OG#18.
    First runner up is Tahoe.
    But their both crap,compared to some good ‘ol Early Pearl.

  44. russ


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