White Widow Marijuana Reviews


I’ve written several marijuana reviews of white widow over the past two years. It’s one of my favorite medical marijuana strains.

White Widow Marijuana Reviews

One that I’ve been toking for a good long time. Why when I was Dubs McPuffen age I was smoking White Widow in  Amsterdam coffee shops. White marijuana types are awesome at managing my fibromyalgia symptoms. Unfortunately after several sessions with this one it just didn’t work wonders. My pain levels were improved, but not over the top as expected. Though I do have high expectations with white widow. I do believe this strain is perfect for fibro patients. Jean Guy too.

For a long time I never believe the specific strain hype, but there’s something about these two that really work for my symptoms. The stone started out speedy then cooled down into a nice steady clear couch lock. Took a full volcano vaporizer canister and two vapor bags to really get me feeling the effects. A half hour later had me wondering where the time went. Spent the time writing the marijuana review.White Widow is a legendary cannabis champion. It’s been a show stopper since 1995. Unfortunately this strain didn’t have the trichrome or flavor production typically associated with white widow.

Given it’s been around for a good long time plenty of marijuana seed banks have created their own knock off of the original. It’s highly likely this is a knock of the spicy flavorful beautiful smelling original. The marijuana high is fairly similar, but it was missing the look and taste.

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