Why Mernagh For Mayor Meetup Saturday


Some people are wondering why Matt Mernagh is seeking to be Toronto mayor?

Accused of being a “fame whore” and not a serious candidate by some on social media – our campaign team and candidate are doing what grassroots candidates do – meet people and listen to their concerns and experiences living in Toronto.

Civic minded, highly intelligent, and a tenacious underdog, our city needs more people like Matt Mernagh in public office.

On Saturday Feb. 8 from 3-6pm join Matt at Toronto’s premier digital marketing agency Pixel Dreams on 49 Spadina Ave to learn firsthand why he has opted to focus on developing a political career. Learn how he intends to go about becoming mayor, what his long term plans are for his personal political career, and learn firsthand what his vision is for Toronto.

This is your opportunity to become engaged in a fun, enlightening, municipal campaign. Turn all your talk about Rob Ford’s personal life crisis into civic action by attending our campaign event.

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